City of Cohoes, NY
Albany County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Common Council of the City of Cohoes L. 1915, c. 130; amended in its entirety 11-3-2009 by referendum, designated as L.L. No. 12-2009. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I General Provisions

§ C1-1 Corporate powers.

§ C1-2 Definitions; word usage.

Article II Officers and Elections

§ C2-1 Officers enumerated.

§ C2-2 Elective officers.

§ C2-3 Appointive officers.

§ C2-4 Qualifications.

§ C2-5 Term of office of elective officers.

§ C2-6 Term of office of appointive officers.

§ C2-7 Certificate of appointment.

§ C2-8 Official oath.

§ C2-9.1 Holding multiple offices.

§ C2-9.2 Board of Managers.

§ C2-10 City elections.

§ C2-11 Resignations.

§ C2-12 Vacancies.

§ C2-13 Fixed salaries.

Article III Common Council

§ C3-1 Legislative power.

§ C3-2 Power to authorize street improvements.

§ C3-3 Members; President; organization.

§ C3-4 City Clerk.

§ C3-5 Meetings.

§ C3-6 Powers.

§ C3-7 Legislative acts.

§ C3-8 Appropriations.

§ C3-9 Procedure for passage of ordinances.

§ C3-10 Regulation and examination of duties of officers.

§ C3-11 Executive functions; how performed.

§ C3-12 Designation of official paper; official printing.

§ C3-13 Penalties for Council members.

Article IV Mayor

§ C4-1 Executive power.

§ C4-2 Acting Mayor.

§ C4-3 Consultation with heads of departments.

§ C4-4 Powers and duties.

§ C4-5 Execution of deeds and contracts.

§ C4-6 Examination of books and accounts.

§ C4-7 Additional powers and duties; public emergencies.

§ C4-8 City Hall; designation of rooms and offices.

Article V Officers and Employees

§ C5-1 Removal of appointive officers.

§ C5-2 Removed officer not eligible for election or appointment.

§ C5-3 Appointee to be of same political party as predecessor.

§ C5-4 through § C5-7. (Reserved)

§ C5-8 Officers to be trustees of public property.

Article VI Department of Finance

§ C6-1 Comptroller.

§ C6-2 Duties of Comptroller.

§ C6-3 Authorization to issue obligations; redemption of water supply obligations.

§ C6-4 Treasurer.

§ C6-5 Duties of Treasurer.

§ C6-6.1 Accounts with Treasurer.

§ C6-6.2 Fiscal year; departmental estimates.

§ C6-7.1 Annual financial statement.

§ C6-7.2 Determination of positions and salaries.

§ C6-8 Annual estimate of revenues and expenditures.

§ C6-9 Annual appropriations.

§ C6-10 Contracts and expenditures prohibited.

§ C6-11 Penalties for offenses against preceding section.

§ C6-12 through § C6-15. (Reserved)

§ C6-16 Purchasing Agent.

§ C6-17 through § C6-23. (Reserved)

§ C6-24 Deputy Comptroller and Deputy Treasurer.

§ C6-25 (Reserved)

§ C6-26 Duties of Purchasing Agent.

§ C6-27 Records of the Purchasing Agent.

Article VII Department of Public Works

§ C7-1 Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Public Works.

§ C7-2 Powers and duties of Commissioner.

Article VIII Department of Law

§ C8-1 Corporation Counsel; qualification.

§ C8-2 Duties.

§ C8-3 Employment of counsel.

Article IX Department of Assessment and Taxation

§ C9-1 Election and appointment of Assessor.

§ C9-2 Powers and duties of Assessor.

Article X Office of Building and Planning

§ C10-1 Establishment.

§ C10-2 Appointment of Commissioner and City Planner.

§ C10-3 Duties.

§ C10-4 City Engineer.

§ C10-5 Duties of City Engineer.

Article XI Department of Community and Economic Development

§ C11-1 Creation.

§ C11-2 Appointment of Director of Community and Economic Development and Director of Human Services.

§ C11-3 Duties and responsibilities.

§ C11-4 Human Services.

§ C11-5 Youth Bureau.

Article XII Department of Code Enforcement

§ C12-1 Establishment.

§ C12-2 Appointment of Director of Code Enforcement.

§ C12-3 Duties of Director.

§ C12-4 Enforcement of building codes and regulations.

§ C12-5 Responsibilities.

§ C12-6 Permits and inspections.

§ C12-7 Other powers.

§ C12-8 Authorization of officers in Department of Code Enforcement to issue appearance tickets.

Article XIII Miscellaneous Provisions

§ C13-1 Transitional provisions.

§ C13-2 (Reserved)

§ C13-3 Charter review.

§ C13-4 Charter revision.

§ C13-5 Effective date.

Article XIV Department of Public Safety

§ C14-1 Department and Commissioner of Public Safety.

§ C14-2 Appointment and salary of Commissioner of Public Safety.

§ C14-3 Powers and duties of Commissioner of Public Safety.

§ C14-4 Departmental chain of command.