Town of St. Joseph, WI
St. Croix County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of St. Joseph as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]

Vehicles on lakes and waterways — See Ch. 123.

Public parking lots — See Ch. 141.

Parking (§ 183-1 — § 183-8) 

Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles (§ 183-9 — § 183-14) 

[Adopted 3-4-2004 by Ord. No. 2004-1
Editor's Note: This ordinance also repealed former Art. I, Parking, adopted 8-9-1973, and also provided for the renumbering of the sections in Art. II from §§ 183-3 through 183-8 as §§ 183-9 through 183-14, respectively.

§ 183-1

§ 183-2

§ 183-3

§ 183-4
Temporary no parking zones. 

§ 183-5
Miscellaneous provisions. 

§ 183-6
Removal and storage of vehicles. 

§ 183-7
Violations and penalties. 

§ 183-8

§ 183-1 Purpose.

The purpose of the article is to promote the public safety, welfare and convenience by easing congestion on the highways within the Town by restricting parking on the public and private access roads within the Town of St Joseph. The provisions of W.S.A. ss. 346.50 to 346.56, and amendments thereto, are adopted by reference.

§ 183-2 Provisions.

The provisions of this article shall apply except:


When it is necessary to stop a vehicle because the vehicle becomes disabled while on the highway in such a manner or to such an extent that it is impossible to avoid stopping or temporarily leaving the vehicle in a prohibited place.


In an emergency or in compliance with directions of a law enforcement officer or other public safety official.


When the vehicle of a public utility is stopped in accordance with the provisions of W.S.A. s. 346.50(1)(c).

§ 183-3 Prohibitions.

Parking or standing of vehicles is prohibited at all times in the following locations:


Any area designated as a fire lane on either public or private property.


Any area designated as a handicapped parking zone on either public or private property.


Any area designated as a school bus parking zone or no parking zone on school property between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. during school days.


Any Town road abutting the south end of Perch Lake or Bass Lake, i.e., Perch Lake Road and 132nd Avenue.


Any Town road or portion thereof marked with no parking signs.

§ 183-4 Temporary no parking zones.

It may be necessary for authorized personnel of the Town of St. Joseph to establish a temporary no parking zone due to construction, special events or emergencies or for public safety purposes. A reasonable effort will be made to place signs in advance of the situation to notify the public; however, in the event of a public safety emergency, parked vehicles may be moved or removed from private or public roads pursuant to § 183-6 below.

§ 183-5 Miscellaneous provisions.


No vehicle which is mechanically inoperable or not currently registered may be left on any Town road or public parking lot for a period longer than 24 hours.


No person shall park truck tractors, tractor trailers, dump trucks or other vehicles of combinations thereof over 20 feet long, on Town roads overnight. This provision shall not include duly authorized road construction equipment.


No person shall park a vehicle in front of, opposite to or in such a position as to block access or exit from a driveway.


No person shall park a vehicle within the vision triangle of an intersecting road.


No person shall park or leave unattended a vehicle on private property without the property owner's consent.

§ 183-6 Removal and storage of vehicles.


Authority to impound vehicles. When any vehicle is parked or abandoned on any highway or public parking lot within this Town during a snowstorm, flood, fire or other public emergency which affects that portion of the public highway or parking lot upon which said vehicle is parked or abandoned, said vehicle may be removed by or under the direction of a law enforcement officer or other properly authorized official of the Town of St. Joseph.


When any vehicle is found unattended on any highway or public parking lot within the Town where said vehicle constitutes an obstruction to traffic, said vehicle may be removed by or under the direction of duly appointed law enforcement authorities.


Storage and charges. After removal of any vehicle as provided in this section, the Town or its representative may store or cause such vehicle to be stored in a suitable place at the expense of the owner. Such owner or person in charge of the vehicle may redeem the same upon payment to the person with whom stored of the amount of all expenses actually and necessarily incurred in effecting such removal and storage.

§ 183-7 Violations and penalties.


Penalty. Forfeitures for uniform statewide parking, stopping, and standing offenses. Minimum and maximum forfeitures for violations of the offenses described in W.S.A. ss. 346.50 to 346.55 are adopted by reference in § 183-1 of this code and shall be as follows. Any person violating any of the provisions of this article shall be subject to penalties as provided below.


Section 183-3 B [W.S.A. s. 346.505(2)]: minimum $50 and maximum $300, plus court costs.


Section 183-3 C (W.S.A. s. 346.52): minimum $20 and maximum $40 for first offense, plus court costs; minimum $50 and maximum $100 for second and subsequent conviction in one year, plus court costs.


The penalty for all other violations of this article not listed in Subsection A above, if the minimum and maximum penalty is not established by state statute, the minimum shall be $20 and maximum $100, plus court costs. For second or subsequent offenses in one year: minimum $50 and maximum $200, plus court costs.

§ 183-8 Enforcement.


This article shall be enforced by issuing citations as authorized in W.S.A. s. 66.110 and Chapter 6 of the Code of the Town of St. Joseph and by any other method authorized by law. The procedure for issuing and paying citations as specified in Chapter 6 of the Code of the Town of St. Joseph shall apply.


A duly authorized law enforcement official or a duly authorized traffic control officer who discovers a vehicle in violation of this article shall deliver a citation to the driver of the offending vehicle notifying him that such vehicle has been in violation of said article or, if the vehicle is unattended, attach the citation to the vehicle in a conspicuous place. In the absence of the driver, the registered owner of the vehicle shall be presumed to be the person receiving the citation. The procedure for paying or contesting citations as specified in Chapter 6 of the Code of the Town of St. Joseph shall apply.

[Adopted 2-14-1974]

§ 183-9
Adoption of statutory provisions. 

§ 183-10
Operation on private property. 

§ 183-11
Operation on public lakes and rivers. 

§ 183-12

§ 183-13
Speed limits. 

§ 183-14
Violations and penalties. 

§ 183-9 Adoption of statutory provisions.

Provisions of Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 350, with reference to the definitions of terms, rules and regulations, operation and all other matters pertaining to the operation of snowmobiles, are hereby adopted and made a part of this article, except as modified, as if fully set out herein.

§ 183-10 Operation on private property.

No person shall operate a snowmobile or any motor-driven all-terrain vehicle manufactured for off-highway use upon platted private property or private lakes within the Town of St. Joseph without the express, dated, written consent of the owner or lessee of such property.

§ 183-11 Operation on public lakes and rivers.

No person shall operate a snowmobile or motor-driven all-terrain vehicle upon public lakes and rivers in the Town of St. Joseph within 100 feet of any fisherman or fishing shanty, any skating or sliding area or any person not on a snowmobile unless traveling at a speed of less than 10 miles per hour.

§ 183-12 Mufflers.

Every snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle shall at all times be equipped with a stock muffler in good working order to prevent excess or unusual noise. No person shall use a muffler cutout, bypass or any similar device upon a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle. The exhaust system shall not emit or produce sharp popping or crackling sounds. Exception to this section is permissible for special races or tournaments only when approved and authorized by the Town Board, upon request, at the regular monthly meeting.

§ 183-13 Speed limits.

No person shall operate a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle within the village limits of Burkhardt or Houlton at a speed greater than 10 miles per hour. The speed shall be determined at the discretion of law enforcement officers.

§ 183-14 Violations and penalties.

Any person violating any provision of this article shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $100 or imprisonment of not more than 10 days, plus the costs of prosecution in either case.