Village of Amityville, NY
Suffolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Amityville as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building construction — See Ch. 49.
Plumbing — See Ch. 127.
Streets, sidewalks and driveways — See Ch. 152.
[Adopted 12-14-2009 by L.L. No. 50-2009[1]]
Editor's Note: This local law provided that it shall take effect on January 2, 2010, subject to acceptance and filing by the Secretary of State.
No connection shall be made to the South West Sewer District (SWSD) before the following permits are obtained from or presented to the Village of Amityville:
A valid Suffolk County sewer connection permit.
A street opening permit from the Village Superintendent of Public Works, pursuant to Chapter 152 of this Code, if appropriate.
A plumbing permit from the Code Enforcement Officer, pursuant to Chapter 127 of this Code, if appropriate; the term "plumbing fixtures" as applied in Chapter 127 shall be defined to include plumbing traps.
A sewer connection permit from the Code Enforcement Officer.
No other permits shall be required and all fees and deposits obtained incidental to the issuance of the above permits are hereby waived.
An application for a sewer connection permit shall be made on forms provided by the Code Enforcement Officer and shall contain all pertinent information concerning the nature and extent of such work along with a diagram of the subject parcel illustrating the proposed installation, the sewer connection, property lines, underground utilities, poles, structures and trees within 10 feet of the installation.
All exterior plumbing work incidental to connection to the South West Sewer District shall be subject to inspection by Suffolk County. Said exterior plumbing work shall be performed by such persons and in such a manner as are approved by the County of Suffolk.
All interior plumbing work incidental to connection to the South West Sewer District must be performed by a plumber duly licensed by the Town of Babylon and the County of Suffolk, or may be done by the homeowner. All interior plumbing work must be inspected by the Code Enforcement Officer. The property owner and/or contractor shall each be responsible for notifying the Code Enforcement Officer within 30 days after the completion of interior work.
Abandoned septic tanks and cesspools are a potential safety hazard and, therefore, it shall be required that they be pumped empty of wastes and completely backfilled with granular material upon connection to the South West Sewer District, except by permission of the Code Enforcement Officer.
In each case wherein any street or sidewalk opening or exterior plumbing work incidental to a sewer connection is to be performed by a person or persons other than the property owner, such person or persons must submit to the Village with their application for a sewer connection permit a performance bond and a certificate of insurance each naming the County of Suffolk and the Village of Amityville as insureds thereon. Said insurance shall provide coverage of $100,000/$300,000 against bodily injury, $100,000 against property damage and $ 100,000 for workmen's compensation and employer's liability.
In each case wherein all of the street and sidewalk opening and exterior plumbing work incidental to the sewer connection is to be performed by the property owner, no bond or certificate of insurance shall be required. In lieu of such bond or certificate, the Village will require the property owners to execute and submit with their application for a sewer connection permit the following indemnification agreement:
_________________________________ agrees to indemnify
[Name of Owner(s)]
and hold harmless the Village of Amityville in connection with the sewer connection(s) to be made at premises known as
Owned by the undersigned; and further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless any of its departments or agencies, its officers, employees, agents or tenants of and from all damages or claims of damages to a public sewer, water service main, water pipe to a highway or the surface thereof; to public property; or to any other person or persons arising from negligent acts of commission or omission in any way relative to said sewer connection; or damage to any other municipal facility in making connection with a public sewer; in opening a public sewer or in making an opening or excavation in a public highway, street or sidewalk or in maintaining, guarding, refilling, dewatering or working in or about such openings or excavations; or used in connection therewith.
Sworn to before
me this __________
day of ________________, 20___
Notary Public
In the event that the property owner fails to repair or restore the streets, sidewalks or other municipal property disturbed by the sewer connection work done by him or in his behalf according to applicable specifications, the Code Enforcement Officer shall issue a notice to the owner setting forth what additional work or corrections need to be performed and the date by which said work or corrections are to be completed.
Such notice shall be in writing and shall be served personally on the property owner at the address set forth on the real property tax rolls for the owner.
In the event that the property owner fails to complete such additional work or correction within the time prescribed by the Code Enforcement Officer, the Village shall cause the necessary work to be performed and shall assess all costs and expenses incurred against such property. Such assessment shall be collected in the same manner that taxes are collected as provided by law.
The amount of the costs and expenses to be assessed shall be determined by the Board of Trustees following a public hearing at which testimony will be taken as to the nature and cost of the work performed. The property owner shall be given no less than 10 days' written notice of said hearing and shall be given an opportunity to testify therein.