Town of Boonton, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
An ordinance establishing a code to regulate and control the location, construction, use, maintenance and method of emptying or cleaning individual sewage disposal systems, or other places used for the reception or storage of human excrement, the issuance of permits and providing penalties for the violation thereof is hereby adopted. A copy of the code is annexed hereto and made a part hereof without the inclusion of the text herein.
The code established and adopted by this chapter is described and commonly known as the "Individual Sewage System Code of New Jersey (1963)."
Three copies of said Individual Sewage Disposal System Code of New Jersey (1963) have been placed on file in the office of the Health Officer of the Board of Health of the Town of Boonton upon the introduction of this chapter and will remain on file in said office for the use and examination by the public.
Realty improvements within the Town generally require the installation of sewage disposal systems or water supply systems under the provisions of the Realty Improvement Sewerage and Facilities Act (1954), P.L. 1954, Chapter 199, N.J.S.A. 58:11-23 et seq.
No building permit for any proposed new residence or other building requiring the installation of a sewage disposal system may be issued in the Town until the Board of Health shall have certified that the proposed sewerage facilities will comply with the requirements of the Act and any regulations promulgated thereunder.
Every application for certification by the Board of Health shall be in writing and shall include appropriate engineering information and date and must be supported by a signed statement by a duly qualified person that the proposed sewerage facilities are in compliance with the Act and regulations thereunder.
Any sewerage facilities installed in violation of the provisions of the Act is declared to be a nuisance subject to abatement by court order, and any person or corporation installing a sewage disposal system without complying with the Act, regulations thereunder or the terms and conditions of any application as approved by the Board of Health shall be subject to the penalty for each offense, and such person may be required to cease all work upon such system forthwith.
Repairs to existing structures. No existing individual sewage disposal system or other system or facility intended to receive human excrement or other putrescible wastes shall be repaired until a permit has been issued therefor upon application to the Board of Health.
All individual disposal permits shall expire one year after date of issue.
If any part of an individual disposal is located under a driveway or other area required to support unusual weight, a professional engineer of the State of New Jersey shall list the type of usage and certify to the system's safety.
Percolation tests; soil logs; metal tanks; abandoned tanks and pits; stoppage of work.
Percolation tests shall be witnessed by a member of the professional staff of the Boonton Board of Health.
Percolation tests must be conducted at the depth that a system will function.
A soil log must be 10 feet deep or to the depth of the system, whichever is greater.
All systems shall be designed in accordance with state standards.
Renovations to all existing systems shall be designed to provide for no less than 125 square feet per dwelling unit, or as stated in the code adopted by this chapter.
All systems, new or repaired, shall be inspected on site after evacuation of system and prior to installation; after insertion of filter material, but prior to backfilling; and after backfilling to check elevations prior to covering.
Metal tanks shall not be installed unless approval has been given by the Board or its agents.
All abandoned septic tanks and seepage pits shall be filled with earth or rock within 30 days after abandonment.
Stoppage of work. The Board of Health may order all further work in and about any individual sewage disposal system or water supply system, which is being erected or installed in violation of the Realty Improvement Sewerage and Facilities Act (1954) or any provision of this chapter, to be stopped forthwith, except such work as shall be necessary to remedy such violation of any of the provisions of the regulations, and after issuance of any such order and the service of a copy thereof upon any person connected with or working in and about the erection or installation of any such disposal system or water supply system, or any part thereof, no further work shall be done thereon except as aforesaid.
Scavengers. Any person, firm, corporation or company engaged in the operation of the business of collecting and disposing of liquid sewage, hereinafter referred to as "scavengers" must present to the Board of Health by March 1 of each and every year a list of all equipment and vehicles used in connection with the operation of the business. Following the submission of such a list, the Board, through its authorized representative, shall make an inspection of said equipment and vehicles, such inspection to be completed within 30 days after submission of the list.