Township of Moorestown, NJ
Burlington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 5-23-1988 by Ord. No. 1416[1]]
Editor's Note: This Article was originally included in the Code as Ch. 160, Sump Pump Disconnections, Art. I, Municipal Improvement Projects, and was placed here pursuant to Sec. 1 of Ord. No. 1504-89, adopted 12-11-1989.
The Township of Moorestown finds that the reduction of the amount of extraneous flow to its sanitary sewer system is an important public concern and is necessary in order to comply with the New Jersey pollution discharge elimination system permit issued to the Township of Moorestown. A portion of this extraneous flow enters the sanitary sewer system via sump pumps, roof drains and other drainage devices connected directly or indirectly to the Township's sanitary sewer system. For the purpose of this article, a direct connection is one that is intentionally installed in a manner which allows extraneous flow to enter the sanitary sewer system by piping connected to the sanitary sewer lines from any building or lot. Indirect sewer connections are those which allow extraneous flow to enter via a device such as a sink or floor drain.
The Township of Moorestown shall install sump pump/roof drain laterals to the curblines of individual properties during the reconstruction of municipal roads or the installation of stormwater drainage improvements in order to provide connections for individual sump pumps and/or roof drains.
The owner of any building located on any public street which has a sump pump/roof drain lateral or other suitable drainage system installed by the Township shall, within six months of construction of said system and upon notice from the Department of Public Works, disconnect his sump pump, roof drain or other storm drainage connection from the sanitary sewer and connect said sump pump, roof drain or other connection to the approved sump pump/roof drain lateral. The new connection shall be imposed by the Department of Public Works.
The disconnection/reconnection requirement affects all properties provided with an approved lateral since September 1, 1986.[1]
Editor’s Note: Former § 155-22, Violations and penalties, as amended, which section immediately followed this section, was repealed 3-20-2006 by Ord. No. 5-2006. See now Ch. 66, Penalties for Code Violations.