Town of Bethel, NY
Sullivan County
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The Town of Bethel is hereby divided into the following types of districts:
Forest Conservation District
Agricultural District
Airport Development District
Highway Commercial District
Community Settlement District
Gateway Commercial District
Hamlet Commercial District
Performing Arts Center Development District
Rural Gateway District
Rural Development District
Residential Settlement District
Smallwood Residential
Agricultural Residential District
Rural Development Residential District
FH Flood Hazard District. There is hereby created an overlay district, congruent with the boundaries of flood hazard areas mapped by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Uses permitted within such FH District shall be limited to those permitted under the Town of Bethel Flood Damage Prevention Law (Chapter 178 of the Code entitled "Flood Damage Prevention") and otherwise comply fully with the requirements of such law.
The location and boundaries of said districts are hereby established as shown on the Official Zoning Map of the Town of Bethel, as amended this date or hereafter, which is attached hereto and is hereby made a part of this chapter.[1] This map is supplemented by depictions of said boundaries on Tax Assessment Maps of the Town of Bethel maintained in the Town Clerk's offices, said depictions having been prepared simultaneously with the Official Zoning Map and intended to be a part thereof for purposes of providing a more precise rendering of the location of district boundaries. Said map or maps and all notations, references and designations shown thereon shall be a part of this chapter as if the same were fully described and set forth herein.
Editor's Note: The Zoning Map and amendments thereto are on file in the Town offices.
The district boundary lines are intended generally to follow the center lines of rights-of-way; existing lot lines; the mean water level of rivers, streams and other waterways; or Town boundary lines, all as shown on the Zoning Map, but where a district boundary line does not follow such a line, its position is shown on said Zoning Map by a specific dimension expressing its distance in feet from a street line or other boundary line as indicated.
Where a district boundary line divides a lot in single or joint ownership of record at the time such line is established, the rear lot line of that lot shall be considered the district boundary if the district, extending from the front lot line, occupies more than 60% of the lot area. In all other cases, the lots shall remain in two or more districts.