Town of Fort Edward, NY
Washington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Wherever any subdivision of land is proposed to be made and before any contract for the sale of or any offer to sell any lots in such subdivision or any part thereof is made, the subdivider or his duly authorized agent shall apply in writing for approval of such proposed subdivision in accordance with the following procedures.
Any owner of land shall, prior to subdividing or resubdividing land, submit to the Clerk of the Planning Board at least 10 days prior to the regular meeting of the Board six copies of a sketch plan of the proposed subdivision, which shall comply with requirements of Article VII, for the purpose of classification (major or minor) and preliminary discussion.
The owner of land shall determine the requirements of the appropriate governmental agencies whose approvals are required by these regulations and that must eventually approve any subdivision plat coming within their jurisdiction and shall so inform the Planning Board, in writing, as part of the sketch plan. Approval shall also be secured for intersection design and construction within state rights-of-way from the New York State Department of Transportation pursuant to Highway Law § 52.
The purpose of the sketch plan review submittal is to provide a review of the proposed subdivision to:
Determine the extent of the proposed subdivision to determine the requirements, if any, of the State Environmental Quality Review Act.[1]
Editor's Note: See § 8-0101 et seq. of the Environmental Conservation Law.
Determine the requirements of the State Department of Health, the Department of Environmental Conservation and other state agencies whose approvals may be required by these regulations.
Determine the application of clustering as required under Article VII of these regulations.
Determine the requirements of local county and town agencies whose review and/or approvals may be required by these regulations.
Discuss the appropriateness of the proposed subdivision layout to the goals and objectives of Town Master Plan (if enacted) and other Articles of these regulations.
The subdivider or his duly authorized representative shall attend the meeting of the Planning Board to discuss the requirements of these regulations of street improvements, drainage, sewerage, water supply, fire protection and similar aspects as well as the availability of existing services and other pertinent information made on the sketch plan.
Classifications of the sketch plan may be made at this time by the Planning Board as to whether it is a minor or major subdivision as defined in these regulations. When the subdivision is classified by the Planning Board as a major or minor subdivision, a motion to that effect shall be made on the sketch plan. The Board may require, however, when it deems it necessary for protection of the public health, safety, welfare, SEQR review and environment, that a minor subdivision comply with all or some of the requirements as specified for major subdivisions. If the Sketch Plan is classified as a minor subdivision, the subdivider shall then comply with the procedure outlined in § 87-61 of these regulations. If it is classified as a major subdivision, the subdivider shall then comply with the procedures outlined in § 87-62 of these regulations.
Any division of land to be used for farming/agricultural purposes shall be a factor in determining the classification of a subdivision to be major or minor. If, upon review by the Planning Board, the Planning Board determines that the overall purpose of the proposed subdivision is agricultural, the classification shall be considered a minor subdivision.
The Planning Board shall determine whether the sketch plan meets the purposes of these regulations and shall, where it deems necessary, make specific recommendations, in writing, to be incorporated by the applicant in the next submission to the Planning Board.
[Amended 6-13-2005 by L.L. No. 6-2005]
The fee for filing a sketch plan shall be in the amount adopted by the Town Board pursuant to Town Code § 50-1 and listed on the Fee Schedule.[1]
Editor's Note: The Fee Schedule is on file in the Town offices. See § 50-1.