Borough of Hallam, PA
York County
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Ord. 11
Granting permission to Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania to construct, maintain and operate its posts, poles, cables, wires and all other necessary overhead apparatus
Ord. 16
Granting permission to Hallam Electric Company to construct, operate and maintain its poles, lines, wires and fixtures necessary or incident to the transmission, distribution and supply of light, heat and power or any of them by electricity
Ord. 23
Granting consent to the Valley Gas Company of York to lay, construct, operate and maintain pipes for the supply of gas for light, heat and fuel to the public
Ord. 92
Authorizing the entering into a contract with Metropolitan Edison Company for the furnishing of electric streetlighting service to the Borough
Ord. 141
Granting to Susquehanna Broadcasting Company permission to supply community antenna television service for sale to the inhabitants of Hallam Borough
Res. 1978-4
Authorizing the renewal of a license granted to the Susquehanna Broadcasting Company to supply community antenna television service for sale to the inhabitants of Hallam Borough
Ord. 1985-8
Granting a perpetual franchise, easement and right-of-way to York Water Company
Ord. 2003-4
Granting a franchise to York Cable Television, Inc., to operate and maintain a cable television system in the Borough
Res. 06-02
Approving the transaction by which Comcast Corp. will acquire the cable assets held by Susquehanna Cable and its subsidiaries
Ord. 2013-3
Authorizing execution of a cable franchise agreement between the Borough and Comcast of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.