City of Camden, NJ
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Camden 8-28-1980 as Ord. No. MC-1650; amended in its entirety 6-23-1983 by Ord. No. MC-1964.
Editor's Note: Ordinance No. MC-1964 contained the following findings in its preface:
"1. The City Council of the City of Camden recognizes its legal and moral obligation to promote and preserve the economic well-being of all citizens of the City of Camden; and
"2. The City Council of the City of Camden, in viewing the present economic conditions which confront minority citizens within the City of Camden, and said minority citizens make up a significant portion of the population of the City of Camden; and
"3. The present economic conditions nationwide do affect, in an adverse fashion, the economic well-being and status of minority citizens of the City of Camden in such a way as to elevate the amount of unemployment within the City of Camden above the levels that exist county-wide and statewide; and
"4. The City Council of the City of Camden has been informed that unemployment statewide is 8.1% and county-wide is 7.6%. The unemployment figures for the City of Camden, as given to the City Council by the Department of Labor of the United States, are 11.5%. However, at the last figures recorded by the State of New Jersey Department of Labor, Affirmative Action Office, unemployment among Black Americans was 18.4% and unemployment among Hispanic-Americans was 15.6%. The latter figures as to Black and Hispanic unemployment were as of the end of 1977, and the Department of Labor has informed the City Council of the City of Camden that these particular figures have increased significantly, making the problem of unemployment even more grave than that which existed when the figures where compiled; and
"5. The City Council of the City of Camden, by the adoption of an Affirmative Action Program, seeks to relieve the problem of unemployment among its residents and citizens and seeks to promote the growth of minority involvement in construction and obtaining contracts for minority-owned business; and "6. The City of Camden, in concert with the State of New Jersey and the Federal Government, supports the concept of seeking to grant a definite portion of all construction-trade-related contracts and jobs, funded by local, state and/or federal moneys, to minority contractors and employees; and
"WHEREAS the current unemployment figure for the City of Camden, as reported by the New Jersey Department of Labor, is 19.1%;"
Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]

Administration of government — See Ch. 5.

Personnel policies of City — See Ch. 82.

Word Usage (§ 12-1) 

Review Council and Affirmative Action Officer (§ 12-2 — § 12-9) 

Hiring Goals (§ 12-10 — § 12-12) 

Minority Business Enterprise Goals (§ 12-13 — § 12-14) 

Developer/Contractor to Ensure Compliance (§ 12-15 — § 12-21) 

Preaward Conference (§ 12-22 — § 12-23) 

Reporting Requirements (§ 12-24 — § 12-29) 

Criteria for Determining Good Faith Efforts (§ 12-30 — § 12-32) 

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Outreach and Training (§ 12-42 — § 12-43)