Village of Darien, WI
Walworth County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Title 1: General Provisions

Chapter 1.01 Code Adoption

Chapter 1.04 General Provisions

Chapter 1.08 General Penalty

Title 2: Administration and Personnel

Chapter 2.04 Village Board

Chapter 2.08 Village Officers

Chapter 2.10 Village Administrator

Chapter 2.12 Police Department

Chapter 2.16 Joint Fire and Ems Department

Chapter 2.20 Joint Emergency Medical Services Department

Chapter 2.24 Municipal Court

Chapter 2.28 Boards, Commissions and Committees Generally

Chapter 2.32 Plan Commission

Chapter 2.36 Emergency Services System

Chapter 2.40 Darien Family Connections

Chapter 2.44 Public Records

Chapter 2.45 Code of Ethics

Chapter 2.48 Administrative Review Procedure

Chapter 2.50 Merit Protection for Nonrepresented Village Employees

Title 3: Revenue and Finance

Chapter 3.04 Fiscal Provisions Generally

Chapter 3.08 Budget

Chapter 3.12 Claims Against the Village

Chapter 3.15 Surplus Village Property

Title 4: (Reserved)
Title 5: Business Licenses and Regulations

Chapter 5.04 Licenses and Permits Generally

Chapter 5.05 Business Licenses

Chapter 5.08 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 5.12 Peddlers, Canvassers and Transient Merchants

Chapter 5.16 Outdoor Special Event Permits

Title 6: Animals

Chapter 6.04 Animals Generally

Chapter 6.05 Vicious Animals

Chapter 6.08 Dogs

Chapter 6.09 Backyard Chickens

Title 7: (Reserved)
Title 8: Health and Safety

Chapter 8.04 Health Department

Chapter 8.08 Health Regulations Generally

Chapter 8.12 Abandoned Vehicles and Junk

Chapter 8.16 Fireworks

Chapter 8.20 Noise

Chapter 8.24 Nuisances

Chapter 8.28 Open Burning

Chapter 8.32 Solid Waste and Recycling

Chapter 8.36 Smoking

Title 9: Public Peace, Welfare and Good Order

Chapter 9.04 State Statutes Adopted

Chapter 9.08 Offenses Against Public Peace and Decency

Chapter 9.12 Drug Paraphernalia

Chapter 9.16 Loitering

Chapter 9.20 Nude Dancing

Chapter 9.24 Property Offenses

Chapter 9.28 Offenses by or Against Children

Chapter 9.29 Residency Restrictions for Sex Offenders

Chapter 9.32 Parental Responsibility

Chapter 9.36 Fair Housing

Chapter 9.40 Weapons

Chapter 9.44 False Alarms

Title 10: Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 10.04 State Traffic Statutes Adopted

Chapter 10.08 Supplemental Traffic Regulations

Chapter 10.12 Parking

Chapter 10.16 Administration and Enforcement

Title 11: (Reserved)
Title 12: Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

Chapter 12.04 Street Names

Chapter 12.08 Street and Sidewalk Construction and Repair

Chapter 12.12 Excavations

Chapter 12.16 Obstructions and Encroachments

Chapter 12.20 Driveways and Culverts

Chapter 12.24 Snow and Ice Removal

Chapter 12.28 Moving of Buildings

Chapter 12.32 Parks

Chapter 12.36 Miscellaneous Regulations

Title 13: Public Services

Chapter 13.04 Utilities Generally

Chapter 13.08 Water Service System

Chapter 13.10 Wellhead Protection

Chapter 13.12 Water Impact Fees

Chapter 13.16 Sewer Service System

Chapter 13.20 Sewer Service Charges

Chapter 13.24 Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

Chapter 13.28 Private Water Wells

Title 14: (Reserved)
Title 15: Buildings and Construction

Chapter 15.04 Building Code

Chapter 15.08 Property Maintenance Code

Chapter 15.12 Interior Property Maintenance Requirements

Chapter 15.16 Commercial Property Exterior Maintenance Code

Chapter 15.18 Registrations and Inspection of Property Containing Residential Rental Units

Chapter 15.20 Construction Site Erosion Control

Chapter 15.24 Plumbing Code

Chapter 15.28 Mobilehomes and Mobilehome Parks

Chapter 15.32 Swimming Pools

Chapter 15.36 Board of Appeals

Title 16: Subdivisions

Chapter 16.04 Introductory Provisions and Definitions

Chapter 16.08 Administration and Enforcement

Chapter 16.12 Site Assessment and Concept Plan

Chapter 16.16 Preliminary Plat

Chapter 16.20 Final Plats

Chapter 16.22 Condominium Plat

Chapter 16.24 Minor Subdivisions

Chapter 16.28 Extraterritorial Land Divisions

Chapter 16.32 Design Standards and Improvements Generally

Chapter 16.36 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 16.40 Easements

Chapter 16.44 Park and Recreation Facilities

Chapter 16.48 Appendixes

Title 17: Zoning

Chapter 17.02 Introductory Provisions and Definitions

Chapter 17.04 General Provisions

Chapter 17.06 Residential Land Uses

Chapter 17.08 Agricultural Land Uses

Chapter 17.10 Institutional Land Uses

Chapter 17.12 Commercial Land Uses

Chapter 17.14 Storage or Disposable Land Uses

Chapter 17.16 Transportation Land Uses

Chapter 17.18 Industrial Land Uses

Chapter 17.20 Accessory Land Uses

Chapter 17.22 Temporary Land Uses

Chapter 17.23 Post-Construction Storm Water Management

Chapter 17.24 Natural Resource Disruption and Required Mitigation Standards

Chapter 17.25 Construction Site Erosion Control Resulting From Land Disturbing Construction Activities

Chapter 17.26 Land Use Table

Chapter 17.27 Design Review Standards

Chapter 17.28 Group Developments

Chapter 17.30 Zoning Districts Designated

Chapter 17.32 A-1 Agricultural Holding District

Chapter 17.34 RS-1 Single-Family Residential District

Chapter 17.36 RS-2 Single-Family Residential District

Chapter 17.38 RS-3 Single-Family Residential District

Chapter 17.40 Rd Two-Family Residential District

Chapter 17.42 Rm Multifamily Residential District

Chapter 17.44 NC Neighborhood Commercial District

Chapter 17.46 SC Suburban Commercial District

Chapter 17.48 CC Central Commercial District

Chapter 17.50 Si Suburban Industrial District

Chapter 17.52 Ui Urban Industrial District

Chapter 17.54 C-1 Conservancy Overlay Zoning District

Chapter 17.56 Density and Intensity Standards

Chapter 17.58 Bulk Regulations

Chapter 17.60 Exceptions and Modifications

Chapter 17.62 Signs

Chapter 17.64 Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Lots

Chapter 17.66 Performance Standards

Chapter 17.68 Landscaping and Bufferyard Regulations

Chapter 17.70 Planned Unit Developments

Chapter 17.72 Procedures

Chapter 17.74 Administration and Enforcement

Title 18: Floodplain Zoning

Chapter 18.04 Statutory Authorization, Findings of Fact, Statement of Purpose, Title, and General Provisions

Chapter 18.08 General Standards Applicable to All Floodplain Districts

Chapter 18.12 Floodway District (Fw)

Chapter 18.16 Floodfringe District (Ff)

Chapter 18.20 General Floodplain District (Gfp)

Chapter 18.24 Nonconforming Uses

Chapter 18.28 Administration

Chapter 18.32 Amendments

Chapter 18.36 Enforcement and Penalties

Chapter 18.40 Definitions

Prior Code Cross-Reference Table

Chapter PCC Prior Code Cross-Reference Table

Ordinance List and Disposition Table

Chapter OL Ordinance List and Disposition Table

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List