Town of Bel Air, MD
Harford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Director of Finance and such other officers or employees of the Town as the Board of Commissioners or this Charter may require, shall give bond in such amount and with such surety as may be required by the Board of Commissioners. The premiums on such bonds shall be paid by the Town.
Before the Town of Bel Air shall be liable for damages of any kind, the claimant or someone on the claimant's behalf, must give the Director of Administration notice in writing of the injury to person or property within one (1) year after the injury that is the basis of the claim. In accordance with the Maryland Tort Claims Act, as amended from time to time, the claim must state the nature of the claim, including the date and place of the alleged injury, demand specific damages, and state the name and address of each party.
All right, title, and interest held by the Town or any other person or corporation at the time this Charter is adopted, in and to any lien acquired under any prior Charter of the Town, are hereby preserved for the holder in all respects as if this Charter had not been adopted, together with all rights and remedies in relation thereto. This Charter shall not discharge, impair, or release any contract, obligation, duty, liability, or penalty whatever existing at the time this Charter becomes effective. All suits and actions, both civil and criminal, pending, or which may hereafter be instituted for causes of action now existing or offense already committed against any law or ordinance repealed by this Charter, shall be instituted, proceeded with, and prosecuted to final determination and judgment as if this Charter had not become effective.
[Amended by Charter Res. No. 121-08, effective 6-10-2008]
To insure the observance of ordinances and resolutions of the Town, the Board of Town Commissioners has the power to provide that violation thereof shall be a misdemeanor, unless otherwise specified a municipal infraction, and has the power to affix thereto the penalties and fines, as established by state law. After a public hearing is held by the Board of Town Commissioners, the Town may adopt such penalties and fines by resolution.
The Board of Commissioners may provide that violations of any ordinance or resolution shall be a municipal infraction unless that violation is declared to be a felony or misdemeanor by the laws of the State or other ordinance or resolution. For purposes of this Section a municipal infraction is a civil offense, the limits of which shall be established by state law.
The Board of Commissioners may provide that, if the violation is of a continuing nature and is persisted in, a conviction for one violation shall not be a bar to a conviction for a continuation of the offense subsequent to the first or any succeeding conviction.
Adjudication of a municipal infraction is not a criminal conviction for any purpose, nor does it impose any of the civil disabilities ordinarily imposed by a criminal conviction.
All ordinances, resolutions, rules and regulations in effect in the Town at the time this Charter becomes effective which are not in conflict with the provisions of this Charter shall remain in effect until changed or repealed in accordance with provisions of authority granted in this Charter.
All ordinances, resolutions, rules, and regulations in effect in the Town at the time this Charter becomes effective which are in conflict with the provisions of this Charter be and the same hereby are repealed to the extent of such conflict.