City of Beacon, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 12-20-2010 by L.L. No. 19-2010[1]]
The City Council of the City of Beacon finds that suitable public transportation is lacking within the City of Beacon and that transportation by taxicab within the city limits is an important and viable form of transportation for its residents and visitors. The City Council recognizes that § 151 of the New York State Transportation Law permits the municipal regulation of taxi service which is conducted wholly within municipal boundaries. Therefore, the City Council further finds that it is necessary to regulate and license a taxi service conducted wholly within the boundaries of the City of Beacon for the purpose of maintaining order, enforcing laws, protecting property, and caring for the safety, health, comfort, and general welfare of the inhabitants and visitors to the City of Beacon. This chapter does not seek to regulate, in any way, taxi service which is not conducted wholly within the City of Beacon's municipal boundaries, except that compliance with §§ 200-17 to 200-19 and 200-21 to 200-26 shall apply to all taxicabs operating in the City whether the fares be transported solely within the City or outside of the City.
Editor's Note: This local law also redesignated former §§ 200-1 through 200-27 as §§ 200-2 through 200-28.
Unless otherwise expressly stated, whenever used in this chapter, the following words shall have the meanings given to them by this section. Whenever used in this chapter, pronouns and other references to persons and entities shall be considered to include the masculine and the feminine, and the singular and the plural, as the sense and neutral application thereof shall require.
The Chief of Police of the City of Beacon, or the officer designated by him to perform the duties and carry out the responsibilities assigned to the Chief of Police hereunder, unless otherwise specified.
The City of Beacon, New York, unless otherwise specified.
Either a customer or passenger paying or for whom a charge has been paid to hire a lawfully licensed taxicab for transportation services under this chapter; or the charge so levied and lawfully incurred by such passenger, according to the sense thereof as used herein.
The metal plate, not exceeding six inches in diameter, which shall bear the taxicab license number of the vehicle.
Any person owning or having control of the use of one or more taxicabs used for hire upon the streets of the City or engaged in the business of operating a taxicab or a taxicab company in the City of Beacon.
A card on which is printed the tariff rates or fares charged for taxi service in the City as provided by this chapter.
Includes any street, alley, avenue, thoroughfare, court, bridge, lane or other public place in the City.
Includes any motor vehicle engaged in the business of carrying persons for hire, whether the same is operated from a street stand or subject to calls from a garage or otherwise operated for hire, except vehicles subject to the provisions of the Transportation Law and exempted thereby from the provisions of this chapter, or used by funeral homes or undertakers in carrying on their business.
Any person who drives a taxicab available for hire or under hire, whether such person is the owner or lessee of such taxicab or employed by or in contract with a taxicab owner, operator or lessor.
A license granted by the City to any otherwise qualified person to drive any licensed taxicab for hire or under hire upon the streets of the City.
A license granted by the City to any business or person to keep for hire any vehicle to be used as a taxicab in such City, each such license being specifically issued to one specified vehicle only.
Includes any place alongside the curb of a street or elsewhere which is exclusively reserved by the Chief of Police and/or by the codes and rules of the City for the use of taxicabs and specifically designated therefor, including, but not limited to, the Beacon Train Station.
One or more sheets of paper upon which the driver and/or operator records information pertaining to each trip carrying one or more paying passengers, as described in this chapter.
[Added 12-20-2010 by L.L. No. 19-2010]
[Amended 5-20-2013 by L.L. No. 10-2013]
No person or persons, firm, copartnership or corporation shall keep for hire or for use as owner or otherwise within the limits of the City of Beacon any taxicab or motor vehicle used for the purpose of carrying passengers for hire, collecting passengers for hire or operate the same along any street, avenue, or public place in the City of Beacon without having the same in charge of persons duly licensed as provided in this chapter. It shall also be unlawful for any person to operate or permit to be operated a taxicab upon the streets of the City of Beacon without first having obtained thereof a taxicab license as provided in this chapter. All such owners, drivers and other persons in charge or control of any such taxicab shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter.