Ventnor City, NJ
Atlantic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Ventnor City 5-19-2005 by Ord. No. 2005-11. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Mercantile licensing — See Ch. 149.

§ 205-1 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
The City of Ventnor City.
Any person who operates a taxicab.
Transporting, or accepting for transport, one or more passengers for hire by a taxicab from one point within City limits to another point within or from a point within City limits to a point outside of the City limits. The operation of a taxicab by a driver other than the owner of said cab shall be deemed to be operation by the owner as well as by the person actually driving said cab.
An individual who is the named titled holder of a taxicab registered with the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles and is listed as the owner of the taxicab in the Ventnor City application for taxicab owner license. Owner and holder are one and the same.
Includes any Ventnor City street, avenue, park, highway or public roadway, whether or not same is paved or unimproved.
A motor vehicle commonly called a "taxi" or "cab" which is used, offered or advertised for use for the common carriage and conveyance of passengers for hire from any place within the City to any other place within or outside of Ventnor City.

§ 205-2 Type of license; restrictions.

Taxicab owner license. A Ventnor City mercantile license issued to the individual named as titled owner of a vehicle registered with New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles whose application for a license has been approved pursuant to this chapter. Said license shall entitle the designated vehicle equipped as a taxicab to pick up passengers within the City's limits and to otherwise lawfully operate until said license is expired or suspended or forfeited. The City may limit the total number of licenses to be issued. Each vehicle must obtain a separate license, and at no time may a license be transferred, rented out, sold, or subleased by the owner.

§ 205-3 License application requirements.

All applications for a taxicab owner license and each renewal thereof shall be in writing on a form established by the City Clerk.
Completed applications shall be filed in person with the City Clerk who shall submit the application to the Chief of Police or his designee for approval. No application shall be deemed to be complete without proof that the applicant is at least 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States of America or a lawful resident of the United States. No license will be issued by the City Clerk until the police investigation is completed and all requirements of this chapter have been met.
The application for a taxicab owner license must be completed and presented in person by the owner of the vehicle registered with the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles. The owner must possess a valid photo New Jersey driver's license which must be current at the time of application. The applicant shall be required to complete and provide documented proof of the following:
Name, date of birth, place of birth, social security and federal ID number and legal address of New Jersey residence.
New Jersey motor vehicle registration, serial number, make, model and year of vehicle, State of New Jersey insurance identification card with insurance policy declaration page and applicant's New Jersey operator license.
An official certified abstract of driving record showing violations over the preceding five years must be obtained by applicant and submitted before an initial or renewal application will be processed.
All applications must contain a phone number where the applicant can be reached on a twenty-four-hour emergency basis. It shall be the burden of the applicant to continually inform the City of Ventnor as to any changes in said emergency telephone number.
All applications shall be filed in the City Clerk's office. No application will be accepted for processing unless completed in its entirety and signed with all documents attached.

§ 205-4 Insurance requirements.

The original application for a taxicab owner license and each renewal submitted to the City Clerk shall be accompanied by proof of insurance coverage showing the prepaid premium written by an insurance company duly licensed by the State of New Jersey. Said insurance policy shall be in the minimum amount stated on the application and shall name the City of Ventnor as additional insured and shall include the provision that in the event of cancellation of the policy for any reason, a thirty-day notice of cancellation shall be given to the City of Ventnor.
When a vehicle insurance policy expires subsequent to the issuance of the license, the owner must present the new insurance card, policy cover sheet and declaration page to the City Clerk. All taxi operation shall be considered suspended until such required proof of valid insurance is submitted. The taxicab owner license shall be forfeited immediately upon any lapse in insurance coverage.

§ 205-5 Refusal of license; revocation or suspension.

The City may refuse to issue a license to any person who submits an application containing false or misleading information or presents any fraudulent document. The City may suspend or revoke any license operating in violation of the provisions of this chapter.

§ 205-6 Display and filing of fares; conveyance of passengers.

Each taxicab shall prominently display in its interior the schedule of rates and fares to be charged. Rates and fares charged by Ventnor taxicabs may be less than but not exceed the rates set by the City of Atlantic City. Each taxi owner shall file the schedule of rates and fares with the City Clerk.
No taxicab driver shall accept an additional passenger unless requested by the first passenger employing said taxi.
The licensed owner shall require each driver to maintain a separate trip log sheet confirming the license plate of the taxi, the driver's name and driver's license number and shall include the time and place of a passenger acceptance and the time and place of discharge. All records must be kept for at least one year and shall be open at all times for inspection by any duly authorized law enforcement officer.

§ 205-7 Taxicab driver identification.

Each taxicab shall have on the outside of the taxicab, on both sides thereof, the word "taxi," "cab" or "taxicab" in letters at least four inches in height, as well as a name under which the owner is operating the said vehicle.
Each taxicab shall affix in an interior spot convenient to the passengers a card at least three inches by five inches in size, with the name of the owner, the license plate number of the car and the year of issuance.
Each driver of a taxicab shall have displayed, in a prominent place in the interior of the taxicab, the individual taxicab driver's name with a photo of the driver affixed thereto which shall be of such size and placement that the driver is clearly recognized by photo identification.
For uninterrupted operation, the holder of a taxicab owner license shall apply for the annual July 1 renewal, prior to the last week of May. If said license renewal is approved, the City of Ventnor will issue an insignia which shall be placed for external identification on the passenger's side window behind the driver.

§ 205-8 Responsibilities of drivers and owners.

No holder of a taxicab owner license shall dispatch a vehicle for hire that is not currently licensed by this City.
No holder of a taxicab owner license shall permit a suspended or unlicensed operator to drive his taxi or permit anyone to use his taxi, garage or office for any unlawful purpose.
No holder of a taxicab owner license shall knowingly conceal any evidence of crime connected with any taxicab, garage or office of record.
Any person holding a taxicab owner license in the City of Ventnor shall comply with all provisions of this chapter as well as all other laws, rules or regulations governing taxicabs.
It is the responsibility of the applicant for the taxicab owner license to submit any changes in information contained on the initial application to the City Clerk within five days.

§ 205-9 Fees.

The fee for operating a taxicab in Ventnor City is set forth in Chapter 149, Mercantile Licensing, § 149-5, Fees, Taxicab owner license, each cab. The license shall be effective from the date of issuance until the following June 30.
The fee to be charged for an owner vehicle replacement, after the annual taxicab owner license has been issued, is set forth in Chapter 149, Mercantile Licensing, § 149-5, Fees, Taxicab, vehicle information change administrative fee.

§ 205-10 Nonexemption from state law.

Nothing stated herein or omitted from this chapter shall be construed to exempt any person owning or operating a taxicab from compliance with New Jersey statutes applicable to vehicle operation.

§ 205-11 Investigation of applicants.

No application for a taxicab owner license or renewal thereof shall be approved until the applicant has completed and submitted all required documents and the Chief of Police or his designee has completed the required investigation pursuant to this chapter.

§ 205-12 Penalties for unlicensed drivers and owners.

It is the intent of the City of Ventnor City that any individual issued a taxicab owner license shall be subject to the provisions and penalties of this chapter as though they were the driver.
In the event that a driver of a licensed taxicab is found guilty of operating without a valid New Jersey driver's license or operating with a suspended license in this state or any state, the owner of that taxicab shall forfeit the Ventnor taxicab owner license.

§ 205-13 Limitation on number of licenses issued.

A maximum of 15 taxicab owner licenses will be issued.

§ 205-14 Disposition of licenses surrendered.

When a license is surrendered or revoked, the City shall have the option of retiring said license in order to lessen the maximum number to be issued.
In the event the City deems a taxicab owner license available, the new applicant shall pay the full annual fee. No reduction shall be given for any portion of the year already expired at the time of the application for said license.

§ 205-15 Commercial place of business required for dispatch.

Taxicab dispatch operations may not be operated from or located on residential property. A dispatch operation must be licensed in a commercial district.

§ 205-16 Parking of taxicabs on streets.

No taxicab shall be parked upon any street except for the purpose of picking up or dropping off passengers. This section is specifically intended to prevent the parking of taxicabs in the City of Ventnor in any district, whether it be residential or commercial, except for the stated purpose of picking up or dropping off passengers.

§ 205-17 Violations and penalties; forfeiture of license upon repeated violations.

Every person or persons found guilty in a Municipal Court of competent jurisdiction of violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be liable to pay a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $1,000 or be imprisoned for a period not to exceed 90 days, or both. Each succeeding day of violation may be construed as a new violation. In addition to or as a substitute for the previously mentioned fine, the imposition of community service shall be authorized as an additional penalty, which community service shall not exceed 90 days.
One violation of this chapter in a period of one year may entitle the City of Ventnor to hold a hearing to determine whether any taxicab owner license should be suspended, revoked or forfeited.