Township of Shaler, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No use of land or structure shall hereafter be established or conducted in any district in the Township in violation of the standards of performance listed in this article.
Every use shall be so operated that sound levels or noise levels shall not be in excess of those established by Chapter 158, Noise, as now existing or hereafter amended or supplemented.
Every use shall be operated so that the ground vibration inherently and recurrently generated is not perceptible without instruments at property boundaries.
With regard to smoke, fly ash, dust, fumes, vapors, offensive odors and other forms of air pollution or fugitive air contaminants, no emission shall be permitted which violates the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Control Act of January 8, 1960, P.L. 2119,[1] as now or hereafter amended, or the regulations thereunder of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.
Editor's Note: See 35 P.S. § 4001 et seq.
No use shall emit any offensive odor detectable outside the property of the person on whose land the source is being operated or any odor in violation of the requirements of Pennsylvania state or federal agencies.
There shall be no radioactive emission which would be unlawful pursuant to the standards adopted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or other public agency designated by state or federal officials for this purpose.
No electronic product radiation (i.e., any ionizing or nonionizing electronic or particulate radiation or any sonic, infrasonic or ultrasonic wave) shall be emitted from any source within the Township if such radiation is objected to by any resident of the Township affected thereby, unless the entity responsible for such emission shall demonstrate that such emission is authorized under the regulations issued by the Secretary of the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare or other state or federal authority authorized to regulate such emissions.
There shall be no discharge of any liquid or solid waste, except as authorized by a public agency:
Onto any property, either of the person responsible for such discharge or any other property; or
Into any stream or watercourse.
Waste, liquid or solid, shall include garbage, refuse and other discarded materials, including, but not limited to, solid and liquid waste materials resulting from municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural or residential activities.
There shall be no glare from high-temperature processes, combustion or welding so as to be visible outside the property on which such glare originates, and there shall be no light source which emits light focused directly onto any other property if such light is objected to by the occupant of such property.
Any activity involving the use or storage of flammable or explosive materials shall be conducted in compliance with the BOCA National Fire Prevention Code, as adopted by Chapter 125, Fire Prevention, or by any amendments or supplements to said chapter.
No construction or development within a floodplain area shall be undertaken without compliance with Chapter 130, Flood Damage Prevention, Part 2, as amended or supplemented.
No disposal or detention of any stormwater runoff shall be permitted if it is in violation of an ordinance or regulation of Shaler Township or of a Pennsylvania statute or a regulation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or of an agency or subagency of the County of Allegheny.