Town of Fairfield, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No person shall plant, remove or prune any tree or shrub within the limits of any public street in the Town without first obtaining a written permit from the Town Tree Warden.
Application for a tree planting, removal or pruning permit shall be made, in writing, upon forms provided by the Tree Warden. The application shall set forth the size, species, type and location or proposed location of such tree or shrub, together with such further information as the Tree Warden may require. In passing upon such application, the Tree Warden shall consider the effect of the proposed planting, removal or pruning upon the present and future use, safety, maintenance and improvement of the public streets and, on the basis of such consideration, shall grant or deny the application. The Tree Warden may establish, from time to time, a reasonable fee for such application.
In issuing any permit under this Article II, the Tree Warden may set forth such conditions and limitations as he may think necessary or desirable; and the permittee shall observe such conditions and limitations as may be set forth by the Tree Warden.
If any person shall plant or remove a tree or shrub without a permit or in violation of the conditions and limitations of any such permit issued under this Article II, the Tree Warden may order the person planting or removing such tree or shrub or the owner of the property on which such planting or removing occurred to remove or replace the same at his own expense. If the person so ordered to remove such tree or shrub shall fail to do so within a period of 30 days after such order, the Tree Warden may cause the same to be removed or replaced and charge the expense thereof to the person to whom such order was given.