Town of Monroe, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
The Town Engineer as duly appointed by the Board.
Any person, firm, corporation, developer, contractor, etc., or legal representative, acting individually or jointly, including a transportation corporation.
Any connection of any kind with the Town water system or proposed system for the purpose of obtaining water therefrom for any purpose.
The Town of Monroe.
The Supervisor and Town Councilmen.
The Town of Monroe water system(s), including all water districts, fire districts and their production system(s) (wells, ponds, lakes), storage systems(s) and distribution system(s), wherever located.
The Town of Monroe Water Department including all its personnel and equipment.
The person duly appointed by the Town Board and responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town water system.
All applications for the introduction of water into any premises or for the extension of any pipes for the conveyance of such water must be made by the owner or authorized agent of the owner of the premises in writing, upon blanks furnished by the Water Department, whereby he agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of said Department.
All water, effective immediately, shall be metered, except water used for Town purposes. Any meters in use on said date shall remain in use, and the rates for metering shall be in accordance with the rates to be set by the Town Board.[1]
Editor's Note: See Ch. 26B, Fees, for provisions dealing with water fees, rates and billing.
All taps to the main up to one inch shall be made by the Water Department, and all service lines from main to curb box shall be installed by the owner under the supervision of the Town Engineer or Water Superintendent, and said lines may not be covered until the tapping permit has been endorsed "Approved" or the equivalent by the Town Engineer or Water Superintendent.
Service pipe from main to meter shall be K-copper, installed by the owner. The corporation cock will be furnished by the Water Department. The Town Engineer and Water Superintendent, at their option, may require the curb stop to be of an inverted-key type. All curb boxes shall be kept accessible and located within one foot of the owner's front property line.
Installation from main to curb box and proper tests before filling in the ditch shall be made under the supervision of the Town Engineer or Water Superintendent.
Each building or residence shall have its separate service connection direct to the main.
No branch will be allowed to be inserted in any service pipe without a written permit from the Town Engineer. Where branches already exist not provided with stop cocks, in case of default in the payment of water rent by anyone, the main service may be cut off until the back charges are paid, and neither the Department nor the Town shall be liable for damages from any other consumer who may thus be deprived of water.
Service pipes must be laid at least four feet below the surface of the ground and shall be placed in sand or a good grade of run-of-bank gravel six inches under and over said pipe. If at any time it shall become necessary for the Water Department to change the grade of its mains, the property owner or water user shall lower the grade of the service pipe and fixtures to conform to such change at his expense.
Employees of the Water Department may enter, and must be permitted to enter, upon any premises where water is being supplied or upon any premises for which application is made for a service for the purpose of inspecting and installing water meters and readouts. Meters shall be installed inside the residence. Readouts shall be installed on the driveway or sidewalk side of a house only, all in connection with such service.
Water may be shut off by the Water Department from any service or main for the purpose of constructing new work or for making repairs to the water system. Whenever it is possible, due notice shall be given. However, in case of emergency, the water may be shut off without notice, and the Water Department shall not be responsible for any damage resulting therefrom. Consumers' failure to comply will result in discontinuance of water service.
The Town Board may, in its discretion, sell to a corporation, individual or water district outside the Town, subject to such governmental approvals as may be necessary.
No taps shall be made within or without the Town of Monroe boundaries unless a permit to do so is first obtained from the Town Clerk and a fee in accordance with the following schedule is paid at the time said permit is issued.
Tapping fees will be in accordance with the current rate established by the Town Board. The cost of the water meter shall be in addition to the tapping fee. The meter will be furnished by the Town and installed by the owner. The meter shall remain the property of the Town.
All taps outside the Town will be made at the discretion of and with the approval of the Town Board. The cost of the water meter shall be in addition to the tapping fee. The meter will be furnished by the Town and installed by the owner. The meter shall remain the property of the Town.
See § 26B-2A(13)(a) of Chapter 26B, Fees, for fees on the above.