Town of Boonton, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Every owner, lessee or occupant of a building or premises where any animal or fowl may be kept within the Town shall keep them at all times in a clean and healthy condition, free from accumulations of solid or liquid excrement, dung, soil or filth, and free from any condition where noxious or offensive odors may be present or emanate, and free from any condition which may breed flies or other insects.
No person shall continue to keep any animals or fowl in any building or upon any premises in the Town where the Board of Health may deem the keeping of animals or fowl detrimental to the public's health. In cases where conditions warrant the issuance of an order to discontinue the keeping of animals or fowl at a particular premises, the owner in charge of the animals or fowl shall remove them or cause them to be removed from the premises, within the time the Board may name in the notice; or in cases where immediate removal is deemed essential to public welfare, the Board or its duly authorized representative may require immediate compliance.
In any case of noncompliance with any special order of the Board with respect to removal of obnoxious animals or fowl, or in cases of inability to locate or identify the owner or other proper person for the serving of an order to remove offending animals or fowl, the Board or its duly authorized representative may arrange for the removal or destruction of the offending animals or fowl in such manner as is deemed appropriate and have the costs of such removal, maintenance or destruction paid for by the Board if the owner is unable or unwilling to promptly meet such costs himself. Any costs paid for by the Board shall be demanded from the responsible individual, and if not paid, may be collected by law in the name of the Board.
The owner or person in charge of any animal or fowl that shall die by accident or disease shall forthwith cause the carcass of the animal or fowl to be disposed of within 24 hours in a manner that is not prejudicial to the health and well-being of the community. If the dead animal was known or suspected to have been infected by rabies, the Board of Health shall be notified immediately and disposal arranged only as directed by the Board or its duly authorized representative. Disposal of carcasses of animals, the death of which was by accident or disease other than rabies, may be arranged privately through veterinarians, animal hospitals, or other responsible persons or services without notification to the Board; or residents of the Town having no other arrangements for proper disposal may and should request instructions of the Police Department of the Town as to the services of disposal available at such time.