Town of St. Joseph, WI
St. Croix County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of St. Joseph 11-19-1998. Amendments noted where applicable.]

§ 6-1
Statutory authority. 

§ 6-2
Contents of citation. 

§ 6-3
Form of citation. 

§ 6-4
Schedule of deposits. 

§ 6-5
Payment of deposit; receipt. 

§ 6-6
Officers authorized to issue citations. 

§ 6-7
Options and procedures on default. 

§ 6-8
Effect on other ordinances and remedies. 

§ 6-1 Statutory authority.

Pursuant to W.S.A. s. 66.119, the Town of St. Joseph elects to use the citation method of enforcement of ordinances, including those for which a statutory counterpart exists, and s. 66.119 is hereby incorporated and made a part of this chapter.

§ 6-2 Contents of citation.

The citation shall contain the following:


Name and address of the alleged violator.


Factual allegations describing the alleged violation.


Time and place of the offense.


Number and section of ordinance violated.


A designation of the offense in such manner as can readily be understood by a person making a reasonable effort to do so.


Time and date in which the alleged violator may appear in court.


A statement which informs the alleged violator that:


A cash deposit based on the established schedule may be delivered or mailed to a specified official within a specified time.


If a deposit is made no appearance in court is necessary unless he is subsequently summoned.


If the violator makes a cash deposit and does not appear in court, either he will be deemed to have tendered a plea of no contest and submitted to a forfeiture [a penalty assessment imposed by W.S.A. s. 165.87 and a jail assessment imposed by W.S.A. s. 302.46(1) not to exceed the amount of the deposit] or he will be summoned into court to answer the complaint if the court does not accept the plea of no contest.


If the violator does not make a cash deposit and does not appear in court at the time specified, an action may be commenced against the alleged violator to collect the forfeiture, the penalty assessment imposed by W.S.A. s. 165.87 and the jail assessment imposed by W.S.A. s. 302.46(1).


A direction that if the alleged violator elects to make a cash deposit, the statement which accompanies the citation shall be signed to indicate that the required statement has been read. Such statement shall be sent or brought with the cash deposit.

§ 6-3 Form of citation.

The town adopts for use the Uniform Municipal Citation, Form MC2000, consisting of a five-part citation, a sample of which is on file in the office of the Town Clerk and adopted by reference as if fully set forth herein; provided, however, that all court proceedings shall occur under the jurisdiction of the St. Croix County Circuit Court.

§ 6-4 Schedule of deposits.

[Amended 5-16-2002]

The Town Clerk shall deposit with the Clerk of Courts of St. Croix County and the Town a schedule of cash deposits which are to be required for the various ordinance violations and for the penalty assessment imposed by W.S.A. s. 165.87 and the jail assessment imposed by W.S.A. s. 302.46(1) for which a citation may be issued.


The following schedule of cash deposits is established for use with citations issued under this chapter plus court costs set by the St. Croix County Circuit Court.

[Amended 4-7-2005 by Ord. No. 2005-4]

Chapter/Section Violation Deposit (+ = court cost)
Ch. 68, Art. I Large assembly ordinance $1,000 +
Ch. 68, Art. II Small assembly ordinance $100 +
Ch. 74 Prohibiting controlled substance on town property $100 +
Ch. 80 Building code ordinance $200 +
Ch. 80 Building without permit
First violation Double permit fee
   Subsequent violations Triple permit fee
Ch. 84 Town of St. Joseph burning ordinance
First violation $50
Subsequent violations $150
Ch. 98 An ordinance regulating the operation of outdoor theaters $300 +
§ 98-6 An ordinance prohibiting possession of intoxicating liquors and malt beverages at outdoor theaters $100 +
Ch. 104, Art. I Prohibiting sale of fireworks
First violation $100
Subsequent violations $250
§ 114-1, Art. I Prohibiting sale of malt beverages to minor $100 +
§ 114-6, Art. III Closing hours $100 +
§ 114-16, Art. VI Nude dancing $200 +
§ 123-1, Art. I Racing or time trials on Bass Lake $50 +
§ 123-5, Art. II Hours of operation on inland lakes $50 +
§ 123-5, Art. II Hours of water skiing on Bass Lake $50 +
§ 123-8, Art. III Prohibiting gas-powered motors on Perch Lake $50 +
Ch. 130 Trailer court ordinance $200 +
§ 141-1 Regulating public beaches, parking lots, boat landings - disorderly conduct $50 +
§ 153-7 Sexually oriented business violations of § 153-5 $300 +
Ch. 156 Sign ordinance, failure to get permit $100
Ch. 156 Sign placement in right-of-way $25
Ch. 160 Snow and ice removal onto Town roads $50 +
Ch. 163 Solid waste and dump operation $200 +
§ 168-19 Subdivision ordinance $500 +
Ch. 176 Transient merchant license $100 +
Ch. 183, Art. II (state) ATV, snowmobile operation (Citing WI Stats.) $50 +
Ch. 190 Regulating dangerous weapons, trapping $100 +
The following violations all pertain to Ch. 64. Fine is not less than $25 nor more than $500.
[Amended 12-7-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-6]
§ 64-4A and B Inhumane treatment of animals $100 +
§ 64-4F Wild animal violation $50 +
§ 64-4G and I Confinement violation, vicious, dangerous, or wolf dog $100 +
§ 64-4H Pit bull, confinement violation $500 +
§ 64-4H Pit bull, loose within 1,000 feet of school grounds $500 +
§ 64-4H Pit bull, not properly leashed and muzzled $500 +
§ 64-5B Unlicensed animal; deposit refundable if proof of license produced within 5 days $25 +
§ 64-6A Nuisance animal (habitual) $25 +
§ 64-6A Physical harm to humans or animals (1st offense) $75 + 1st violation; $150 subsequent
§ 64-6B Animal at large $25 + 1st violation; $50 subsequent
§ 64-9 Failure to provide rabies vaccination $150+

§ 6-5 Payment of deposit; receipt.

[Amended 5-16-2002]

Deposits shall be in cash, money order or certified check. There shall be two options for payment. The alleged violator may pay the cash deposit directly to the Town Clerk on or before a deadline established by the Town Clerk and before the Town forwards the citation to St. Croix County Circuit Court for processing. If the citation is paid directly to the Town Clerk by the deadline and the citation is not processed through St. Croix County Circuit Court, the alleged violator can pay the amount of the cash deposit established under this ordinance excluding the court costs. If the citation is not paid directly to the Town by the deadline established by the Town Clerk, the cash deposit plus court costs must be paid to the St. Croix County Clerk of Court. In either case the Town or the County shall provide a receipt for the payment.

§ 6-6 Officers authorized to issue citations.

Any law enforcement officer in the Town may issue citations authorized under this chapter, and the following town officials may issue citations with respect to those specified sections which are directly related to their official responsibilities:


Building Inspector.


Zoning Administrator.


Health Officer.


Animal Control Officer.

[Amended 9-2-1999]


Town Chairperson.


Fire Chief.

§ 6-7 Options and procedures on default.

Section 66.119(3) of the Wisconsin Statutes, relative to a violator's options and procedures on default, is hereby adopted and incorporated herein by reference.

§ 6-8 Effect on other ordinances and remedies.


Other ordinances. This chapter does not preclude the Town of St. Joseph from adopting any other ordinance or providing for the enforcement of any law or ordinance relating to the same or other matters.


Other remedies. The issuance of a citation hereunder shall not preclude the town or any authorized officer from proceeding under any other ordinance or law or by any other enforcement method to enforce any ordinance, regulation or order.