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Township of Deerfield, NJ
Cumberland County
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No license shall be issued until said taxicab has been thoroughly inspected and found to be in a safe condition for the transportation of passengers, of good appearance, and there must be submitted with the application a certified check for the annual license fee for such license and a written statement from an inspector appointed by the Township Committee that said taxicab is in a clean and sanitary condition and has met the inspection requirements of the State of New Jersey. The Township Committee shall, by resolution, set forth standards, to include the number of passengers allowable in a taxicab and the requirements for the physical, mechanical and operating condition of each and every taxicab.
All taxicabs shall be reinspected annually or oftener if the Mayor so requires.
Any taxicab which fails to pass inspection shall be immediately taken out of service and shall not be operated again within the Township until the defects which led to its rejection are corrected. In the case of minor defects which do not constitute an immediate danger to the health or safety of the public, the taxicab may continue to operate for a period of one week, at the end of which time it shall be reinspected. If the defect has not by then been corrected, the vehicle shall immediately be taken out of service and shall remain out of service until the defect is corrected.