Town of Bar Harbor, ME
Hancock County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town of Bar Harbor 3-18-1974, effective 1-1-1975; amended in its entirety 6-8-2010, effective 7-1-2010. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I Grants of Power to the Town

§ C-1 Incorporation.

§ C-2 Powers.

§ C-3 Construction.

§ C-4 Intergovernmental relations.

Article II Town Meetings

§ C-5 Annual and Special Town Meetings.

§ C-6 Powers and responsibilities.

Article III The Town Council

§ C-7 Composition, eligibility, election and terms.

§ C-8 Salary.

§ C-9 Chair and Vice Chair.

§ C-10 General powers and duties.

§ C-11 Prohibitions.

§ C-12 Vacancies; forfeiture of office.

§ C-13 Judge of qualifications.

§ C-14 Procedure.

§ C-15 Ordinances in general.

§ C-16 Emergency ordinances.

§ C-17 Authentication, recording, codification and printing.

Article IV The Town Manager

§ C-18 Appointments; qualifications; compensation.

§ C-19 Removal.

§ C-20 Acting Town Manager.

§ C-21 Powers and duties of the Town Manager.

Article V Administrative Organization

§ C-22 General administration.

§ C-23 Personnel administration.

§ C-24 Assessor.

§ C-25 Town Attorney.

§ C-26 Superintending School Committee.

Article VI Financial Procedures

§ C-27 Fiscal year.

§ C-28 Budget divisions.

§ C-29 Operating budget.

§ C-30 Capital improvement program.

§ C-30-A Proprietary Budget.

§ C-31 Preparation and submission of the budget.

§ C-32 Transfer of appropriations.

§ C-33 Definitions.

Article VII Warrant Committee

§ C-34 Nomination and election.

§ C-35 Organization.

§ C-36 Duties and responsibilities.

§ C-37 Meetings public.

§ C-38 Compliance.

Article VIII Elections and Nominations

§ C-39 Elections.

§ C-40 Nominations.

§ C-41 (Reserved)

§ C-42 Moderator.

Article IX Initiative and Referendum

§ C-43 General authority.

§ C-44 Commencement of proceedings; petitioners' committee; affidavit.

§ C-45 Petitions.

§ C-46 Procedure after filing.

§ C-47 Referendum petitions; suspension of effect of ordinance.

§ C-48 Action on petitions.

§ C-49 Results of election.

Article X General Provisions

§ C-50 Elected officers; term.

§ C-51 Swearing in officers.

§ C-52 (Reserved)

§ C-53 Personal financial interest.

§ C-54 Prohibitions.

§ C-55 Separability.

Article XI Transitional Provisions

§ C-56 Time of taking full effect - Charter Modification.

§ C-57 through § C-61. (Reserved)

§ C-62 Pending matters.

§ C-63 State and municipal laws.