Town of New Canaan, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted New Canaan Board of Selectmen 7-11-57; effective 9-15-57.]
No person shall manufacture, receive, have or keep for sale, use or any other purpose, or shall transport, within the limits of the town, any quantity of gunpowder, explosive nitrocellulose or explosive guncotton exceeding one pound in weight, or any quantity of dynamite, nitroglycerin or other explosive substance or compounds exceeding six ounces in weight, without having obtained a license so to do as provided in this chapter.
The Board of Selectmen may license such persons as they may deem proper to have, receive and keep for sale, at such place within the town limits as may be designated by the Board of Selectmen, gunpowder in quantity not exceeding at any one time 50 pounds.
The Board of Selectmen may license such persons as they may deem proper to manufacture, transport, have, receive or keep for sale, use, storage or any other purpose any quantity of explosive nitrocellulose, explosive guncotton, dynamite, nitroglycerin or other explosive substances or compounds. Such licenses may be granted under such conditions and limitations as the Board of Selectmen may deem advisable to impose.
The Fire Marshal shall notify the Chief of the Fire Department of all licenses granted under this chapter. The Chief of the Fire Department shall cause to be placed and maintained in the Fire Department building a complete list containing the names of all such licenses, together with the places where explosives are to be kept under such licenses.
The Fire Marshal may enter at all reasonable times into or upon the premises of any person licensed under this chapter for the purpose of ascertaining whether the requirements of this chapter, and the regulation of the Board of Selectmen relating thereto, are strictly complied with.
No person shall use for blasting any gunpowder, nitrocellulose, guncotton, nitroglycerin, dynamite or other explosive substance within the limits of the town without first having obtained a license in writing from the Fire Marshal for such use. Such license shall contain the name of the licensee and the date on which, or the dates between which, the use for blasting is to occur, and shall be valid only on or between such dates.
No person shall do any blasting within the limits of the town under license from the Fire Marshal without complying with the following regulations and any other regulations in relation thereto which the Board of Selectmen may at any time adopt:
No dynamite of higher than 40% strength shall be used without special permission from the Board of Selectmen.
All blasts must be covered when exploded by logs covering the entire blast, and such logs shall be chained together, or a mat or matting material, to be approved by the Fire Marshal, shall be used to cover the entire blast when exploded.
Special care must be taken to prevent any material from flying.
Not more than one blast hole shall be exploded at one time unless the explosion is induced by caps set off by electricity.
Before any blast is exploded, two or more persons, each provided with a red flag to be used as a warning signal, shall be so stationed as to warn any person who may be located within 300 feet of the location of the blast, or who would be likely to approach within such distance of the location of the blast, and the blast shall not be exploded until each of such persons so stationed for warning purposes shall have reported that there is no person within such distance from the location of the blast.
No dynamite which has been frozen shall be used for blasting if it shall have been thawed out by immersing it in warm water, or by heating otherwise than in a water-jacketed kettle adequate for such use.
Editor's Note: See also § 22-1, p. 2201, infra.
The Fire Marshal shall have authority to inspect any blasting work being done within the limits of the town and to order any changes in the methods of work or of safeguarding persons and property from injury from such blasting as he shall deem necessary or expedient for the protection of persons or property.[1]
For prohibition regarding disposal see § 25-6, p. 2504, infra.