Rockland County, NY
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part I, Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 3 Abandoned and Lost Property

Chapter 5 Administrative Code

Chapter 9 Adult Homes, Committee to Monitor

Chapter 11 Agricultural and Farm Protection Board

Chapter 15 Awards and Recognition

Chapter 18 Beautification Commission

Chapter 22 Boards and Commissions

Chapter 27 Community Action Agency

Chapter 31 Community Services Board

Chapter 35 Consumer Protection, Office of

Chapter 37 Correctional Facility

Chapter 39 Credit Card Payments

Chapter 39A County Property

Chapter 40 Data Processing Department

Chapter 45 Defense and Indemnification

Chapter 50 Deferred Compensation Plan

Chapter 53 Drainage Agency

Chapter 56 Emergency Rescue Services

Chapter 58 (Reserved)

Chapter 61 Environmental Management Council

Chapter 62 Environmental Resources Division

Chapter 66 Ethics, Code of

Chapter 70 Fiscal Policy

Chapter 72 Flag, County

Chapter 73 Fund Balance Reserve Account

Chapter 74 General Services, Department of

Chapter 75 Greenspace Preservation Reserve Fund

Chapter 75A Historic Preservation

Chapter 76 Homeowners' Protection Board

Chapter 80 Hospital, Public

Chapter 82 Hudson River Riverfront Preservation/Reclamation

Chapter 85 Insurance, Department of

Chapter 87 Investment Policy

Chapter 92 Labor Relations, Department of

Chapter 94 Lease of Property

Chapter 97 Legal Aid

Chapter 101 Legislature, County

Chapter 108 Mass Transportation

Chapter 115 Medical Examiner

Chapter 118 Municipal Utility Coalition

Chapter 119 (Reserved)

Chapter 120 Notifications and Alerts

Chapter 121 Officers and Employees

Chapter 128 Park Commission

Chapter 135 People With Disabilities, Office for

Chapter 137 Pollution Control

Chapter 139 Printing and Mail Facilities

Chapter 140 Procurement Policy

Chapter 141 Publication of Legislation

Chapter 142 Purchasing Agent

Chapter 149 Rules of the Legislature

Chapter 155 Safety Council

Chapter 159 Salaries

Chapter 165 Sewer Agency; Sewer District

Chapter 169 Sheriff

Chapter 172 Solid Waste Management Authority

Chapter 175 Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation

Chapter 177 Traffic Safety Board

Chapter 178 Water Resources Management

Chapter 180 Travel Demand Management Program

Chapter 189 Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Plan

Chapter 195 Youth Agencies

Part II, General Legislation

Chapter 211 Advertising

Chapter 212 Animal Control Organizations

Chapter 213 Apprenticeship Training Programs

Chapter 214 Automated Teller Machines

Chapter 215 (Reserved)

Chapter 217 Bicycles

Chapter 219 Box Cutters, Sale and Possession of

Chapter 220 Building Construction

Chapter 223 Campaign Finance Reform

Chapter 224 Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Chapter 225 Cemeteries

Chapter 227 Day Care and Home Care

Chapter 230 Dogs and Other Animals

Chapter 232 Domestic Partner Registry

Chapter 234 Drones

Chapter 235 Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia

Chapter 250 Electricians and Electrical Inspections

Chapter 252 Empire Zones

Chapter 253 Environmental Protection

Chapter 254 Ephedra Products

Chapter 261 Fair Housing

Chapter 263 Fees and Charges

Chapter 264 Fertilizer

Chapter 265 Fire Insurance Claims

Chapter 266 Fireworks

Chapter 267 Food Service

Chapter 270 Freshwater Wetlands

Chapter 274 Fuels, Sale of

Chapter 277 Funerals

Chapter 278 Furniture, Sale of

Chapter 279 Gender-Motivated Violence, Protection Against

Chapter 280 Ground Meat, Sale of

Chapter 282 Hazardous Materials Notification

Chapter 283 Health Clubs

Chapter 284 Highway Construction

Chapter 286 Home Improvement Contractors

Chapter 287 (Reserved)

Chapter 289 Housing

Chapter 291 Irrigation Systems

Chapter 293 Laser Pointing Devices

Chapter 295 Littering

Chapter 300 Mercury, Products Containing

Chapter 301 Methamphetamine Production

Chapter 302 Mobile Homes

Chapter 303 Moshing

Chapter 304 Multiple Dwellings

Chapter 309 Nuisances, Public

Chapter 312 Obscene Material

Chapter 315 Parks

Chapter 317 Pesticide Notification

Chapter 317A Pharmacies

Chapter 318 Phones, Cellular

Chapter 319 Plumbers; Heating and Cooling Contractors

Chapter 323 Political Contributions

Chapter 327 Prior Notice of Defects

Chapter 328 Prohormones & Precursors to Hormones, Products Containing

Chapter 329 Records, Access to

Chapter 330 Recycling

Chapter 331 Retail Sales

Chapter 338 Scooters, In-Line Skates, Roller Skates and Skateboards

Chapter 340 Secondhand Precious Metals or Gems

Chapter 345 Sewers

Chapter 347 Sex Offenders

Chapter 349 Smoking

Chapter 350 Solid Waste

Chapter 351 Spring Traps

Chapter 353 Stream Conservation

Chapter 354 Tanning Facilities

Chapter 355 Taxation

Chapter 357 Tax-Delinquent Property

Chapter 362 Theater Promoters

Chapter 369 Transient Merchants

Chapter 371 Trapping

Chapter 375 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 377 Vehicles, Idling of

Chapter 388 Waterfowl, Feeding of

Chapter 388A Weapons, Imitation and Replica

Chapter 389 Wells

Chapter 390 Wireless 911 Calls, Routing of

Chapter 394 Wreckers and Towers


Chapter A601 Acts of the Legislature Applicable to Rockland County

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List