Village of Springville, NY
Erie County
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By the authority of the resolution of the Village Board of the Village of Springville previously adopted pursuant to the provisions of Article 7 of the Village Law, the Planning Board of the Village of Springville is directed to study each plat of land subdivision within the village and to give approval or disapproval in accordance with the procedure and standards adopted by the Planning Board and approved by the Village Board.
For the purpose of this chapter, which shall be known and may be cited as "subdivision regulations," certain words used herein are defined as follows:
The duly designated engineer of the Village of Springville or, if there is no such official, the planning consultant or engineer employed by or assigned to the Village Planning Board.
Any subdivision other than a minor subdivision.
A comprehensive plan prepared by the Planning Board pursuant to the Village Law[1] which indicates the general locations recommended for various functional classes of public works, places and structures and the general physical development of the Village of Springville, and includes any unit or part of such plan separately and any amendment to such plan or parts thereof.
A subdivision that does not involve the creation of more than three lots from any one parcel of land following the date of the enactment of these regulations. In addition, a "minor subdivision" shall not involve the creation of any new public streets; the extension of any public street, water or sewer line; or the installation of drainage improvements through one or more lots to serve one or more other lots.
The map established by the Village Board showing the streets, highways and parks theretofore laid out, adopted and established by law and any amendments thereto adopted by the Village Board or additions thereto resulting from the approval of subdivision plats by the Village Board and the subsequent filing of such approval plats.[2]
The final map, drawing or chart on which the subdivision is presented to the Planning Board for approval and which, if approved, will be submitted to the County Clerk for recording.
The preliminary drawings indicating the proposed layout of the subdivision to be submitted to the Planning Board for consideration.
The current specifications of the New York State Department of Transportation.
A public or private thoroughfare which provides the principal means of access to abutting properties.
The division of any parcel of land into two or more lots, plots, sites or other division of land for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership or development, including resubdivision.
Editor's Note: See § 7-722 of the Village Law.
Editor's Note: See § 7-724 of the Village Law.