Township of Caln, PA
Chester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 1-21-1992 by Ord. No. 1992-2]
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
A private paved drive within a mobile home park which provides direct vehicular access to the individual mobile home units.
A private, paved vehicular drive within a mobile home park which connects a public street or streets with access drives serving individual mobile home units.
Open space within a development, not dedicated for public use, which is designed and intended for the common use or enjoyment of the residents of the development. Open space uses may include detention basins, buffer areas, easements, natural resource areas, parks, playgrounds, walkways, trails, tennis courts, putting greens, swimming pools and/or similar recreational uses, together with clubhouses or other social or service facilities customarily associated with such open space uses, so designed as not to detract from the open space character of the area. Areas required as lot area for the exclusive use and enjoyment of each dwelling unit, areas within the lines of any public or private street and areas designed for off-street parking are not included within the meaning of "common open space" and shall not be included in calculating the area of "common open space" required by this article.
A transportable single-family dwelling intended for permanent occupancy, contained in one unit or in two or more units designed to be joined into one integral unit capable of again being separated for repeated towing, which arrives at a site complete and ready for occupancy except for minor and incidental unpacking and assembly operations, and constructed so that it may be used without a permanent foundation.
A parcel of land in a mobile home park, improved with the necessary utility connections and other appurtenances necessary for the erection thereon of a single mobile home.
A parcel of land under single ownership which has been planned and improved for the placement of mobile homes for nontransient use, consisting of two or more mobile home lots.
Density, area, bulk and dimensional requirements shall be as follows:
Minimum tract area: 15 contiguous acres.
Maximum density: four units per gross acre.
Minimum lot size: 5,000 square feet.
Minimum lot width: 50 feet @ BSBL.
Minimum yard requirements.
Front: 20 feet.
Side: seven feet/15 feet (aggregate).
Rear: 30 feet.
Minimum setback requirements. The following minimum setback distances apply to all mobile home units and accessory structures:
Tract boundary: 25 feet.
Public rights-of-way: 25 feet.
Access road/aisle: 20 feet.
Parking space/common parking area: five feet/20 feet.
Maximum lot coverage: 45%.
Maximum tract coverage: 40%.
Maximum height: three stories/35 feet.
Minimum common open space area: 25% of gross tract area.
Common open space areas shall be located and designed as areas easily accessible to all residents and in a manner sensitive to the preservation of natural features. Existing trees and shrubs, rock formations, streams, floodplains, steep slopes and other natural features of the tract shall be preserved to the extent practical. At least 25% of the required common open space shall be suitable for outdoor passive and/or active recreational use.
A mobile home park shall be serviced by public water and public sewer. Applicable provisions within this chapter shall apply. Other utilities shall be located in accordance with § 137-52 of this chapter.
A mobile home park shall be entirely enclosed, exclusive of driveways, at its external boundaries by a year-round visual screen consisting of an opaque wall or fence at least six feet high or a densely planted vegetative screen expected to reach six feet high in three years, subject to approval by the Township Board of Commissioners.
A planting plan in accordance with § 137-49 of this chapter is also required. These and/or tree masses shall be preserved in accordance with § 137-50 of this chapter.
Two parking spaces shall be provided for each mobile home unit within the park, either on the lot or in common parking areas within 150 feet of lots served. The off-street parking regulations under § 155-142 of Chapter 155, Zoning, shall apply.
For purposes of ingress and egress to and from a public street, a mobile home park shall meet the requirements of § 137-39A(2) of this chapter unless it contains more than 25 lots or units, in which case the requirements of § 137-A(5) of this chapter shall apply. When there is only one means of ingress and egress, the requirements of § 137-39A(6) of this chapter shall apply.
[Amended 10-9-2003 by Ord. No. 2003-15]
Regulations pertaining to street grades, street alignment and street intersections, as contained in this chapter, shall apply to the drives within the site.
All mobile home parks shall be provided with a safe, convenient, all-season pedestrian walkway system of adequate width for intended use, durable and convenient to maintain, and designed to connect individual mobile homes, park drives and all community facilities provided for park residents.
Lighting facilities shall be required where deemed necessary by the governing body for the safety and convenience of the mobile home park residents and shall be arranged so as to protect the residents, neighboring properties and adjacent highways from direct glare or hazardous interference of any kind.
Every mobile home space shall be graded to provide a level, stable and well-drained stand for the mobile home.
Every mobile home in the park shall be enclosed from the bottom of the mobile home to the ground or stand using industry-approved skirting material compatible with the home.
Every mobile home shall be securely anchored or tied-down on at least the four corners and also in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations furnished with each home.
In accordance with § 155-144D(2)(g) of Chapter 155, Zoning, mobile homes are not permitted within the designated flood hazard area.
The standards for storm drainage and erosion and sediment control contained in §§ 137-44 and 137-45 of this chapter shall apply to mobile home park development.
Mobile home parks shall meet all regulations pertaining to the application procedure and approval process, design standards, improvement standards and all other applicable requirements as contained in this chapter, except where standards in this article are more stringent.
In addition to the plan requirements of Article III of this chapter, a mobile home park plan proposal shall include the following:
Tract coverage (percent).
Acreage and location of open space areas.
Acreage, location and nature of recreation areas.
Location and nature of visual screen.
Location of common parking areas.
Internal circulation system, including vehicular drives and pedestrian walkways.
Setback lines, as established for mobile home units and accessory structures.
The operator and owner shall be responsible for maintaining all common facilities, including but not limited to drives, parking areas, walkways, common open space, recreational facilities, landscaping, water supply and sewage disposal systems and service buildings, in a condition of proper repair and maintenance.