Town of Orchard Park, NY
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The installation and maintenance of private service lines by the Water Department shall be in accordance with the provisions and specifications set forth in this Article.
No private service line from a water district pipe or main shall be installed, altered, replaced or used until the same has been inspected by the Water Department. A fee of $20 shall be paid to the department upon filing each application for such inspection.
No opening shall be made in any town, county or state highway except with the consent and approval in writing of the proper official in charge of issuing a permit for such opening.
All connections to or taps of water mains for water service shall be made by either the Water Department or the Authority, whichever has jurisdiction over the main to be tapped or connected. A receipt for tapping fees shall be on file with the Water Department or Authority in advance of making such connection or tap.
All service lines shall have a minimum cover of four feet. No service line shall be less than 3/4 inch inside diameter, and service lines shall be Type K copper tubing conforming to ASTM Designation B 88, latest revision. All joints in Type K copper tube service lines between the curb stop and the meter shall be made with compression fittings. There shall be no joints in any service line under 50 feet in length between the curb stop and the meter.
All service lines shall be laid in a separate trench at least three feet distant horizontally from any other underground facility and in solid ground. The placing of water service lines in the same trench as that occupied by sewer pipe, gas pipe or other utility lateral connections will not be permitted except by special authorization of the Water Department in extraordinary cases, including where solid rock is encountered.
The Water Department or Authority shall designate the point at which the water main is to be tapped and also the position of the service pipe connection at the tap. The Water Department or Authority shall make excavations for all taps.
No new tap shall be made to a water main to connect with a service line which is intended to replace an existing service line unless the existing service line is properly disconnected at its tap to the water main. The expense of such disconnection shall be borne by the applicant.
Where a service line is abandoned, the service line must be shut off at the tap and disconnected at the expense of the owner assessed against property in the following year. Such fee shall be assessed on the tax rolls and shall be in the amount of $50 minimum plus cost.
There shall be a separate and distinct tap for the service of each premise supplied with water. Multiple taps to any one premise may be installed upon application of the owner, at the discretion of the Water Department or Authority. New multiresidences in a premise shall be charged the minimum rates per unit as established by this chapter.
All outside service lines, building service pipes, outlets and fixtures shall be maintained in good order and repair, protected from frost, leaks and breaks, and must be promptly repaired if not in good order to prevent waste of water. If the owner fails to observe these requirements, the Water Department may shut off the water supply and assess the cost thereof against the real property affected, to be collected as part of the water district assessment, and if in an area where water supply is furnished by the Authority, rules and regulations of the Authority shall apply.