Town of Islip, NY
Suffolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 1A Ordinances: Notice and Publication

Chapter 1B Alternate Members

Chapter 2 Appearance Tickets

Chapter 3 Assessor, Department of

Chapter 3A Aviation and Transportation Department

Chapter 3B (Reserved)

Chapter 3C Off-Airport Rental Car Businesses

Chapter 3D (Reserved)

Chapter 3E (Reserved)

Chapter 3F (Reserved)

Chapter 4 Bicycles

Chapter 4A Skateboards

Chapter 5 Bingo

Chapter 6 American Flag, Desecration of

Chapter 6A Property Maintenance

Chapter 7 Pesticides

Chapter 8 (Reserved)

Chapter 9 Collateral Loan Brokers

Chapter 9A Cable Television Regulations

Chapter 10 Capital Budgeting System

Chapter 10A Environmental Control Department

Chapter 10B Comptroller, Department of

Chapter 11 Conservation of Energy

Chapter 12 Animals

Chapter 13 Nature Preserve Trust

Chapter 13A Environmental Council

Chapter 13B Environmental Quality Review

Chapter 14 Code of Ethics and Financial Disclosure Law

Chapter 15 Excavations and Topsoil Removal

Chapter 16 Excavations in Streets

Chapter 17 Fair Employment Practices

Chapter 17A Residency of Town Employees

Chapter 17B Retirement Incentive Program

Chapter 17C Nonunion Fringe Benefits

Chapter 18 Criminal Background Checks

Chapter 19 Fire Prevention

Chapter 21 Solid Waste

Chapter 21A (Reserved)

Chapter 22 Games of Chance

Chapter 23 Government: Continuity

Chapter 23A Graffiti

Chapter 24 Defense of Officers, Employees and Appointed Officers

Chapter 25 Hospital Zones

Chapter 25A Housebarges

Chapter 26 Housing: Discriminatory Practices

Chapter 27 (Reserved)

Chapter 28 Human Services, Department of

Chapter 28A Ice Cream Trucks

Chapter 29 Junkyards and Scrap Metal Processing Facilities

Chapter 30 Ladders on Bulkheads

Chapter 31 Licenses and Permits: Issuance

Chapter 32 Littering

Chapter 33 Drug Paraphernalia

Chapter 34 Memorial and Independence Days

Chapter 35 Noise

Chapter 35A Nudity on Public Beaches

Chapter 36 Parades, Assemblies and Carnivals

Chapter 36A Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department

Chapter 37 Parks, Swimming Pools, Marinas, Boats and Waterways

Chapter 38 (Reserved)

Chapter 39 Peddlers

Chapter 39A Planning and Development, Department of

Chapter 40 Plumbers: Licensing

Chapter 40A Public Nuisances

Chapter 40B Public Safety Enforcement, Department of

Chapter 41 Public Works Department

Chapter 42 Racetracks

Chapter 42A Receiver of Taxes, Department of

Chapter 43 Sales of Personal Property

Chapter 43A Sewers

Chapter 44 Shellfish

Chapter 45 Shopping Carts: Unlawful Taking, Misuse and Abandonment

Chapter 46 Solicitors and Canvassers

Chapter 47 Stormwater Management and Erosion and Sediment Control

Chapter 47A Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 47B Subdivision Improvements

Chapter 47C Supervisor, Department of

Chapter 48 Taxation: Partial Exemption for Senior Citizens

Chapter 48A Taxation: Business Exemption

Chapter 48B Taxation: Homestead Base Proportion

Chapter 48C Taxation: Handicapped Improvement Exemption

Chapter 48D Taxation: Partial Exemption for Veterans

Chapter 48E Taxation: Business Investment Exemption

Chapter 48F Taxation: Home Improvement Exemption

Chapter 48G Taxation: Exemption for Persons With Disabilities

Chapter 48H Taxation: Exemption for Volunteer Fire Fighter and Ambulance Workers

Chapter 48I Taxation: Exemption for Cold War Veterans

Chapter 48J Taxation: Superstorm Sandy Assessment Relief

Chapter 49 Taxicabs

Chapter 49A Terms of Office

Chapter 50 Town Attorney, Department of

Chapter 50A Town Board, Office of

Chapter 50B Town Clerk, Department of

Chapter 51 Towing Businesses

Chapter 52 Traffic Safety Board

Chapter 52A (Reserved)

Chapter 53 Empire Zone

Chapter 54 Trailers and Trailer Camps

Chapter 55 Trapping

Chapter 56 Trawling and Eel Dredging

Chapter 57 Trees

Chapter 58 Trespassing

Chapter 59 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 60 Abandoned and Impounded Property

Chapter 60A Vehicles, Off-Road

Chapter 61 Vehicular Uses: Fire Island

Chapter 62 Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 63 (Reserved)

Chapter 64 Water Districts: Rules and Regulations

Chapter 65 (Reserved)

Chapter 66 Water Quality

Chapter 67 Wetlands and Watercourses

Chapter 68 Zoning


Chapter A78 Zoning Appendix

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List

Traffic Code
Part I: The Traffic Law

Chapter TC1 General Provisions

Chapter TC2 Traffic Regulations

Chapter TC3 Parking Regulations

Chapter TC4 Off-Street Parking Areas

Chapter TC5 Commercial Vehicles; Weight Limits

Chapter TC6 Removal and Storage of Vehicles

Chapter TC7 Parking Violations Bureau

Chapter TC8 Metered Parking

Part II: The Schedules

Schedule A Traffic Control Signals

Schedule B (Reserved)

Schedule C Prohibited Turns

Schedule D U-Turns

Schedule E One-Way Streets

Schedule F Parking Area Exits and Entrances

Schedule G Stop and Yield Intersections

Schedule H Speed Limits on Certain Streets

Schedule I School Speed Limits

Schedule J Parking, Stopping and Standing Restrictions

Schedule K Parking for Shopping Centers, Apartment Complexes, Hospitals, Fire Districts and Industrial Parks

Schedule L Town Parking Lots

Schedule M Truck Exclusions

Traffic Code Disposition List

Chapter TCDL Traffic Code Disposition List