Town of Agawam, MA
Hampden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 180-61 Boundaries.

Industrial B Districts shall be that area bounded by Suffield Street, Silver Street and Shoemaker Lane zoned Industrial at the Town Meeting of December 10, 1957, and those areas zoned Industrial B on or after the Town Meeting of December 10, 1957.

§ 180-62 Permitted uses.

Permitted uses shall be all uses permitted in Industrial District A.

§ 180-63 Height regulations.

Industrial buildings shall not exceed two stories, 40 feet in height, except with approval of the Board of Appeals after a public hearing. These provisions shall not apply to required equipment appurtenant to industrial buildings, except that smokestacks, water tanks, grain elevators and the like are not permissible except after approval of the Board of Appeals after a public hearing.

§ 180-64 Yards; setbacks; loading areas.

Back and side yards shall be a minimum of 25 feet.
Front setback shall be a minimum of 75 feet.
Loading platforms and employee parking areas shall be at the rear and side of all buildings.

§ 180-65 Lot size; lot coverage.

No lot shall have an area less than 43,560 square feet, one acre, on which a building may be constructed for industrial use, except with approval of the Board of Appeals relative only to previously filed lots whose area is less than one acre; provided that the file lot does not abut an additional parcel owned by the same owner which if combined would meet with the one-acre requirement of this section.
Except for office, professional or administrative buildings, no building shall be less than 5,000 square feet in area.
No lot shall have frontage of less than 100 feet on a street line; however, this frontage requirement shall not apply to lots established by a deed or plan recorded in the Hampden County Registry of Deeds prior to the first notice of the public hearing on this subsection amendment (March 3, 1994) if, and only if, said parcel of land was not held in common ownership with sufficient adjoining parcels of land on the date of the first notice of public hearing on this subsection amendment (March 3, 1994) to satisfy, in combination, the required 100 feet of frontage on a street line.
[Added 5-2-1994 by TOR-94-5]

§ 180-66 Landscaping; residences; gasoline stations.

To assure that structures in industrial districts shall be reasonably attractive in appearance, the builder or his representative shall submit to the Planning Board, in addition to other requirements, an architect's rendering or comparable illustration of the planned construction, including landscaping, prior to applying for a building permit. Unless such a drawing approved by the Planning Board is submitted to the Inspector of Buildings, no permit for an industrial building shall be issued, nor shall an occupancy permit be granted unless and until the finished structure conforms in appearance to the drawing submitted.
The front of the building must be faced with either brick masonry exterior walls, curtain walls of decorated colored aluminum, enameled colored steel, stainless steel walls or glass wall construction and have an attractive appearance.
All buildings in an industrial zone shall be appropriately landscaped with lawns, shrubs and trees.
All residential development is prohibited, except that alteration, reconstruction, extension or structural change to any existing residential structure is permitted.
[Amended 11-9-1994 by TOR-94-7]
Not more than one unregistered motor vehicle shall be allowed on any parcel of land used as a gasoline filling station; provided, however, that any such gasoline filling station having an automobile dealer's permit shall be governed by the provisions of such permit.