Town of New Hartford, NY
Oneida County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of New Hartford 4-21-1965, as amended through 1-20-1999. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Regular meetings of the Town Board shall be held at the Community Center Building, corner of Kellogg Road and Tibbitts Road, New Hartford, New York, at 7:00 p.m. on the first and third Wednesdays of each month for fiscal year 1999. The first regular meeting of each month shall be devoted exclusively to the regular and normal affairs of the town and grievances will be heard only at the second regular Board meeting of each month, or at such meetings as may be called to meet particular problems; provided, however, time permitting, that the Board may consider public grievances at the end of its regular session and meeting held the first Wednesday of each month, but only at said time. The Town Board reserves the right to dispense with the second regularly scheduled meeting each month if no urgent matters need the town's attention; if canceled, notice shall be provided to the department heads and the news media by the Friday immediately preceding the meeting to be canceled.
In addition, the Town Board shall meet on or after the 28th day of December but not later than the 31st day of December as determined by the Supervisor pursuant to law.
Editor's Note: These rules of procedure are normally affirmed and readopted by the Town Board at the annual organization meeting, often by reference. The text of the rules as set forth in this chapter is as last readopted in full and spread in the minutes of the Town Board for the 1-20-1999 meeting.
The Supervisor may, and upon written request of two members of the Board shall, call a special meeting of the Town Board at any time by giving at least two days' notice, in writing, to the other members of the Board of the time when and the place where the meeting is to be held.
A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a lesser number may adjourn.
Every act, motion or resolution shall require for its adoption the affirmative vote of a majority of all members of the Town Board, except in such instances in which a large number of affirmative votes shall be required by law. The vote upon every question shall be taken by ayes and nays, and the names of the members present and their votes shall be entered in the minutes.
The Supervisor shall appoint the following standing committees:
Parks and Recreation.
Public Safety.
Public Works and Sewer.
Senior Citizen.
Town Clerk.
Village/Town/School Liaison.
Zoning and Planning.
Such committees shall consist of members of the Board and shall assist the Town Board in the performance of its duties with reference to such matters as may from time to time be referred to such committees.
The Supervisor may from time to time appoint such special committees as he may deem desirable to assist the Board in the performance of its duties. Such committees may include town officers other than Board members in their membership in an advisory capacity only.
The business of all regular meetings of the Town Board shall be transacted in the following order:
Reading of minutes of previous meeting, unless waived by a majority of the members of the Board present.
Public hearings.
Consideration of public grievances (the third Wednesday of each month only).
Reports of town officials.
Reports of standing committees.
Reports of special committees.
Consideration of matters submitted by Town Board members.
Consideration of matters submitted by the Supervisor in the following order:
Financial and other routine reports.
Miscellaneous communications.
Unfinished business.
New business.
All resolutions, ordinances and local laws, other than routine resolutions approving payment of bills, minutes and like matters, shall be in writing and filed with the Town Clerk and made available to Board members not later than the Saturday prior to the meeting at which they are introduced unless this provision be waived as to any such resolution, ordinance or local law by a majority of the members of the Board present at such meeting.
Resolutions, ordinances and local laws shall be introduced in the regular order of business and shall be read aloud by the Town Clerk before being acted upon by the Board.
In the absence of the Supervisor, the Deputy Supervisor shall call the Town Board to order and shall be Chairman of the meeting; and, in the absence of the Supervisor and the Deputy Supervisor, then the Town Clerk shall call the Town Board to order and if a quorum be present, the Town Board shall elect one of its members as Chairman of the meeting.
No member of the Town Board may absent himself from a meeting of the Town Board for more than 10 minutes at a time unless for good cause he is excused by the Supervisor.
Each member of the Board shall vote upon each question presented unless for good cause he is excused therefrom by the unanimous consent of all members of the Board present. Any member refusing to vote other than by consent of the Board shall be subject to a motion of censure.
Except as otherwise provided herein, all parliamentary questions shall be decided in accordance with the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order, revised, for deliberative assemblies.
Any rule of the Town Board may at any time be temporarily suspended for special reasons by a majority vote of all of the members of the Town Board present at a meeting thereof. No permanent alteration may be made except by resolution, in writing, duly filed with the Town Clerk prior to the meeting at which such amendment is introduced.