Town of Monroe, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted: Articles I to X, XII and XIII by the Planning Board of the Town of Monroe 3-3-1960, approved by the Town Board of the Town of Monroe 3-4-1960 by resolution; Article XI by the Town Board of the Town of Monroe 3-25-1968 by resolution; Article XA by the Town Board of the Town of Monroe 10-3-1994 by L.L. No. 2-1994. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building construction administration — See Ch. 23.
Fees — See Ch. 26B.
Development in flood hazard areas — See Ch. 27B.
Lakefront lands — See Ch. 32.
Administration of open space — See Ch. 34.
Performance, restoration and maintenance bonds — See Ch. 36.
Sewerage systems — See Ch. 41.
Streets and sidewalks — See Ch. 43.
Communal water systems — See Ch. 54.
Zoning — See Ch. 57.
Highway specifications — See Ch. A63.
Planning Board — See Ch. A64.
Article I Policy and Authority

§ A65-1 Purpose of regulations; considerations for approval.

§ A65-2 Declaration of authority.

Article II Definitions

§ A65-3 Terms defined.

Article III Preliminary Layout

§ A65-4 Official documents; approval limitations; revisions.

§ A65-5 Sketch plan submission and approval procedure.

§ A65-6 Preliminary plat submission and approval procedure.

§ A65-7 Expiration of approval.

§ A65-8 Preliminary layout requirements.

Article IV Final Plat

§ A65-9 Purpose, recording and nature.

§ A65-10 Submission, approval and distribution of copies.

§ A65-11 (Reserved)

§ A65-12 Final plat requirements.

§ A65-13 Public improvement and utilities plan and profiles.

Article V Performance Bond

§ A65-14 Purpose.

§ A65-15 Application, approval and release procedure.

§ A65-16 Terms of bonds; extensions.

Article VI General Liability Insurance

§ A65-17 Filing of policy required; approval; term.

§ A65-18 Minimum coverage.

Article VII Design Standards

§ A65-19 Purpose of design standards.

§ A65-20 Land use standards.

§ A65-21 Street and highway standards.

§ A65-22 Drainage standards.

§ A65-23 Preservation of natural environment.

§ A65-24 Additional design standards.

Article VIII Required Public Improvements

§ A65-25 (Reserved)

§ A65-25.1 List of mandatory public improvements.

§ A65-25.2 List of discretionary public improvements.

§ A65-25.3 Scheduling of public improvements.

Article IX Inspections

§ A65-26 Required inspections.

§ A65-27 Final inspection.

§ A65-28 Public improvement inspection fee.

Article X Waiver of Requirements

§ A65-29 Waivers authorized.

Article XA Enforcement of Regulations

§ A65-29.1 Penalties for offenses.

Article XI Communal Water Systems

§ A65-30 Offer of system to Town required.

§ A65-31 Definitions.

§ A65-32 Construction standards.

§ A65-33 Waivers authorized.

Article XII Subdivision Forms

§ A65-34 Application for subdivision plat approval.

§ A65-35 Letter of application for final plat approval.

§ A65-36 Performance bond estimate.

§ A65-37 Final plat compliance report.

Article XIII Standard Notations

§ A65-38 Offer of dedication for public use.

§ A65-39 Conformance with zoning regulations.

§ A65-40 Planning Board approval certification.

§ A65-41 Utility company letter of approval.

§ A65-42 School Board letter of acknowledgment.

§ A65-43 Letter of approval for proposed construction on state and county rights-of-way.