Town of Monroe, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
All pipe and fittings shall be ductile iron, Class 52, with mechanical joints or a joint acceptable to the Town Engineer and shall comply with the acceptable standards and specifications. Pipe shall be installed in accordance with the Type A method as developed by the American Standards Association.
Only Tyton-joint pipe will be accepted as an alternate to mechanical joint, and no other push-on-type joint employing a gasket will be allowed.
Two silicon-bronze serrated wedges are to be installed between the lip of the bell and the plain end of Tyton-joint pipe at all joints.
Where rock is encountered, it is to be removed to such an extent that at no section will it be within six inches of any pipe surface. In said conditions, pipe is to be laid on a bed of sand, Item 4, or acceptable run-of-bank gravel bed, compacted in place.
Fire hydrants shall be American Water Works Association approved Figure 5-K-11 safety type, with breakable rings and drain, and have one four-and-one-half-inch hose connection and two two-and-one-half-inch hose connections, open left - close right, and each one fitted with Figure 572X valve (five-inch valve opening).
All valves shall be American Water Works Association approved valves with O-ring seals.
Concrete blocking and hold-down rods shall be installed at all fire hydrants, bends and dead ends.
All sections of water mains shall have no more than five feet nor less than four feet depth of cover.
All sections of roadway shall be brought to subgrade level and then trenched before the installation or laying of any pipe.
Completed sections of water mains shall be tested and checked for leaks before final road surfacing is applied.
All water mains shall be installed on the north and/or west side of streets at a distance of 10 feet from the center line of the right-of-way.
All curb boxes shall be installed along right-of-way lines and within lot side lines.
All fire hydrants shall be located in the grass mall area back of the curbline, centered at a distance of 24 inches from the face of the curbline and installed at the ground line mark embossed on the lower standpipe section of the hydrant.
All work equipment and materials in connection with the water distribution system and extensions shall be under and receive approval of the Town Engineer.
Extension of system.
Developers, contractors, homeowners, etc., requesting an extension, other than customer taps, on a Town of Monroe water system shall submit complete engineering plans and studies for the Town's consideration. At the option of the Town Board, an independent consulting engineering firm may be hired to review any submitted plans and studies, the cost of which shall be charged to the developer, contractor, homeowner, etc., and must be paid in advance.
Upon acceptance by the Town Board for an extension of a Town of Monroe water system, the Town Board shall instruct the Town Engineer to calculate a bond estimate, see § 26B-2A(13)(d) of Chapter 26B, Fees, for fees. The extension thereafter shall be under the direction and supervision of the Town Engineer and/or Water Superintendent.
After acceptance of said extension by the Town Board, 10% of the above bond estimate shall be held in a Town of Monroe escrow account for at least one year. During said one year, all defects, corrections, repairs, etc., shall be made at the developer's, contractor's, homeowner's, etc., expense, or the ten-percent escrow account money shall be used for this purpose. At the end of at least one year, all unused moneys and interest shall be returned to the developer, contractor, homeowner, etc.