Borough of Hallam, PA
York County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 2004-6, 6/14/2004, § 1]
The Borough of Hallam hereby elects to administer and enforce the provisions of the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act of 1999 (72 P.S. s.7210.101-7210.1103), as amended from time to time, and its regulations as promulgated.
[Ord. 2004-6, 6/14/2004, § 2]
The Uniform Construction Code, (hereinafter referred to as "the Code" or "UCC") contained in 34 Pa. Code, Chapters 401-405, as may be amended from time to time, is hereby adopted and incorporated herein by reference as the municipal building code of the Borough of Hallam.
[Ord. 2004-6, 6/14/2004, § 3]
Administration and enforcement of the Code within the Borough of Hallam shall be undertaken in any of the following ways as determined by the Hallam Borough Council by ordinance or resolution:
By the designation of an employee of the municipality to serve as the municipal code official to act on behalf of the municipality; or
By the retention of one or more construction code officials or third party agencies to act on behalf of the municipality; or
By agreement with one or more other municipalities for the joint administration and enforcement of this Part through an intermunicipal agreement; or
By entering into a contract with another municipality for the administration and enforcement of this Part on behalf of this municipality; or
By entering into an agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry for plan review, inspections, and enforcement of structures other than one-family or two-family dwelling units and utility and miscellaneous use structures.
[Ord. 2004-6, 6/14/2004, § 4]
The Borough of Hallam shall establish a Board of Appeals as required by § 501(c) of the Act, either by resolution of the municipality or, in the case of joint administration with other municipalities, by joint action of the participating municipalities as set forth in the intermunicipal agreement, or by participation in a County Board of Appeals.
[Ord. 2004-6, 6/14/2004, § 5]
At the time of application for a building permit, the applicant shall pay an appropriate fee. A schedule of said fees shall be established by resolution as adopted by Hallam Borough Council. Hallam Borough Council may from time to time review the fee schedule and revise the schedule whenever it is felt necessary. All revisions of the fee schedule shall be made by resolution. All fees for permits and inspections required by the UCC and this Part and all other Ordinances shall be paid before the issuance of a use and occupancy certificate.
[Ord. 2004-6, 6/14/2004, § 9]
Final inspections and occupancy certificates as required under or issued in conjunction with the Code shall be conducted and issued with, and at the same time as, final inspections and use and occupancy certificates required by the Borough's Zoning Ordinance. No inspection or permit shall be conducted or issued under either this Part or the Zoning Ordinance separately from the other. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to request such inspections or permits from both the Borough's Building Code Official and Zoning Enforcement Officer, who shall be responsible between them for coordinating the inspections and the issuance of the required permits within the time set by the Code and the Borough's Zoning Ordinance.
[Ord. 2004-6, 6/14/2004, § 10]
Any owner or person, as those terms are defined in the UCC, who or which shall violate any of the provisions of this Part or of the UCC, or shall fail to comply with any of the requirements thereof, or who shall erect, construct, alter or repair, demolish a building or structure in violation of an approved plan or directive of the Code Official or of a permit or certificate issued under the provisions of the Code shall, upon conviction thereof, pay a fine of not more than $1,000, plus all costs of prosecution which may be collected as provided by law; or by imprisonment to the extent allowed by law for summary offenses, or both such fine and imprisonment. Each day that a violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense, and each separate violation of this Part or the UCC shall be considered a separate violation.