Town of Agawam, MA
Hampden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In a Residence A-3 District as indicated by the Building Zone Map, no building or other structure shall be erected, altered or used and no land shall be used or occupied for any purpose except for apartment houses or garden-type apartments and accessory uses incident thereto and subject to the following restrictions:
Subdivision control will not apply except insofar as it applies to road construction, surface drainage and utilities.
The project shall be located on a lot containing not less than two acres and contain not more than eight family dwelling units per acre of lot area. The building coverage shall not exceed 40% of the lot area. The minimum lot frontage on a street shall be 150 feet.
No building shall be located nearer than 40 feet to a street line or other property line.
There shall be a landscaped strip of not less than 15 feet in width appropriately planted with lawn, trees and shrubs adjacent and parallel to all property lines of the site.
There shall be a landscaped foundation strip of not less than 10 feet in width between each building and any roadway, drive or street. Such strip shall contain a six-foot-wide grassed and planted area and four-foot-wide sidewalk adjacent to any roadway, drive or street within the project.
No building shall be more than two stories in height, exclusive of the basement. The basement shall not contain any living quarters.
The minimum distance between any two buildings on the same lot shall in no case be less than 40 feet.
Floor area.
No building shall contain more than eight family dwelling units, and no dwelling unit shall contain less than the following minimum floor areas:
One-bedroom units: 400 square feet.
Two-bedroom units: 600 square feet.
Each additional room: 120 square feet.
In computing floor area, only the space within the dwelling unit used exclusively for living purposes shall be considered. Halls, closets, stairways, bathrooms and lavatories are expressly excluded from this computation.
All stairways are to be contained within the building structure proper.
Each dwelling unit shall have access to not fewer than two egresses remote from each other and so arranged that to reach one egress it will not be necessary to pass through a common corridor or hallway which serves the other egress. The term "egress" is as defined in § 101.0 of the Department of Public Safety, Board of Standards, Building Code.
Parking space shall be provided at the rate of two spaces for each family dwelling unit. Each space shall contain a minimum of 200 square feet and shall be located at least 25 feet from any principal building, except that if garage parking is to be located within the building, it must comply with the rules and regulations governing construction of garages contained in Form FPR-4 of the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety, Board of Fire Prevention Regulations.
There shall be no provision for parking on roadways, drives or streets.
The balance of the lot not used for buildings, roadways, streets or parking areas shall be suitably planted and landscaped and maintained.
Space contained in apartment units or garden-type apartment units shall not be used, rented or leased for any commercial or business uses.
The plans for any such apartment or garden-type apartment shall be submitted to the Planning Board for its approval as to site layout, provisions for handling vehicular traffic flow, parking area and landscaping before a building permit is issued.