Borough of Rockaway, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
This chapter and all ordinances supplementary hereto and amendatory hereof shall or may be known as the "Sanitary and Health Code of the Borough of Rockaway."
In the construction of this chapter or any amendments hereof or any supplements hereto, words and phrases shall be read and construed with their context and, unless inconsistent with the manifest intent of the Board, as expressed herein, or unless another or different meaning is expressly indicated, such words or phrases shall be given the meanings expressed herein, or if no such meaning is given, their generally accepted meaning according to the approved usage of the language shall be applied. Technical, trade or commercial words and phrases having a special or accepted meaning in the law shall be construed in accordance with such technical, trade, commercial or special and accepted meanings.
The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this chapter:
Includes rabbits, hares, dogs, horses or any other animal kept or raised for commercial or sale purposes.
The Board of Health of the Borough of Rockaway.
The Borough of Rockaway.
Any person who harbors an infectious agent of disease but who, at the same time, may or may not have symptoms of the disease.
Domesticated bovine animals, especially cows, bulls, steer or oxen.
Includes this chapter, which is the Sanitary and Health Code of the Borough of Rockaway, unless some other code is expressly indicated or referred to.
Any infectious or contagious disease so declared or defined by law or by this code or which has been or may hereafter be declared a "communicable disease" by the Board or by the State Department of Health.
Any person who has been sufficiently near or exposed to any infected person or animal to make probable the transmission of an infectious or causative agent to such person.
Includes the Health Officer, Sanitarian or other official authorized by the Board of Health to enforce this code and chapter.
The executive officer so designated by the Board who shall enforce the laws of the state relating to public health, the provisions of the State Sanitary Code and the ordinances adopted by the Board and who shall perform the duties assigned him by the Board.
Separation of a person affected or suspected of being affected with a communicable disease, or a carrier of the infectious or causative agent of a communicable disease from other persons, in such a manner as will prevent the direct or indirect conveyance of the infectious or causative agent to other persons.
Any establishment wherein or whereon the business of boarding, selling or breeding for sale dogs or any other animal intended to be a pet is carried on, except a pet shop.
A special privilege from the Board of Health to carry on an activity otherwise unlawful.
Those persons duly appointed by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Rockaway to constitute the Board of Health.
A calendar month.
The sanctioning of any activity not prohibited by law by the Rockaway Board of Health pursuant to any power granted to a municipal Board of Health by statute or regulation after the Board is satisfied that all reasonable and necessary conditions for the granting of a permit have been met.
PERSONS (or the personal pronouns he, she, him, it, her or his)
Any person, persons, associations or partnerships or corporations or any one or more of them or combinations of any of them.
Any room or group of rooms, cage or exhibition pen, not part of a kennel, wherein dogs or other animals for sale are kept and displayed.
An establishment for the confinement of dogs or other animals.
Unless restricted or limited by the context to either real or personal property, includes both real and personal property.
Includes any public place as well as any restaurant, lunchroom, tavern, barroom, hotel and motel and any and every establishment or place where food or beverage is sold or offered for sale to the public for consumption on the premises and any camp, trailer camp, tourist home or public recreation place or any other place of business where toilet facilities or water for drinking or culinary purposes are available for the use of the public.
The restriction of movement of any person who has been exposed to a communicable disease by confining such person to a restricted area and the exclusion of other persons from that area. The term "quarantine" shall also apply to the confinement of any animal suspected of being infected with rabies.
Includes lands, buildings and hereditaments or all rights thereto or any interest therein.
Any person duly appointed as Registrar of Vital Statistics by the Board.
Includes any regulations, whether general or special, which the Board may from time to time lawfully adopt and issue.
The officer appointed by the Board to enforce the Sanitary and Health Code of the Borough of Rockaway, the sanitary laws of the state and the rules, regulations and ordinances of the Board, as directed by the Health Officer.
Any establishment where dogs or other animals are received, housed and distributed without charge.
The Department of Health of the State of New Jersey.
Includes every street, avenue, sidewalk, gutter, highway, park or place in the Borough open to the public.
Any person occupying any lands, premises, houses, buildings or portion thereof which is rented, leased, let or hired out to be occupied for any purpose whatsoever.
A calendar year.
Whenever in describing or referring to any person, party, matter or thing any word importing the singular numbers is used, the same shall be understood to include and to apply equally to several persons, parties, corporations, partnerships and associations, as well as to one person or party. Where a word of masculine gender is used, it shall apply to females as well as males and to bodies corporate, partnerships and associations as well as individuals.