Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No building, structure or premises shall be used and no building or structure shall be erected or structurally altered, except for the following uses:
Single-family detached house.
Editor's Note: Former Subsection B, which listed buildings used for various agricultural purposes as permitted uses, was repealed 11-27-2012 by Ord. No. 2012:40.
Multifamily dwelling and apartment houses of the type commonly called "garden apartment," subject to the following requirements:
Minimum lot size. No building which is intended or designed to be used, in whole or in part, as a garden apartment building shall be erected or constructed upon a lot containing an area of less than five acres, except that if a zone boundary line passes through any lot of five acres or more with the result that the area available for garden apartment construction is less than five acres, such area of less than five acres may be approved for garden apartment development; provided, however, that all other regulations pertaining to the erection or construction of the garden apartments shall be applied to and within the area permitting such construction, except that the calculation of the number of units to be constructed shall be based upon such acreage available for such construction.
Height. No garden apartment building shall have more than two habitable stories.
Minimum space between buildings. There shall be a minimum open space of at least 40 feet between buildings.
Density. No more than 12 apartment units shall be permitted per acre.
Rooms. Each apartment unit in each apartment building shall contain separate bedroom, separate bathroom, separate living room and separate kitchen facilities, which kitchen facilities shall be located separate and apart from other rooms. A bedroom shall be construed as any separate room other than a dining room, living room, kitchen or bathroom.
Setbacks. There shall be a front yard, side yard and rear yard minimum setback of at least 50 feet, except that where a garden apartment is constructed upon a lot having frontage upon a street of legal width of less than 66 feet, the required front setback shall be 50 feet, plus 1/2 of the difference, in feet, of the actual legal road width subtracted from 66 feet. Any garden apartment development on a corner lot shall be considered as having two front yards, one facing each street.
Landscaping. All areas of a garden apartment development not used for the construction of buildings, roads, accessways, parking area or sidewalks shall be fully landscaped. Where a garden apartment development boundary line abuts a lot in a residential zone, which lot is not owned by the garden apartment developer, there shall not be cut, uprooted, destroyed or taken away any existing trees, shrubbery or other planting within the area of 20 feet inside the boundary line of the garden apartment development abutting a residential lot. If no adequate trees, shrubs or planting exists in the twenty-foot area in the natural state of the premises before development, the area shall be provided with an adequate approved planting plan to provide a belt of screening within the twenty-foot area.
Interior roads. All roads and other accessways within the garden apartment development shall be private roads constructed, paved and curbed to a right-of-way width of not less than 30 feet. All such construction, paving and curbing shall be completed in accordance with Chapter 225, Land Use, Subdivisions and Site Plans.
Parking. No parking shall be permitted on any road or accessway within the garden apartment development. All parking shall be confined to the areas specifically designated on the site plan for that purpose. Parking spaces of 200 square feet for each car shall be required to the extent of 200% of the number of units to be built. Parking areas shall be paved and curbed and provided with an adequate system of stormwater drainage. No parking area may be placed closer to a building than 20 feet. Parking areas may be constructed in the rear and side yards, but in no event closer than 20 feet to a side or rear lot line. No parking areas shall be constructed within a front yard setback area.
Buildings. No principal building shall:
Be designed for or occupied by more than 16 families.
Exceed 160 feet in length in its longest dimension.
Provide less than two exterior exposures, each of which shall be properly pierced so as to provide through-ventilation or cross-ventilation for each unit.
Allow or contain outside television antennas. All television antenna equipment shall be built into the building to eliminate individual antennas being erected upon the roof. This subsection shall not apply to a common antenna tower.
Allow any air-conditioning unit to project more than six inches from the face of the wall of the building in which it is installed.
Provide, in the basement area, less than 700 cubic feet of storage for each garden apartment unit in the building.
Fail to provide, in an enclosed basement area, laundry facilities for the exclusive use of the occupants of the building. No outside clothesline or clothes-hanging facilities or devices shall be provided or allowed.
Utilities. For all garden apartments, the applicant for the site plan approval shall arrange with the serving utility for the underground installation of the utility's distribution supply lines and service connections, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable standard terms and conditions incorporated as a part of its tariff on file with the State of New Jersey Board of Public Utility Commissioners, and shall submit to the Planning Board, prior to the granting of site plan approval, a written instrument from each serving utility which shall evidence full compliance with the provisions of this subsection; provided, however, that sites which abut existing streets where overhead electric or telephone distribution supply lines have heretofore been installed on any portion of the streets involved may be supplied with electric and telephone service from the overhead lines or extensions but the service connections from the utility's overhead lines shall be installed underground.
[Added 9-28-1988 by Ord. No. 88:47]
Prohibited uses shall be as specified in § 430-39.
Accessory uses usually incidental to the above uses shall be permitted, as specified below:
Noncommercial garage for exclusive use of site residents only.
Noncommercial swimming pools for exclusive use of site residents only.
The following conditional uses shall be permitted:
Editor's Note: Former Subsection A, regarding public, nonprofit or limited dividend housing for elderly persons, was repealed 5-14-2019 by Ord. No. 2019:23.
Office buildings used for professional, business services, management and consulting services only and subject to the following conditions and regulations:
Site development shall comply with the minimum development regulations set forth for the O-1 District. The buffer requirement set forth in the O-1 District shall be measured from the required yard width from existing garden apartments.
No retail sales of goods or merchandise shall be permitted.
Indoor tennis courts, skating rinks, handball courts and health clubs, subject to the following conditions and regulations:
Site development shall comply with the minimum development regulations set forth for the B-1 District, except that such use or uses shall not occupy an area of land of less than five acres, excluding required yard areas and off-street parking areas accessory to existing garden apartments.
Nursing homes, subject to the following conditions and regulations:
As specified in § 430-59C(1) through (4), (6) and (7).
The use shall have direct access to a street other than a local access street as classified in the adopted Master Plan of Parsippany-Troy Hills Township.
The minimum site area shall be two acres.
The operation of a public or private nonprofit school or child-care center, subject to the requirements of § 430-41B.
[Added 12-12-1989 by Ord. No. 89:72]
Height, area and yard requirements shall be as specified in Article VI.
Off-street parking, together with appropriate access thereto, shall be provided on the same lot as the building it is intended to serve in accordance with the standards of Article XXXVII.
Signs shall be permitted in conformance with Article XXXVIII.