Borough of Oakmont, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted the by Borough Council of the Borough of Oakmont 1-13-1969 as Ch. 27 of the 1969 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Fire prevention — See Ch. 103.
The Oakmont Fire Company of Oakmont, Pennsylvania, be and the same is hereby authorized and directed to be organized in the Borough of Oakmont, to be known as the "Oakmont Fire Company of Oakmont, Pennsylvania."
Editor's Note: On 11-12-1946, Ord. No. 996, the Borough Council ordained that the name of said fire company, originally known as the "Oakmont Fire Company of Oakmont, Pennsylvania," shall be changed to and shall be hereafter known, as heretofore commonly known, as the "Oakmont Volunteer Fire Department."
The membership of the Oakmont Volunteer Fire Department of the Borough of Oakmont, in the County of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, shall be composed of male citizens of the Borough of Oakmont, 21 years of age and upwards, and shall be limited in number from time to time as the Council of the Borough of Oakmont may by resolution direct, and until such resolution is duly enacted, the membership shall consist of 25 members, as now constituted. New members may be elected and received into membership from time to time by the present membership and their qualified successors, to fill vacancies caused by death, resignation, removal from the borough, removal from membership by the Council of said borough, inability to serve or other cause, so as to bring the membership up to the authorized quota or total. No person, however, shall be qualified to act as a member of said Fire Department unless and until approved by the Council of said borough, and any member thereof shall be subject to removal at any time by action of the Council of the borough.
The Fire Department shall have and is hereby given the right to prepare, adopt and amend, from time to time, bylaws providing for the creation of necessary offices in the Department, the election, choosing, installing and removing of officers, providing for the time and place of meetings, regulating qualifications and duties of members not inconsistent herewith and providing other necessary and customary bylaw regulations, all of which offices, officers and bylaws shall be subject to the approval of the Council of the Borough of Oakmont. Said Council may from time to time require the adding of additional provisions to, the changing or amending of said bylaws and/or the adoption of new bylaws, the creation and abolition of offices and the removal of officers as said Council may deem most fitting and proper. Until such time as any such action is taken, the bylaws heretofore adopted by said Fire Department and now in force shall so continue.
In order to provide a necessary expense account for said Fire Department and so as to create a fund to be used in the purchase of coats, hats, boots, flashlights, batteries and other minor equipment required by the various members of said Fire Department while going to, attending at or coming from fires, to provide for reimbursement for damaged clothing to members of the Fire Department while at or going to or coming from fires and to provide for the cleaning of hose and necessary care of equipment used in connection therewith, the borough, through its Mayor and Borough Council, doth hereby appropriate a monthly amount as established by the Borough Council to be payable out of the general funds of said borough and/or funds available for general operating expenses and in accordance with the budget now prepared and hereafter to be prepared by said borough. The money hereby appropriated shall be payable in consecutive monthly installments as aforesaid, and said monthly appropriation shall continue until such time as regularly discontinued or changed by ordinance or resolution of the Council of the borough. The proper officers of the borough be and they are hereby authorized to execute and deliver to the Treasurer or Chief of said Fire Department, in the name of said Fire Department, the necessary borough checks and/or vouchers to make payment of the successive monthly installments in accordance herewith.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).