City of Camden, NJ
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Camden 12-9-1971 as Ch. 23 of the Revised Ordinances. Amendments noted where applicable.]

Construction codes — See Ch. 190.

Housing standards — See Ch. 295.

Motels and hotels — See Ch. 355.

Noise — See Ch. 371.

Recreation — See Ch. 390.

Water — See Ch. 564.

Zoning — See Ch. 577.

§ 498-1

§ 498-2
Preexisting pools. 

§ 498-3
Interpretation; effect on other provisions. 

§ 498-4
Compliance required. 

§ 498-5
Pools requiring permits. 

§ 498-6
Application and permit. 

§ 498-7
Approval of Department of Human Services.  

§ 498-8
Action on application. 

§ 498-9
Permit fee. 

§ 498-10
Location of pool. 

§ 498-11
Materials durable and waterproof. 

§ 498-12
Color of interior. 

§ 498-13
Sides and bottom free of cracks and joints. 

§ 498-14

§ 498-15
Sand and earth. 

§ 498-16
Sanitary regulations.  

§ 498-17
Fence or wall to enclose. 

§ 498-18
Lighting and electrical fixtures. 

§ 498-19
Appeals and variances. 

§ 498-20
Violations and penalties. 

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:

Accepted or acceptable under acceptable specifications stated in this chapter or accepted or suitable for the proposed use under the procedures and powers of administration delegated in this chapter.
Includes the constructing or building or installing of a new swimming pool or the enlarging of any existing swimming pool or any of the facilities.
Any pool of permanent construction, designed, used and maintained for swimming or bathing purposes, and includes all buildings, structures, equipment and appurtenances thereto.

The application of the provisions of this chapter to a permanently installed swimming pool constructed prior to April 28, 1960, shall be as follows:


Such pool shall not be subject to the requirements pertaining to distances of pool from boundary lines as provided herein, unless an enlargement of facilities is sought.


Such pool shall be exempt from the requirements pertaining to permits and fees applicable to the Building Inspector only, unless an enlargement of facilities is sought.


Such pool, however, shall be subject to all the provisions and regulations relating to safety and sanitation contained herein. The owner of such pool shall have the right of appeal provided by § 498-19.

The provisions of this chapter shall be interpreted to be the minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare. Where the provisions of this chapter impose greater restrictions than those of any statute or of any other ordinance or regulation of the City, the provisions of this chapter shall be controlling. Where the provisions of any statute or of any other ordinance or regulation impose greater restrictions than this chapter, the provisions of such statute or other ordinance or regulation shall be controlling.

No person shall construct, install or maintain a swimming pool used in conjunction with the operation of hotels or motels in the City without complying with the provisions of this chapter.

No person shall construct any permanent and stationary-type swimming pool used in conjunction with the operation of hotels or motels without having first obtained a permit therefor.


Every application for a construction permit shall be made to the Building Inspector of the City and shall be executed in duplicate.


Such permit shall disclose the method proposed to dispose of the wastewater from the swimming pool.


Such permit shall be accompanied by:


A duplicate set of the plans and specifications for the proposed swimming pool, showing and covering all auxiliary structures and appurtenances related thereto.


A plot plan, in duplicate, showing the property lines of the land upon which the proposed swimming pool is to be constructed, installed or located, all existing structures thereon, the specific location and dimensions of the proposed pool and auxiliary structures, the distance of the pool from the main building thereon and the distance from the property lines and abutting streets.


A clear description, in duplicate, of the fence or other enclosure proposed to surround the swimming pool, the type of material to be used, the height thereof and the number of gates or doors.


The construction permit fee in the amount set forth in § 498-9.

[Amended 8-13-1981 by Ord. No. MC-1766]

Upon the filing of an application for a construction permit as provided by § 498-6, the Building Inspector shall forthwith file the duplicate application and accompanying plans and specifications with the Department of Human Services for its recommendations and approval.

Within 30 days after receiving an application for a construction permit as provided by § 498-6, the Building Inspector shall:


Approve the application as submitted and cause the permit to be issued;


Approve the application subject to any correction, modification or additional information required to be furnished to assure proper compliance with the provisions of this chapter and, upon receipt of an application so amended, cause the permit to be issued; or


Reject the application when it is determined by the Building Inspector that a permit should not be issued because the application or investigation reveals that the proposed swimming pool does not meet the requirements of this chapter or does not meet the applicable provisions of the building standards,

Editor's Note: See Ch. 190, Construction Codes, Uniform.
Zoning Ordinance,
Editor's Note: See Ch. 577, Zoning and Land Use.
health ordinances
Editor's Note: See Ch. 285, Health.
and other ordinances of the City or state statutes and codes. In case of such rejection, an appeal therefor shall be made available to the applicant in the manner provided by § 498-19.


The fee for a permit to install a new swimming pool of permanent or stationary-type construction or for the enlargement of such an existing pool shall be $10.


The fee provided in Subsection A of this section is intended to defray the cost of processing the application and inspection of the site before and after issuance of the permit.

No swimming pool shall:


Be constructed, installed, located, maintained or operated within 15 feet of any property line or on any land unless there is a main building also located thereon.


Be located less than 25 feet from the front street line.

All material used in the construction of a swimming pool licensed hereunder shall be durable quality and waterproof and so designed as to facilitate its emptying and cleaning.

The bottom and sides of the pool shall be either white or a light color, except that aluminum paint shall not be used as a finish.

Pool sides and bottom shall be smooth and free from cracks and open joints.

Inlet shall be so located and spaced as to secure satisfactory dispersion of inflowing waters throughout the pool and to permit the draining, cleaning and disinfection of the bottom and sides.

Sand or earth shall not be used.

[Amended 8-13-1981 by Ord. No. MC-1766]

In addition to the provisions of this chapter, the construction, installation, maintenance and operation of any swimming pool shall be subject to the regulations and standards provided by the Department of Human Services pertaining to the following matters:


Construction, installation and maintenance of equipment for chlorinating, disinfecting and filtering.


Physical connection between potable water supply system and pool.


Physical, chemical and bacterial quality of the pool water.


The method of discharging wastewater.


Swimming pools shall also be subject to any other sanitary regulations provided or to be provided by the Department of Human Services.


Every swimming pool shall be completely surrounded by a fence or wall of substantial construction, not less than eight feet in height, which shall be so constructed as not to have openings, holes or gaps larger than two inches in dimension, except for doors and gates. The main building or auxiliary building may be used as part of such enclosure.


Said fence or wall enclosure shall be so designed and constructed as reasonable to prevent any person from gaining access beneath, through or over the same and shall be provided with one or more substantial gates or doors of the same height as the fence or wall enclosure.


Every gate or door opening through such enclosure shall be equipped with a self-closing and self-latching device capable of keeping such gate or door securely closed.


It shall be deemed that there is sufficient compliance with this section when the entire property is completely enclosed by a fence and gate of the type above mentioned.


No artificial lighting shall be maintained or operated in connection with any swimming pool, presently constructed or installed or hereafter to be constructed or installed, in such a manner as to be a nuisance or an annoyance to the neighboring properties or the occupants thereof.


Electrical fixtures, wiring and installation thereof used in connection with the swimming pool shall conform to the standards of the National Board of Fire Underwriters for electrical wiring and apparatus.

Editor's Note: For related provisions, see Ch. 190, Construction Codes, Uniform.


On appeal from the denial of any permit as set forth in §§ 498-7 and 498-8, the Council may, by resolution, grant a variance consistent with public safety and the general provisions and intent of this chapter.


When any question of sanitation is involved, the variance referred to in Subsection A of this section may be allowed only if said variance is also recommended in writing by the Department of Human Services and said Department certifies that it has determined and declared that such variance will not be harmful to public health.

[Amended 8-13-1981 by Ord. No. MC-1766]

[Amended 4-9-1987 by Ord. No. MC-2289; 10-12-2006 by Ord. No. MC-4234]

Unless otherwise provided in the chapter, penalties against persons violating the provisions of this chapter shall be imposed in accordance with the provisions of § 1-16A.