Ventnor City, NJ
Atlantic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Ventnor City as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Block parties — See Ch. 77.
Peddling and soliciting — See Ch. 173.
[Adopted 5-3-1990 by Ord. No. 9007; amended in its entirety 4-16-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-16]

§ 193-1 Legislative authorization.

The Board of Commissioners in the City of Ventnor City hereinafter authorizes the Board of Recreation to distribute and utilize a special event permit for:
Any non-City-sponsored exhibition, show, athletic contest, running race, bike-a-thon, entertainment, or other similar event sponsored by an organized group having a similar common purpose or goal, or any event held by an individual, and occurring on or proceeding along a public street, other public right-of-way, or public property, including parks or beaches, within the City of Ventnor. A copy of said application is attached to this article.[1]
Editor's Note: A copy of said application is on file in the City Clerk's office.
Any non-City-sponsored exhibition, show, athletic contest, running race, bike-a-thon, entertainment, or other similar event sponsored by an organized group having a similar common purpose or goal, or any event held by an individual or individuals for a private purpose, and occurring on private property such that it may impact on public safety or City services.
Any special event on City property sponsored by City government officials, departments, agencies, boards and commissions; provided, however, that unless otherwise directed by the Board of Recreation, such City entities shall not be required to pay the fees and charges set forth herein.
Large events.
[Added 4-20-2017 by Ord. No. 2017-08]
Any event which is defined as a "large event" shall be reviewed by the Mayor and Commissioners of the City of Ventnor who shall make a decision concerning said large event by taking any of the following actions:
Approving or denying the event;
Establishing conditions pursuant to which the event may be held;
Referring the event to the Board of Recreation to approve or deny the event.
A "large event" is defined as a non-City-sponsored event which meets any of the following criteria:
Will primarily be held on the waterways surrounding the City of Ventnor;
Is expected to have participants in a number greater than 100;
Is expected to have attendees in a number greater than 100;
Will cause street closures or traffic detours that cannot be addressed through the standard block party/street closure application.
A special event permit must be obtained for any large special event, whether or not the same will be held on City property or private property. The head of the Recreation Department and the Special Events Coordinator shall make the initial determination as to whether any event is considered a large event which must be reviewed by the Mayor and Commissioners.
The following fees are applicable regarding special events:
Application fee: $25.
Additional fee:
Type A events: $25/$50 nonresidents.
Type B events: $50 residents/$100 nonresidents.
Type C events: $100 residents/$200 nonresidents.
Type D events: $200 residents/$400 nonresidents.
Nonresidents shall be charged the resident rate for any events held on public land or facilities that are contained on the Green Acres Recreation and Open Space Inventory or that have been funded with State of New Jersey Green Acres funding.
Beach party permit fee:
One to 50 attendees: $250.
Fifty: one to 100 attendees: $350.
Over 101 attendees: $400.
Boardwalk permit fee: $250.
Fishing pier fee: $100.
Block party application fee: $25.
Basketball/tennis court or other sport field rental: $200.
Police detail: current rate.
Fire/EMS two-man crew (minimum three hours): $85 per hour.
OEM (minimum three hours): $85 per hour.
Lifeguards: $100/per guard.
Dispatchers: $65 per hour.
Public Works/water and sewer/sign shop employee (minimum three hours): $65 per hour.
Code Enforcement/Inspections employees (minimum three hours): $65 per hour.
Fire code application fees:
Type 1: $42.
Type 2: $166.
Type 3: $331.
Type 4: $497.
Dumpster and disposal: ACUA rate.
Trash cans: $20 per can.
Motor broom: $80 per vehicle.
Front end loader: $60 per vehicle.
Bucket truck: $65 per vehicle.
Lift truck: $65 per vehicle.
Beach tractor: $75 per vehicle.
Dump truck: $50 per vehicle.
Pickup truck: $30 per vehicle.
Weed whacker/blower: $10 per each piece.
Mower: $50 per each piece.
Barricade/cones: $10 per item.
Police vehicle (per vehicle per day): $75.
Ambulance (per vehicle per day): $100.
High wheel vehicle (per vehicle per day): $150.
Life guard boat (per day): $45.
ATV (per vehicle per day): $60.
Jet ski (per vehicle per day): $55.
Electronic message board (per sign): $100.

§ 193-2 Application for permit.

The special events application must be filled out and received by the Director of Recreation of the City of Ventnor at least 60 days prior to the date upon which the event is proposed to commence. The application shall be disseminated to and reviewed by the Board of Recreation, Chief of Police, Chief of the Fire Department, Director Code Enforcement, Director of Public Works, and Emergency Management Coordinator, or his/her designee. The review period for the aforementioned individuals shall be 15 days. At the meeting of the Board of Recreation immediately subsequent to the expiration of the fifteen-day review period, the Board of Recreation shall vote on the permit, based upon the recommendations of the aforementioned individuals. The Board of Recreation may waive the minimum sixty-day filing period and accept an application filed no less than 30 days before the event, if, after due consideration of the date, time, place and nature of the special event, the anticipated number of participants, the City services required in connection with the event, and consultation with the Chief of Police, said Board determines that the waiver will not present a hazard to public safety. All applications are subject to approval as to feasibility by City departments when deemed necessary.
In addition to the health, safety, and welfare of the public, the standards for the issuance of a permit shall include but not be limited to:
The time, size and location of the special event will not disrupt, to an unreasonable extent, the movement of traffic throughout the City.
Whether the special event is of a size or nature that would require the diversion of so great a number of police officers of the City that reasonable police protection would be denied to the City.
The special event will not interfere with another event for which a special event permit has already been issued.
The conduct of the special event is not reasonably likely to cause injury to persons or property, to provoke disorderly conduct, or create a disturbance.
The conduct of the special event, or its location, will not interfere with the movement and response of firefighters and their equipment, police or ambulance services.
The time, size and location of the special event will not cause undue hardship to adjacent residences or businesses.
The application for a special event shall set forth the following information:
The name, address, and telephone number of the individual, organization or entity seeking to conduct such special event.
The names, addresses and telephone numbers of the organization for which the special event is to be conducted, if any, and the authorized and responsible heads of the organization.
If the purpose of the event includes fundraising for any charity or nonprofit purpose, the name of the charity or nonprofit organization, as well as a disclosure as to the percentage or amounts or proceeds to be raised from the special event to be donated to the charity after costs are deducted.
A statement as to whether any admission or participation fee will be charged for the event and the amount thereof.
The type of special event, including a description of activities planned during the event.
The requested date and location of the special event.
The hours when such special event will start and terminate.
The estimated number of persons who will attend the special event.
A statement as to whether the special event will occupy any portion of thoroughfare.
A statement as to whether any music or amplified sound will be provided, including the location and types of all loudspeakers and amplifying devices to be used as well as a concise statement of the type of communication that will be amplified.
A designation of any public facilities or equipment to be utilized.
The type, size, description, and location of any signs to be erected in connection with the event.
If buses are required to transfer passengers to the site of the permit area or if trucks are required for delivery to the site, written application, including license number, make and year of vehicle, must be submitted with said application.
Portable toilets must be provided by the permittee. The application shall include copies of contracts for these services. If the event takes place within regular business hours, an on-site City employee attendee must be provided by the applicant to supervise public rest rooms at a rate to be charged in accordance with the current schedule of the Board of Recreation Commissioners.

§ 193-3 General conditions.

All activities relating to permits granted under this article must be contained within the limits specified in the application for the special event.
Any permit, including those for a one-day event, may include authority for a rain date if needed.
A permit, if granted, is not transferable and is authorized solely as to the applicant for the event said application concerns.
Vehicle permits for street parking must be obtained from the office of the Chief of Police.
All persons who are granted permits must provide their own supervision and persons to clean up after the event.
A meeting may be required with the Board of Recreation Commission prior to the issuance of the permit.
To obtain permission to use a building, a permit must be obtained from the Ventnor City Board of Commissioners.
If police security is required or determined to be necessary by the Chief of Police of the City of Ventnor, the applicant shall be required to pay for said police and security.
If it is determined by the Board of Recreation that additional materials or personnel costs shall be required for the purpose of maintaining the general health, safety and welfare of attendees or participants in the special event or the community in general, the City reserves the right to require reimbursement of such costs. In addition, the City shall be entitled to reimbursement for actual costs for personnel, goods, equipment and/or services. If reimbursement is required, the permittee shall deposit with the City Clerk a sum of money to be determined by the Board of Recreation to be a reasonable estimate of the costs required. The City Clerk shall advise the applicant, in advance and in writing, as to when the deposit is required. Any balance due shall be provided within 30 days of receipt of the bill. A refund will be provided upon verification of overpayment for staff, goods, equipment and/or services.
Any and all beach parties shall comply with the requirements of this section, as well as the rules and regulations as established by resolution dealing with beach parties pursuant to Ventnor City Ordinances § 72-6Q.
For any and all events where alcohol is to be served or dispensed, the applicant must obtain appropriate approvals and permits from the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. No glass containers of any kind are permitted.
For any and all events where food is to be prepared, served or dispensed, the applicant must obtain appropriate approvals and permits from the Atlantic County Board of Health. No open fires of any kind are permitted.
If tents are required or amusements are being used, they shall be inspected by the appropriate local, state and federal agencies.
Any authorized signs in connection with a properly approved special event shall be erected no earlier than two weeks prior to the event and removed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event.

§ 193-4 Prohibitions.

Solicitation shall be prohibited.
No vehicles are to be permitted on the Boardwalk.
No special event permit shall authorize the sale or other distribution of an alcoholic beverage in any area of the beach leased from the City without the express prior written consent of the lessee.
No special event permit shall authorize vending, other than one issued pursuant to Ventnor City Ordinances Chapter 173.

§ 193-5 Insurance and indemnity requirements.

The City of Ventnor City shall require, as a condition of the issuance of a permit, and the organizer shall furnish evidence of a public liability insurance policy in an amount not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit, per occurrence and in the aggregate, covering personal injury and property damage, issued by an insurance company authorized to do business in the State of New Jersey. The insurance policy shall be endorsed to the City of Ventnor City, with the City, its elected and appointed boards, officers, agents, and employees named as additional insured, and shall provide that any other insurance maintained by the City shall be in excess of and not contributing with the insurance coverage provided to the City under the organizer's policy.
The organizer shall also be required to sign an indemnity agreement in a form approved by the Ventnor City Solicitor which shall expressly provide that the organizer agrees to defend, protect, indemnify and hold harmless the City, its officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, damages, expenses, loss or liability of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of, or resulting from, the alleged acts or omissions of the organizer, participants, its officers, agents or employees in connection with the permitted event or activity; and the permit shall expressly provide that the organizer shall, at organizer's own cost, risk and expense, defend any and all claims or legal actions that may be commenced or filed against the City, its officers, agents, participants or employees, and that the organizer shall pay any settlement entered into and shall satisfy any judgment that may be rendered against the City, its officers, agents or employees as a result of the alleged acts or omissions of the organizer or organizer's officers, agents, participants or employees in connection with the uses, events or activities under the permit.

§ 193-6 Fees.

Fees will be charged in accordance with the current schedule of the Board of Recreation Commissioners.
The following Ventnor City organizations shall be granted a waiver of all fees:
All houses of worship situated in Ventnor City.
All Ventnor City scout troops and/or packs.
All Ventnor City armed forces veterans' associations.
All Ventnor City-sponsored events.
All Ventnor City governmental departments or employee associations.

§ 193-7 Violations and penalties.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this article shall, upon conviction thereof in the Municipal Court of Ventnor City, be punished by a fine no less than $100 and not to exceed $1,000 or by a term not exceeding 90 days in the county jail, or both. In addition to or as a substitute for the previously mentioned fine, the imposition of community service shall be authorized as an additional penalty, which community service shall not exceed 90 days.