Town/Village of Harrison, NY
Westchester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Village Code
Part I, Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 4 (Reserved)

Chapter 5 Ethics, Code of

Chapter 8 Fire Protection

Chapter 10 Meetings

Chapter 12 Retirement Incentive Program

Chapter 13 Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 16 Disciplinary Proceedings

Part II, General Legislation

Chapter 28 (Reserved)

Chapter 32 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 35 Taxation

Chapter 38 Vehicles and Traffic

Town Code
Part III, Administrative Legislation

Chapter 43 General Provisions

Chapter 44 Salaries

Chapter 45 Interference With Public Officials

Chapter 47 Appearance Tickets

Chapter 51 Claims

Chapter 53 Comptroller

Chapter 54 Residency Requirements

Chapter 55 Ethics, Code of

Chapter 63 (Reserved)

Chapter 65 Meetings

Chapter 66 Public Works, Department of

Chapter 69 Retirement Incentive Program

Chapter 71 Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 80 Helicopters and Other Aircraft

Part IV, General Legislation

Chapter 82 Alarms

Chapter 85 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 88 Amusements

Chapter 91 Animals

Chapter 95 Auctions and Auctioneers

Chapter 99 Bingo

Chapter 103 Building Construction

Chapter 105 Building Enforcement

Chapter 106 Building Permit Fees; Outdoor Assemblies

Chapter 108 Buildings, Numbering of

Chapter 109 Buildings, Unsafe

Chapter 112 Burning

Chapter 115 Cabarets

Chapter 122 Electrical Standards

Chapter 126 Environmental Quality Review

Chapter 129 New York City Watershed

Chapter 130 Stormwater Management and Erosion and Sediment Control

Chapter 131 Illict Discharge

Chapter 133 Excavations and Soil Removal

Chapter 135 Explosives and Blasting

Chapter 137 Fees

Chapter 139 Filling and Grading

Chapter 140 Firearms

Chapter 141 Fire Hydrants

Chapter 143 Fire Prevention

Chapter 144 (Reserved)

Chapter 145 Fireworks

Chapter 146 Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 149 Freshwater Wetlands

Chapter 152 Games of Chance

Chapter 155 Garbage, Rubbish and Refuse

Chapter 157 Graffiti

Chapter 159 Handbills and Advertising Materials

Chapter 165 Junkyards

Chapter 171 Licensing and Permit Investigation

Chapter 173 Loitering

Chapter 177 Noise

Chapter 183 Peddling, Soliciting and Do Not Knock Registry

Chapter 186 Poles and Wires

Chapter 188 Property Maintenance

Chapter 191 Public Decency

Chapter 193 Residential Parking System

Chapter 195 Screening Facilities

Chapter 198 Secondhand Dealers

Chapter 199 Steep Slope Protection

Chapter 201 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 204 Subdivision of Land

Chapter 205 Sustainable Energy Loan Program

Chapter 207 Taxation

Chapter 208 Temporary Storage Containers and Construction Debris Containers

Chapter 210 Taxicabs

Chapter 220 Trees

Chapter 222 Vehicles, Dimensions and Weights of

Chapter 223 Vehicles, Immobilization of

Chapter 226 Vehicles, Off-Road

Chapter 227 Vehicle Towing

Chapter 228 Wastewater System

Chapter 229 Water

Chapter 230 Water Pollution

Chapter 232 Window Guards

Chapter 235 Zoning


Chapter A238 Zoning Board of Appeals, Rules of

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List