City of Pevely, MO
Jefferson County
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[Sub. Regs. §483.330; Ord. No. 343 §1, 5-29-1979] The improvement plans for the water supply system shall comply with Article VI , Section 410.280(B) .
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... to the charges made for water consumed in accordance with ... installed without individual water meters, until such time as individual water meters are installed, shall ... pad or trailer space where water is available for delivery to ...
water (11)
... on the consumption of water within the City shall apply ... also restrict the usage of water to certain hours of the day, ... the purpose of alternating water service on a scheduled basis, ... does not intend to practice water conservation at the expense ...
water (5)
... between any private water system and the water system of the City. ... hours to enter upon water user's premises for the ... cause for disconnection of a water user's service.
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... defiles or in any way corrupts the water of a well, spring, brook or ... and flow any spring, brook or other water supply for domestic or municipal purposes, after said water supply shall have once been taken ...
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... No. 1446 , 5-7-2018 ] No water service connection shall be ... of the drinking water plumbing. If a premises is ... of Subsection (A) , water service shall be discontinued ... such time that the drinking water plumbing is lead free.
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... shall apply to all persons using water both within and outside the ... corporation or institution using water shall have a contract for water service with the City.
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... 172 §6, 1-30-1974 ] A standard water service connection is for the sole use of the water user and does not permit the extension of pipes to transfer water from one property to any other ...
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[R.O. 2004 §705.070; CC 1990 §705.070; Ord. No. 522 §7, 9-15-1983 ] The City of Pevely water supply shall have available and furnish all records necessary to determine the usages of water restricted by this Article.
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... intended to carry a potable water supply. In every case where a water and sewer line are parallel, the water line shall be at least ten ... actual hazard to a potable water supply, the Division of ...
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... any area under the jurisdiction of said City any sewage or other polluted waters, except where suitable treatment has been provided in accordance with ...
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... shall use without approval of the Board of Aldermen or tamper with any water meter, fire hydrant or any other City of Pevely property. Any person ...
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... which is connected to the public sanitary sewerage system any wastes or waters which have been used for industrial or private cooling or air-conditioning ...
waters (1) water (1)
... area, to assess the potential impacts of the proposed land disturbance on water resources and identify proposed methods to minimize on-site soil erosion ...
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... and Sediment Control/Storm Water Management Design Manual. The ... and Sediment Control/Storm Water Management Design Manual and ... and Sediment Control/Storm Water Management Design Manual ... City shall follow the storm water design guidelines adopted in ...
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... of uncontaminated storm water, except as allowed under a ... or this Code. Common storm water contaminants include trash, ... connections of a commercial water filtration or water softener to the storm ...
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Inspector to Inspect Method of Disposing of Roof Water, Etc. [R.O. 2004 §735.100; CC 1990 §735.100; Ord. No. 91 §10, 10-8-1969 ] The City Sewer ...
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... ] Definition. A "large water user" is defined as any individual user of water or applicant for the use of water to be supplied by the City ... gallonage used in the City's water system for the month prior to ...
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Water from the City of Pevely water supply system.
water water (1) water (1)
A water service shall consist of facilities for supplying water to one (1) residence or business establishment.
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