Township of Falls, PA
Bucks County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part I, Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 5 Arts and Culture Commission

Chapter 9 (Reserved)

Chapter 15 Checks, Signing of

Chapter 19 Code Enforcement Officer

Chapter 21 Community and Economic Development Commission

Chapter 22 Historic Preservation Commission

Chapter 24 Environmental Advisory Council

Chapter 28 (Reserved)

Chapter 35 Historical Architectural Review, Board of

Chapter 51 Manager, Township

Chapter 52 (Reserved)

Chapter 58 (Reserved)

Chapter 65 Park and Recreation Board

Chapter 69 Planning Commission

Chapter 72 Police Pension Fund

Chapter 74 Retirement

Chapter 77 Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 79 Shade Tree Commission

Chapter 81 (Reserved)

Chapter 83 Tax Collector

Chapter 85 (Reserved)

Part II, General Legislation

Chapter 92 Alarm Systems

Chapter 96 Amusements and Special Events

Chapter 101 Bicycles

Chapter 105 (Reserved)

Chapter 109 Construction Codes, Uniform

Chapter 111 Curfew for Unauthorized Absences From School

Chapter 112 Curfew

Chapter 113 Graffiti

Chapter 116 Dogs and Other Animals

Chapter 120 Dumping and Littering

Chapter 122 Earth Disturbance, Drainage and Erosion Control

Chapter 125 Excavations, Fencing of

Chapter 128 Fire Insurance Claims

Chapter 129 (Reserved)

Chapter 131 Floodplain Management

Chapter 133 Garbage, Rubbish and Refuse

Chapter 137 Hotels and Motels

Chapter 138 Housing Standards

Chapter 139 Hazardous Substances

Chapter 140 Industrial Accidents

Chapter 141 Junkyards and Junk Dealers

Chapter 142 Yard Sales

Chapter 145 Licensed Businesses

Chapter 146 Contractor Responsibility Certification

Chapter 148 (Reserved)

Chapter 150 Manufactured Homes and Communities

Chapter 155 Noise

Chapter 156 Noxious Odors

Chapter 157 Noxious Plants and Weeds

Chapter 159 Nuisances

Chapter 162 Numbering of Buildings

Chapter 166 Obscene Materials

Chapter 168 Parks

Chapter 169 Pawnbrokers and Dealers in Precious Metals and Secondhand Goods

Chapter 170 Peace and Good Order

Chapter 172 Smoking

Chapter 173 Peddling and Soliciting

Chapter 177 (Reserved)

Chapter 180 Recycling

Chapter 181 Recycling, Commercial

Chapter 182 Rights-Of-Way

Chapter 184 Sewers and Water

Chapter 186 (Reserved)

Chapter 187 Stormwater Management

Chapter 188 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 189 Driveways

Chapter 191 Subdivision and Land Development

Chapter 192 Sale of Residential Property

Chapter 193 (Reserved)

Chapter 194 Swimming Pools

Chapter 198 Taxation

Chapter 203 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 204 Warrantless Arrests

Chapter 205 Wastewater System Contributions

Chapter 206 Wreckers

Chapter 209 Zoning


Chapter A214 Cable Television Franchise

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List