Town of Southwick, MA
Hampden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Division 1, Bylaws
Part I, Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 4 Aging, Council on

Chapter 8 Bidding and Contracts

Chapter 12 Board and Committee Rules

Chapter 13 Capital Expenditures Committee

Chapter 20 Elections and Town Meetings

Chapter 24 Finance Committee

Chapter 25 Departmental Revolving Funds

Chapter 28 (Reserved)

Chapter 33 Water Commissioners, Board of

Chapter 38 Officers and Employees

Chapter 44 Police Department

Chapter 45 Fire Department

Chapter 48 Reports, Annual

Chapter 52 Selectmen, Board of

Chapter 60 Community Preservation Committee

Part II, General Legislation

Chapter 61 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 62 Alcoholic Beverages: Open Containers

Chapter 65 Automatic Amusement Devices

Chapter 69 Animals

Chapter 75 Boats and Other Recreational Vehicles

Chapter 76 Lake Safety

Chapter 79 Building Construction

Chapter 83 Buildings, Numbering of

Chapter 86 Burning, Open

Chapter 94 Earth Removal

Chapter 102 False Alarms

Chapter 104 Firearms

Chapter 108 Fires, Conduct at

Chapter 110 Floor Drains

Chapter 120 Hazardous Materials

Chapter 128 Littering

Chapter 134 Parades and Processions

Chapter 138 Peddling and Soliciting

Chapter 139 Pawnbrokers and Gold, Silver and Platinum Dealers

Chapter 140 Right to Farm

Chapter 143 Secondhand Dealers

Chapter 145 Sewers

Chapter 147 Skateboards and Roller Blades

Chapter 153 Solid Waste

Chapter 157 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 161 Swimming Pools

Chapter 166 Taxicabs

Chapter 168 Tobacco

Chapter 172 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 178 Water

Chapter 182 Wetlands Protection

Chapter 185 Zoning

Division 2, Selectmen's Regulations

Chapter 205 (Reserved)

Chapter 210 Capital and Debt Policies

Chapter 215 Chief Administrative Officer

Division 3, Planning Board Regulations

Chapter 315 Subdivision of Land

Division 4, Board of Health Regulations

Chapter 402 Body Art

Chapter 410 Disposal Systems

Chapter 412 Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Chapter 415 Sewers

Chapter 417 Tobacco Products and Nicotine Delivery Products

Chapter 420 Wells, Private

Division 5, Miscellaneous Regulations

Chapter 450 Wetlands Regulations


Chapter A501 Acceptances of General Laws

Chapter A502 Acquisitions

Chapter A503 Officers, Boards, Committees and Commissions

Chapter A504 Land and Drainage Easements

Chapter A505 Street and Way Acceptances, Discontinuances and Abandonments

Chapter A506 Miscellaneous

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List