City of East Orange, NJ
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of East Orange 3-25-1968 by Ord. No. 20-1968 as Ch. 22 of the 1968 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Licenses and fees — See Ch. 170.
Article I Household Pets and Domestic Animals

§ 132-1 Definitions.

§ 132-2 Harboring wild unlawful.

§ 132-3 Running at large and maintenance of household pets.

§ 132-4 Keeping of domestic animals.

Article II Cats and Dogs

§ 132-5 Definitions.

§ 132-6 Animal Control Officer: employment, assistants, supervision.

§ 132-7 Duties of Animal Control Officer.

§ 132-8 Annual canvass.

§ 132-9 Interference with authorized persons.

§ 132-10 Regulation of dog sanitation.

§ 132-10.1 Enforcement.

§ 132-11 Damaging shrubs, flowers or property.

§ 132-12 Noisy dogs; control of dogs.

§ 132-13 Muzzles or leashes.

§ 132-14 (Reserved)

Article III Kennels, Pet Shops, Shelters and Pounds

§ 132-15 Maintenance and operation.

§ 132-16 Control of dogs allowed off premises.

Article IV Licenses and Registration

§ 132-16.1 Definitions.

§ 132-17 License and registration required; issuance.

§ 132-18 Applications; issuance of registration numbers; monthly reports.

§ 132-19 Time of procurement; registration tags.

§ 132-20 Fee exemption for service dogs.

§ 132-21 Newly acquired cats and dogs; dogs attaining licensing age.

§ 132-22 Cats and dogs brought into City.

§ 132-23 Removal or unauthorized use of registration tags.

§ 132-24 Kennel dogs: individual licenses not required.

§ 132-24.1 Liability insurance required for dogs commonly and frequently used for security purposes.

Article V Impoundment

§ 132-25 Certain cats and dogs to be impounded.

§ 132-26 Notice to owners of impounded cats or dogs.

§ 132-27 Impoundment fees; redemption, destruction.

§ 132-28 Invading premises to seize cats or dogs.

Article VI Penalties

§ 132-29 Violations and penalties.

Article VII Vicious and Potentially Dangerous Dogs

§ 132-30 Definitions.

§ 132-31 Seizure and impoundment of dog by Animal Control Officer; grounds.

§ 132-32 Notice of seizure and impoundment; determination of identity of owner; notice of hearing; return of statement by owner; destruction of dog.

§ 132-33 Agreement between City and dog owner; settlement and disposition; liability of City; legal expenses.

§ 132-34 Findings.

§ 132-35 Order and schedule for compliance for potentially dangerous dogs; conditions.

§ 132-36 Procedures for appeal.

§ 132-37 Liability of owner for costs of impoundment and destruction.

§ 132-38 Right to convene hearing for subsequent actions of dog.

§ 132-39 Duties of owner of potentially dangerous dog and owners of residential units.

§ 132-40 Violations and penalties; enforcement; seizure and impoundment of dog; destruction by order of Court.

§ 132-41 Registration number, red identification tag and license; issuance; telephone number to report violations.

§ 132-42 Fees for license.

§ 132-43 Inspection to determine continued compliance.

§ 132-44 Acts deemed exercise of government function; application of Tort Claims Act.