Village of Saukville, WI
Ozaukee County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Village Board of the Village of Saukville 12-17-1985 by Ord. No. 389 (Ch. 21 of the 1985 Code); amended in its entirety 9-5-2006 by Ord. No. 657. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
General penalty — See Ch. 1, § 1-19.
Cemetery Commission — See Ch. 8.
Appointment of Cemetery Commissioner — See Ch. 35.
Committees of the Board — See Ch. 46.
Sectional Lot 4, Sections 35-11-21 in the Village of Saukville, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin shall be named Union Cemetery (hereafter "the cemetery").
For the purpose of the maintenance, beautifying and the preservation of the cemetery, all in accordance with Ch. 157, Wis. Stats., the Village Board hereby adopts rules and regulations and creates a fund known as the "Cemetery Fund," which will be a distinct and separate fund from all others, which will be exclusively used for this cemetery and applied in compliance with the requirements of Ch. 157, Wis. Stats., which governs public cemeteries owned or controlled by municipalities.
The Village Board shall appoint two or more persons who are interested in the care and improvement of the cemetery. The appointees shall assist the Board of Trustees and the Public Works Committee in the management of the cemetery.
The lots to be conveyed shall be expressly for burial purposes. A reasonable fee shall be charged for the sale of a grave lot. The fee shall reflect perpetual maintenance, repairs and administrative costs for the Village to operate the cemetery. The cost of the lot shall be set by resolution of the Village Board upon recommendation by the Cemetery Commission. Proceeds from the sale of lots shall be deposited in the Cemetery Fund. Lots may will be repurchased by the Village, in its discretion, at not more than 1/2 the lot price then in effect. Receipts shall be given for purchase of grave lots and shall be signed by the President, Village Administrator and Treasurer. Before delivery of the receipt, it shall be recorded in a book kept for that purpose in the office of the Administrator and Treasurer. No title shall be deemed valid and no grave shall be dug until the full amount of the purchase price has been paid.
The Administrator shall keep the plats and records relating to the cemetery grounds and shall keep complete records of all the acts, doings, resolutions and proceedings of the Village Board relating to the cemetery in a book provided for that purpose. The Administrator shall also preserve and file all papers relating to the same. The records and papers shall be open to public inspection. The Treasurer shall draw all receipts and see that the same are properly signed by the President and Administrator upon receipt for the amount of any lot sold, keeping a record of the check number, lot, date, consideration and to whom given. The Treasurer shall keep duplicate plats of the grounds and keep a record of the names of lot holders with the number and description of their lots, when sold, and the amount paid for the same. Upon the sale of any lot the Treasurer shall furnish the Administrator with a duplicate receipt giving the name of the purchaser, the date of purchase, number of block, number of lot and amount paid.
The Treasurer shall report to the Village Board at the regular meetings of the Board a detailed statement of the number of lots sold, their description, to whom sold and the purchase price. The Treasurer shall not pay out any moneys for any purpose without an order signed by the President and Administrator.
The Cemetery Commissioner shall dig or supervise the digging and filling of all graves and lots in the cemetery. The Cemetery Commissioner shall not dig or open in the cemetery, or permit it to be done by others, unless upon the presentation of a certificate by the Administrator or receipt executed by the President, Administrator and Treasurer of the Village, and the Cemetery Commissioner shall remove or have removed all surplus gravel or ground after burial from the lot. A reasonable fee for a grave opening and burial shall be charged to the person requesting the opening. The fee shall be set by resolution of the Village Board upon recommendation by the Cemetery Commission. Proceeds from the grave opening fee shall be deposited in the Cemetery Fund and used for payment of the grave opening contractor's fee, restoration of the grave site following burial and associated administrative costs.
The funeral director, before burial is conducted, shall file with the Administrator a certificate to be recorded in that office, in which the funeral director shall state, as near as can be ascertained, the name, place of birth, age and sex of the person to be interred and the cause, time and place of death. The funeral director shall also provide the original or copy of the deed for the lot. In the event the funeral director cannot provide the original or copy of the deed, a signed affidavit shall be provided to the Village establishing the right to utilize the grave. The funeral director shall instruct the Cemetery Commissioner as to the orientation of the burial as in the case of husband and wife or multiple adjacent graves of family or related members. In the absence of any instruction by the funeral director, it shall be left to the sole discretion of the Cemetery Commissioner as to the orientation of the burial.
All revenues and proceeds of the cemetery grounds shall be applied in the payment of debts incurred by the Village Board in defraying the necessary expenses of the management and care of the same and for no other purposes.
[Amended 3-18-2014 by Ord. No. 745]
No planting of trees or shrubs. Annual or perennial plants or bulbs are allowed, but only within 12 inches of the front of the monument. No treatment of grass for any purpose.
One shepherd hook holding a basket is allowed but can be no higher than three feet, must be placed next to the monument and the basket must hang directly over the monument.
Decorations are allowed for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries but may not be left for more than two weeks or will be removed.
The cemetery will remove any plantings or items interfering with lawn maintenance or that have become unsightly.
Boxes, tubes, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, freestanding vases or photographs, jars of any kind, large rocks, fences and lighting of any kind are not allowed.
Only the Village may dig graves for full burials or cremated remains enclosed in an approved container. No scattering of cremains allowed.
Only one monument allowed per grave. Multiple burials per grave shall have names in a vertical orientation. Bronze veterans plaques must be placed on the back of the monument or at the head of the grave in absence of a monument. Monuments may not exceed 36 inches in width for single graves or 48 inches for two adjoining graves unless permission is specifically granted by the Cemetery Commission.
Monuments must be placed on a poured-in-place concrete foundation that extends at least four inches horizontally beyond the base dimensions of the monument. No precast or gravel foundations. Monuments up to 30 inches in height must have a concrete foundation at least 24 inches in depth. Foundations for larger monuments must be reviewed and approved by the Cemetery Commission prior to installation. Monument companies must contact the Cemetery Commissioner before installing any monument and must have the foundation inspected before pouring. Monuments must be placed at the head of the grave.
No pet burials or live pets (except Seeing Eye dogs) allowed in the cemetery.
Graves are four feet by 10 feet. Graves may be repurchased at not more than 1/2 the current price.
There may be one full burial and two cremated remains per grave, or three cremated remains per grave.
Upon sale of a grave, it will be provided with a simple marker identifying the owner.
All graves must have a monument within six months following the burial.
Any burial between December 1 and March 31 shall be considered a winter burial. No winter burials are allowed on the cemetery tiers. The fee for a grave opening for a winter burial shall be three times the regular grave opening fee if there is frost in the ground or snow on the ground.
A funeral director shall verify with the Cemetery Commissioner as to whether a grave opening can be made between December 1 and March 31 before committing the Village to a grave opening. A funeral director must give the Village advance notice of not less than five working days prior to any grave opening.
The Cemetery Commission has the right to act or make any decision that is in the best interest of the Village of Saukville.
The Cemetery Commissioner is empowered to enforce all of the bylaws, rules and regulations of the cemetery.
The Cemetery Commission shall be chaired by the Cemetery Commissioner, who shall have such powers and duties as previously expressed in this chapter. (See also § 8-5 of this Code.)
Any person violating a provision of this chapter shall be subject to a penalty as set forth in § 1-19 of this Code.