Township of Wilkins, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Wilkins 4-30-1990 as Ord. No. 801. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Recreation Board — See Ch. 42.
Animals — See Ch. 65.
Firearms — See Ch. 85.
Municipal Building and property — See Ch. 104.
Noise — See Ch. 110.
Peddling and soliciting — See Ch. 121.
Solid waste — See Ch. 135.

§ 117-1 Definitions.

The following terms as used in this chapter shall have the following meanings:
The Township of Wilkins or the Township Recreation Board.
The Board of Commissioners.
Any and all parks or recreational facilities controlled or managed by the Township of Wilkins.
The Township Manager.

§ 117-2 Opening and closing hours.

The Township parks and parklets shall be closed to department visitors from dusk until dawn, with the following exception: a group with a written contract signed by the Director or an authorized representative giving permission for the use of a facility to a specified hour beyond dusk.
In addition to the general closing of department facilities from dusk to dawn, the individual facilities in those parks will be closed from dusk to dawn unless such facility is staffed and open to serve department visitors or specific permission is granted by the Director.

§ 117-3 Emergency closing of parks.

No person or persons may enter any area of the department at any time that the area has been closed on order of the Director or his authorized representative.

§ 117-4 Vehicular traffic.

No person shall drive or propel or cause to be driven or propelled along or over any road within the department areas any vehicle at a greater rate of speed than 15 miles per hour unless otherwise posted. No person shall drive any vehicle on any area except the paved roadways or parking areas or such other areas as may on occasion be specifically designated as temporary parking areas by the Director.
The state laws relating to lights on vehicles and all standards required by state law shall apply to all vehicles within department areas.
The footpaths, pedestrian walks, nature trails, and all other trails designated and established for pedestrian travel shall not be used for vehicular travel.
No persons shall leave any vehicle in department facilities between dusk and daybreak without written permission from the Director or his authorized representative unless said person is attending an event approved for extension beyond the dusk closing.
No person shall refuse to comply with any order or request relating to the regulations, direction or control of traffic or to any other order or request lawfully given by a police officer or other department official acting under the authority of the agency.
No person may park a vehicle on a roadway or parking area in such a manner or under such conditions as to impede or obstruct the normal and safe flow of traffic. All handicapped parking spaces will be honored.
No person shall operate a motor vehicle in department areas without the use of a muffler adequate to deaden the sound of the engine in said vehicle.
No person may operate a vehicle in department areas which emits excessive noxious fumes or dense smoke.
No person operating a motor vehicle or other equipment in department areas may use a siren or other type of loud sounding device which makes unusually loud and unnecessary noise.
No person may operate a motor vehicle on a service drive except in making deliveries and servicing the facility to which such drive provides access.

§ 117-5 Motorbikes, dune buggies and other special motor vehicles.

In the department areas, the operation of motorbikes, dune buggies and other special motor vehicles, except conventional motor vehicles as properly registered and licensed, is prohibited.

§ 117-6 Bicycles.

No person may operate a bicycle in department areas other than on the roadways, parking areas and bicycle trails or other areas specifically designated for such use. The operation of bicycles is prohibited in and around the athletic fields while they are in use.

§ 117-7 Preservation of property and natural features.

No person shall injure, deface, disturb or befoul any part of department areas or any building, sign, equipment, turf area or other property found therein, nor shall any tree, flower, shrub, rock or other mineral be removed, injured or destroyed.
No person shall intentionally accelerate or stop a motor vehicle causing the rubber tires to spin or slide, resulting in defacement of the surface of any department roadway or parking area.

§ 117-8 Disorderly conduct prohibited.

Disorderly conduct as defined in the Pennsylvania Crimes Code of 1972 (18 Pa.C.S.A. § 5503) is hereby prohibited within the department areas. A person is guilty of disorderly conduct if he/she:
Engages in fighting or in threatening, violent or tumultuous behavior;
Makes unreasonable noise; or
Creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose of the actor.

§ 117-9 Unlawful assemblage.

No person or persons shall collect in bodies or groups or engage in conduct of such nature as to annoy, harass or interfere with other park visitors or interfere with the orderly operation of park facilities.

§ 117-10 Use of recreational facilities.

The agency shall establish fees and charges for the use of department recreational facilities and shall establish specific regulations governing their use. No person shall make use of the recreational facilities without paying the required fee and adhering to the rules and regulations governing use of said facility. The agency will maintain an appropriate office with an attendant where participants may register, pay fees and secure rules and regulations governing the use of said facility. All appropriate permits will be made available, upon request, at the recreational facility to an authorized agency representative.
No person shall participate in a recreational activity other than at the facility specifically designed for the same. The tennis courts are provided for tennis play only. All other court activities, including hockey, are prohibited.
The facilities at the various recreational areas of the department are provided for the convenience and comfort of those making use of said recreational facilities. Facilities such as the Lions Park shelter are to be used exclusively by persons participating in scheduled activities in that particular area of the park, as permitted, when applicable.

§ 117-11 Picnicking.

[Amended 5-28-1991 by Ord. No. 811; 12-9-2002 by Ord. No. 951]
The picnic facilities in the various park pavilions are provided for use by families, local businesses, and organizations. Picnic facilities are not to be provided to groups, unless the group has made previous reservations for the site, including the time of arrival and departure. The individual or group must have a permit in its possession signed by a department Official. The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages will be permitted inside the pavilion and picnic shelter in the parks. Prior to transporting alcoholic beverages into a park pavilion or shelter, a permit identifying the group reserving the shelter must be obtained and be in the permittee's possession at the time of consumption.

§ 117-12 Camps.

No person shall establish or maintain any camp or other temporary lodging place within the park without a specific permit from the Director or his authorized representative.

§ 117-13 Hunting.

No person within the confines of department areas shall hunt, pursue with dogs, trap, molest, harm, harass or injure any bird or animal found within the confines of the park or molest any bird's nest or take the eggs of any bird.

§ 117-14 Ice skating, skiing and sled riding.

Sled riding and cross-country skiing may occur in any area of the park. Police officers may stop these activities if property is being damaged or other department rules are being broken e.g., unauthorized fires, consumption of alcoholic beverages, etcetera. All sled riding must cease at dusk.
No person shall ice skate on any area not specifically designated for ice-skating activity.

§ 117-15 Professional instruction.

No person other than unauthorized employees or volunteers of the agency shall offer professional instruction in department activities.

§ 117-16 Soliciting.

No person or persons shall beg, hawk, peddle, distribute or solicit or offer for sale any article, thing, paper, privilege or service within any department facility or circulate petitions within the facilities without a written permit from the agency.

§ 117-16.1 Sale of food and nonalcoholic beverages.

[Added 7-11-1995 by Res. No. 9-95]
Pursuant to § 117-16, the Board of Commissioners authorizes the sale of food and nonalcoholic beverages in the Township parks and playgrounds.
All persons, corporations or other entities shall file with the Parks Director an application as provided by the Director and pay at the time of filing the fee or fees required.
The Director shall issue permits and coordinate the number of vendors authorized to use the parks at any particular time and the areas of use within the park.
The Director shall develop a system and schedule which does not discriminate against any entity applying for a permit.
Fees for permits shall be in the amount set by resolution of the Board of Commissioners from time to time.[1]
[Amended 12-28-1998 by Ord. No. 917]
Editor's Note:The current fee resolution is on file in the office of the Township Secretary.
Permits may be revoked for good cause, in which case any unused time for which a fee has been paid shall be refunded prorationally.

§ 117-17 Signs.

No person shall expose, distribute or place any sign, advertisement, circular, notice or statement or display any banner, emblem or design within any department facility without a specific written permit from the Director.

§ 117-18 Protection of special horticultural features.

No person or persons may walk, occupy or in any way trespass on special horticultural plantings or specially designed landscaped areas.

§ 117-19 Revocation of permits.

The Director or his authorized representative has the authority to revoke any and all permits upon the finding of violation of any department rule or regulation by any person or persons.

§ 117-20 Supervision of children.

No parent or guardian may permit a child under eight years of age to make use of department facilities and areas without providing direct supervision for the entire period of the visit.

§ 117-21 Fires and use of tobacco products.

[Amended 4-25-2011 by Ord. No. 1015]
Fires. No person or persons shall start a fire in any department facility except small fires for culinary purposes in department grills or privately owned grills in designated area. All fires shall be extinguished by the person or persons starting or using the same before leaving the immediate vicinity of the fire. All requests for campfires must be approved and proper notifications given by the Director.
Use of tobacco products. Areas of the parks and playgrounds where children are present, such as playgrounds, pavilions, parking areas, restroom facilities and sports and playing fields, in the Township of Wilkins are designated tobacco-free. Appropriate signage will be posted designating tobacco-free areas.

§ 117-22 Domestic animals.

[Amended 7-12-1993 by Ord. No. 836; 12-28-1998 by Ord. No. 917; 11-24-2014 by Ord. No. 1048]
Dogs shall be permitted in Lions, Linhart and Eastmont Parks subject to the following requirements:
Dog owners/custodians are legally responsible for their dogs and must have control of their dogs at all times. Children under the age of 12 that are custodians for a dog must be closely supervised by an adult.
All dogs must be secured by a leash of no greater than six feet in length at all times.
Every pet owner must be in possession of a bag or other visible means for removing feces which may be produced by such dog.
Dogs are not permitted in the playground, ball field, concession area or pavilion areas of the parks.
Dogs must be healthy, fully immunized, dewormed, licensed and wearing ID tags.
Dogs with a known history of or who exhibit dangerous behavior are prohibited.

§ 117-23 Solid waste.

No person or persons shall deposit, permit or suffer to be deposited in any part of the department areas any garbage, ashes, sewage, refuse or any waste material whatsoever otherwise than in receptacles provided for such purposes or dump any earth within the department areas without a specific written permit from the Director.
No persons may haul or transport garbage, refuse, ashes or waste materials of any kind into the department areas for the purpose of disposing of the same.
No person shall, either within or without the department areas, discharge into, throw, case, lay, drop or leave in any river, brook, stream, storm sewer or drain flowing into or through department areas or into any river, brook or stream which may be tributary to any river, brook or stream flowing into or through department areas any substance, matter or thing, either liquid or solid, which may or shall result in the pollution of the river, brook or stream within department areas to such an extent as to unreasonably or improperly prevent or interfere with the conservation of the natural resources of the department by preventing, interfering with or lessening to an improper or unreasonable degree the use of said river, brook or stream for recreational or other proper uses or to endanger the health of visitors in department areas in the proper use and enjoyment of the same.

§ 117-24 Firearms, fireworks and explosives.

No person or persons except law enforcement officers shall carry firearms of any description or an air rifle, slingshot or missile-throwing device within department areas or discharge any firearms, fireworks or explosive substances.[1]
Editor's Note: Original Section XXV, entitled "Dress," which immediately followed this section, was deleted 12-28-1998 by Ord. No. 917.

§ 117-25 Erection of structures.

No person or persons may construct or erect any building or structure of whatever kind, whether permanent or temporary in character.[1]
Editor's Note: Original Section XXVII, entitled "Youth groups," which immediately followed this section, was deleted 12-28-1998 by Ord. No. 917

§ 117-26 Use of furnishings and equipment.

No person or persons may remove any furnishings or equipment from any facility nor may they relocate or rearrange any furniture or equipment at any facility. No person or persons may use equipment for any purpose other than its intended use and may not remove said equipment from the facility, including tennis rackets, toys, games, ball sports and other equipment.

§ 117-27 Loitering and vagrancy.

It shall be unlawful for any person to loiter, loaf, wander, stand or remain idle, either alone and/or in consort with others, in any department areas in such manner so as to:
Obstruct any road, lane, street, walkway, sidewalk, parking area or any other public place or building by hindering or impeding the free and uninterrupted passage of vehicles, traffic or pedestrians.
Permit in or upon any public road, lane, street, walkway, sidewalk, parking areas or any other public place or building any act or thing which is an obstruction or interference to the free and uninterrupted use of property or with any business lawfully conducted by anyone in or upon or facing or fronting any road, lane, street, walkway, sidewalk, parking area or any other public place or building, all of which prevents the free uninterrupted ingress, egress and regress therein, thereon and thereto.
When any person commits or causes any of the conditions enumerated in Subsection A above, a law enforcement officer shall order that person to stop causing or committing such conditions and to move on or disperse. Any person who fails or refuses to obey such orders shall be guilty of a violation of this section.

§ 117-28 Violations and penalties.

Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to a fine not exceeding $1,000, plus costs of prosecution, and, in default of payment of such fine and costs, to a period of imprisonment not exceeding 30 days or both.
[Amended 12-28-1998 by Ord. No. 917]
In addition to or in lieu of the above Subsection A, any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter may be requested to leave the park premises and will be subject to arrest under Section 1403 of the First Class Township Code.[1]
Editor's Note: See 53 P.S. § 56403.
Any person who is found to be a repeat offender of the provisions of this chapter may be banned from department areas for such period as may be specified by the director. Such ban shall take effect upon written notice to such offender, given by certified or first-class mail, who shall have the right to appeal such ban to the Board of Commissioners within 10 days from receipt of said written notice by serving written notice of such appeal on the Director. Such notice shall be transmitted to the Board, which Board or a hearing officer appointed by the Board shall hear the appeal pursuant to the Local Agency Law.[2]
Editor's Note: See 2 Pa.C.S.A. §§ 105, 551 et seq. and 751 et seq.
For those individuals who shall be shown to violate the provisions of § 117-22, the following penalties shall be imposed:
[Added 11-24-2014 by Ord. No. 1048]
First offense: Any person who first violates any provision of § 117-22 shall be subject to a written warning.
Second offense: Any person who violates any provision of § 117-22 for a second time shall be subject to a fine of not more than $50.
Third offense and each offense thereafter: Any person who violates any provision of § 117-22 for a third time and any offense thereafter shall be subject to a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $250 for each and every offense.