City of Camden, NJ
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Camden 12-9-1971 as Art. 5 of Ch. 5 of the Revised Ordinances; amended in its entirety 11-24-1982 by Ord. No. MC-1910. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]

Alcoholic beverages — See Ch. 129.

Circuses and exhibitions — See Ch. 180.

Dancers — See Ch. 228.

Places of public entertainment — See Ch. 231.

Licenses and business regulations — See Ch. 332.

Retail food establishments — See Ch. 448.

§ 205-1

§ 205-2
Notice of license application.  

§ 205-3
Hearing upon written objection by resident to application.  

§ 205-4
Issuance or denial after hearing.  

§ 205-5
Premises to comply and be safe and sanitary.  

§ 205-6
Ability to provide adequate security required. 

§ 205-7

§ 205-8
Alcoholic beverages. 

§ 205-9
Temporary licenses for certain organizations.  

§ 205-10
Maintenance; passageways to be lit. 

§ 205-11
Vacation of premises for violations.  

§ 205-12
Hours of operation. 

§ 205-13
Failure to comply. 

§ 205-14
Violations and penalties. 

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:

Shall not apply to exhibitions or performances in which the persons paying for admission or other members of the general public do not participate.
Any dance to which admission can be had, either with or without the payment of a fee, not including the operation of any restaurant, tavern or similar establishment in which dancing may be merely incidental to other operations; nor shall it include any private social gathering held by any fraternal, charitable, religious or educational organization and limited to members thereof, where such organization does not have, as a primary purpose, the sponsoring or holding of such social gatherings.
Any room, space or place in which a public dance is held.
[Amended 12-8-1983 by Ord. No. MC-1994]

A copy of the license application shall be served by the applicant upon the owners of all real property located within 50 feet of the location at which such public dance shall be held, together with a notice indicating that any written objections to such proposed public dance may be filed with the Division of Inspections on a date specified therein, which shall not be more than 20 days nor less than 10 days after service of the notice. Service of such notice shall be made either by handing a copy thereof to said property owners or by leaving a copy thereof at their usual place of abode or by registered mail, return receipt requested. In addition, such notice shall be posted in at least three public places located within 500 feet of the proposed location of such public dance, such posting to take place not more than 20 nor less than 10 days prior to the date specified for filing objections with the Division of Inspections. In addition, during such specified period, a copy of the application and notice shall be published in a newspaper authorized by law for the publication of legal advertisements.

[Amended 12-8-1983 by Ord. No. MC-1994]

In the event that any written objections are filed, the Division of Inspections shall schedule a public hearing on such public application, giving at least seven days' notice thereof to the applicant and to all persons filing written objections.

[Amended 12-8-1983 by Ord. No. MC-1994]

Within 10 days after the public hearing, if objections have been filed, or within 10 days after the last day for the filing of objections, if none have been filed, the Division of Inspections shall either issue the requested license or shall forward to the applicant the reasons for the denial of the application.

[Amended 12-8-1983 by Ord. No. MC-1994]

No license shall be issued under this chapter unless the premises sought to be licensed comply with and conform to all federal and state laws and the ordinances and regulations of the City and are properly ventilated, supplied with sufficient toilet conveniences and are in the judgment of the Division of Inspections, a safe and proper place for the purposes for which they are to be used.

[Amended 4-9-1987 by Ord. No. MC-2289]

As a condition of issuance of a license under this chapter, the applicant must demonstrate the ability to provide adequate security for the duration of any dance to be held. Such application shall be referred to the Chief of Police, who shall make recommendations with regard to the requirements of this chapter.

No licensee shall operate, conduct or carry on, or permit to be operated, conducted or carried on, in or about any building, grounds or other place licensed under this chapter, any game of chance or gambling device or devices.

Editor's Note: For related provisions, see Ch. 129, Alcoholic Beverages.

No alcoholic beverages shall be sold, served, delivered or consumed, nor shall any licensee suffer or permit the sale, service, delivery or consumption of any alcoholic beverages, upon the premises licensed under this chapter, directly or indirectly, before, during or after any amusement activity open to the public, provided that this section shall not apply to premises licensed pursuant to N.J.S.A. 33:1-1 et seq. and the provisions of this Code implementing N.J.S.A. 33:1-1 et seq.

[Amended 12-8-1983 by Ord. No. MC-1994]

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, the Division of Inspections may issue special one-night permits to any fraternal, social, charitable, religious or educational organization to sponsor any public dance, either at any public dance hall licensed hereunder or at some other place in the City, to be designated in said permit.

All public dance halls shall be, at all times, kept in a clean and sanitary condition, and all rooms, stairways and other passages used in connection therewith shall be kept sanitary and well lighted.

[Amended 12-8-1983 by Ord. No. MC-1994]

It shall be the duty of the Division of Inspections to order and cause any dance hall or place where any public dance is held to be vacated whenever, in its judgment, any provision of this chapter is being violated therein, whenever indecent acts shall be permitted therein or whenever any disorder shall take place therein.

Dancing shall not be permitted to continue in any public dance hall, building or place between 3:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. of any day. This prohibition shall apply to licensees, attendants and patrons.

[Added 4-9-1987 by Ord. No. MC-2289]

It shall be unlawful for any person, as defined in § 332-1, to engage in the activity identified and regulated by this chapter, without first having obtained a license therefor and paid the fee required for such license, both as provided in Chapter 332, Licenses and Business Regulations. Any person engaging in such activity who shall fail to comply with any provision of this chapter or of Chapter 332 shall be in violation of the provisions of this chapter.

[Added 4-9-1987 by Ord. No. MC-2289]

Unless otherwise provided in the chapter, penalties against persons violating the provisions of this chapter shall be imposed in accordance with the provisions of § 1-16A.

[Amended 10-12-2006 by Ord. No. MC-4234]


A separate offense shall be deemed committed on each and every day for each and every violation of this chapter.


A separate offense shall be deemed committed on each day during or on which a violation or violations occur or continue.


The imposition of a fine or imprisonment as punishment for a violation of any provision of this chapter shall not be deemed to be in lieu of any provision of this chapter or of Chapter 332 providing for revocation or suspension of any license issued under this chapter and Chapter 332.