Village of Amityville, NY
Suffolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In a C Residence District, the regulations in this article shall apply.
In a C Residence District, a building may be erected, altered or used, and a lot or premises may be used, for any of the following purposes and for no other:
One-family detached dwellings.
Public libraries, public schools, public parks, public playgrounds or recreation areas and municipal uses.
Two-family dwellings.
Multiple dwellings.
The following uses, provided that a special exception from the Zoning Board of Appeals is first obtained and subject to such conditions and safeguards as deemed appropriate and imposed by such Board:
Private schools.
Boat clubs, yacht clubs, tennis courts and private parks.
[Amended 1-24-2011 by L.L. No. 1-2011]
Churches, parish houses and convents.
Accessory uses on the same lot with and customarily incidental to any of the above permitted uses.
The requirements specified for premises or structures in the B Residence District shall apply in the C Residence District for all uses except for use as a multiple dwelling.
No multiple dwelling in the C Residence District shall exceed two stories and 32 feet in height.
A lot in a C Residence District used for multiple-dwelling purposes shall contain at least 43,500 square feet and shall be occupied by not more than 12 one-bedroom dwelling units per acre.
In a C Residence District, all buildings, including accessory buildings, shall cover not more than 40% of the area of the lot.
Yards of the following minimum depths shall be provided in a C Residence District:
Front yard: 30 feet. In the case of a corner lot, a front yard shall be required on each side on which the lot abuts a street. There shall be no parking permitted in the front yard.
Side yard: each yard, 1/3 of the height of the building but not less than 14 feet. There shall be a side yard on each side of the dwelling.
Rear yard: equal to the height of the building, but not less than 25 feet. There shall be no parking permitted in the rear 25 feet of the rear yard.
In a C Residence District, no principal building shall be closer to any other principal building than the average of the heights of said buildings but not closer than 30 feet. Principal buildings connected by covered walks or canopies shall be considered separate buildings.
Every application for the erection of a multiple dwelling shall require the approval of the Planning Board following a public hearing. Said application shall include an elevation drawing and an appropriately detailed site plan illustrating proposed improvements, landscaping, drainage, type and location of site lighting, parking, fences, refuse container location and any other items deemed necessary and appropriate by the Planning Board.
There shall be suitable landscaping of multiple dwellings throughout the premises, and there shall be required, along the rear and side lot lines, an automated sprinklered buffer planting strip, at least 10 feet in width, with landscaping to screen surrounding properties as determined by the Planning Board.
No building for use as a multiple dwelling shall hereafter be erected unless a drainage plan providing for the collection, storage and disposal of stormwater runoff from the site has been approved by the Planning Board.