Township of Wilkins, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Wilkins 5-6-1968 by Ord. No. 426. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Animals — See Ch. 65.
Noise — See Ch. 110.
Parks and recreation areas — See Ch. 117.

§ 104-1 Hours of operation.

[Amended 12-28-1998 by Ord. No. 917]
The Municipal Building of the Township of Wilkins shall be open to the public for business on Monday through Friday, inclusive (excluding legal holidays and other holidays as declared from time to time by the Board of Commissioners), from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and at the time during which any public township meeting is being conducted.

§ 104-2 Public portions of building; nonpublic areas.

The auditorium, lobby, rest rooms and hallways are declared to be the public portions of the building. The following portions of the building are reserved and are not open to the public: the safe room, the police communications room and adjoining office, the office of the Police Chief, the Township Secretary or Manager's office and adjoining typists' offices, the garage and the jail cells.

§ 104-3 Entry into reserved portions restricted.

No person shall at any time without the permission of the Township Secretary or Manager enter into or upon the reserved portions of the Municipal Building as defined in § 104-2 hereof.

§ 104-4 Remaining after public hours.

No person shall, without the permission of the Township Secretary or Manager, remain in the Municipal Building after public business hours (which shall be construed to include the time during which any public township meeting is being held).

§ 104-5 Acts prohibited in Municipal Building.

The following actions are hereby defined as disorderly practices and prohibited throughout the Municipal Building:
Yelling, shrieking or screaming.
Swearing at or threatening bodily harm upon any municipal employee or official or any other citizen therein.
Any conduct which has as its purpose or effect the harassment of municipal employees to the end that they are distracted from their duties and unable to properly perform the same.
Interfering with the conduct of any public meeting of the Board of Commissioners, the Zoning Hearing Board, the Planning Commission or any other duly appointed board, commission or committee of the Township of Wilkins by refusal to abide by the rules and regulations governing the conduct of such meetings as adopted from time to time.
[Amended 12-28-1998 by Ord. No. 917]

§ 104-6 Acts prohibited on township or school property.

[Amended 8-11-1980 by Ord. No. 661; 12-28-1998 by Ord. No. 917]
The following actions are hereby prohibited in and on any property owned by the Township of Wilkins or the school lands of the Woodland Hills School District, within the Township of Wilkins, including but not limited to parks and public school grounds:
Destruction of or tampering with any sign, equipment, building facility or structure or attempting the same.
Destruction of trees, shrubs, foliage, flowers, grass or other plantings.
Entry upon or into any township park or other township lands or any public school lands and playgrounds before or after the hours designated by action of the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Wilkins or the Board of Directors of the Woodland Hills School District when the open hours are posted on such properties.
Use of township recreational facilities without required proof of payment of any fee required by the township.
Except as provided in § 117-22, permitting any animal (other than dogs used as service dogs by those with physical or mental handicaps) whether tame, domestic or feral, to enter upon any property of the Township.
[Amended 11-24-2014 by Ord. No. 1048]

§ 104-7 Violations and penalties.

[Amended 12-28-1998 by Ord. No. 917]
Any person convicted of a violation of this chapter shall be fined or penalized in an amount not to exceed $600 and costs. Upon judgment against any person by summary conviction or by proceeding by summons on default of the payment of the fine or penalty imposed by said judgment and the costs, such person may be sentenced to the county jail for a period not exceeding 30 days.

§ 104-8 Enforcement.

Pursuant to the First Class Township Code, Article XIV, Section 1403,[1] the Township Police may, without warrant and on view, arrest and commit for hearing any person violating the provisions of this chapter.
Editor's Note: See 53 P.S. § 56403.