Town of Woodbridge, CT
New Haven County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Woodbridge as indicated in article histories . Amendments noted where applicable.]
Fire prevention — See Ch. 237.
Streets and sidewalks — See Ch. 375.
Building permit system — See Ch. A600, Art. I.
[Adopted 7-12-1989, effective 8-12-1989 (Ch. 4, Art. XI, of the 1983 Code)]

§ 405-1 Purpose. [1]

The purpose of this article is to provide for the levying of benefit assessments upon properties in the Town of Woodbridge which are benefited by the extension of water mains which may be funded, in whole or in part, by the Town of Woodbridge and for methods of payment and other terms and conditions.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II).

§ 405-2 Definitions.

As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
A charge payable by a property owner whose property does not abut the water main and was not assessed but who connects to a main which has been funded, in whole or in part, by the Town.
The construction of additional linear footage of main, including valves, pumps, laterals and other appurtenances.
Water pipes used for the purpose of conveying water to service connections.
Use of any structure as the living quarters of any person or group of persons.
One unit is equal to the average water consumption for a building, or portion thereof, providing housekeeping facilities for one family.

§ 405-3 Assessment of benefits.

Assessment and cost recovery. In accordance with § 7-137c et seq. of the Connecticut General Statutes, each owner of property abutting or benefiting by the extension of any main, including appurtenances thereto, shall reimburse the Town of Woodbridge for a reasonable proportionate share of the cost in accordance with terms and conditions as determined by the Board of Selectmen. Where property of the Town is benefited, the Town shall bear its proportionate share of such cost. If alterations to a proposed installation are made to accommodate a particular piece or tract of property, the owner of such property shall bear the additional cost.
The payment of benefit assessments may be deferred by the Board of Selectmen under the following conditions:
If the land is vacant and contains no improvements and/or can be classified as farm land, forest land, or open space land on the last completed grand list of the Town of Woodbridge, pursuant to the provisions of §§ 12-107a to 12-107e of the Connecticut General Statutes, inclusive; or
If the current owner as of the date of adoption of this article chooses not to tie into the water main.
Deferral status shall cease when a building permit for construction of a dwelling house is issued on said land, or when said property is sold or transferred to a new owner, or when an owner wishes to tie into said water line or main. At such times, the benefit assessment will become due and payable. The Selectmen may fix a rate of interest to be charged on the unpaid balance for deferred assessments. Inheritances, interfamily transfers or conveyances shall not be considered as transfers.
The Town of Woodbridge shall place a caveat on the land records in each instance where an assessment is deferred.

§ 405-4 Method of determining unit charges.

Subject to reasonable allowances by the Board of Selectmen for particular situations, per unit charges will be the quotient derived by dividing the total cost to be recovered by the total number of units abutting such a main and subject to this article.
The number of unit charges to be assessed each piece or parcel of land abutting said water main shall be determined as follows:
Residential use. One unit charge shall be assessed each dwelling unit or building lot on each piece or parcel of land utilized for residential purposes. Where such piece or parcel of land is, or can be, subdivided into two or more building lots, under the Woodbridge Zoning Regulations, the number of unit charges assessed shall be equal to the number of residential lots allowable under the present Woodbridge Zoning Regulations.
Open space or farm land uses. Any parcel that has been designated as open space or farm land under §§ 12-107c and 12-107e of the Connecticut General Statutes shall not be considered as a unit as long as it is so designated. When this designation is no longer in effect, the piece or parcel of land shall be assessed benefits in conformance with the procedures set forth herein.[1]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II)

§ 405-5 Notice of hearing on assessment.

In the case of any assessment under this article, notice of the time and place for a hearing upon such assessment shall be published at least 10 days before the date thereof in a newspaper having a circulation in the Town of Woodbridge, and a copy of such notice, signed by the Town Clerk, shall be mailed to the owner of any property to be assessed.

§ 405-6 Notice of assessment.

Setting assessment. The Woodbridge Board of Selectmen, by resolution, shall determine the amount of each assessment to be levied pursuant to this article. Such resolution shall include an appropriate provision regarding methods of payment and a due date of such assessment and may, if it so desires, provide for installment payments of such assessments. The assessments shall be collected by the Tax Collector of the Town of Woodbridge.
Notice. When the Town of Woodbridge has determined the amount of the assessment to be levied, it shall file a copy thereof in the office of the Town Clerk. Not later than five days after such filing, it shall cause a copy of such assessment to be published in a newspaper having a circulation in the Town of Woodbridge, and it shall mail a copy of such assessment to the owner of any property being assessed.

§ 405-7 Appeal.

The owner of any property so assessed may appeal to the courts from the valuation of his assessment in accordance with and subject to the limitations of § 7-137c of the Connecticut General Statutes.

§ 405-8 Collection of charges.

Installments. The Town of Woodbridge may allow assessments to be paid in installments as determined by the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen shall fix the rate of interest to be paid on the outstanding balance of said installments. Any such assessment shall be a lien against such property and the Board of Selectmen shall cause a certificate of lien for each such assessment to be lodged with the Town Clerk as provided in § 7-137d of the Connecticut General Statutes.
Late payments. Any installment payment due upon any such assessment and any interest on the outstanding balance of such assessment which is not paid when due shall bear interest, until paid, at the maximum rate, from time to time, permitted by law for unpaid property taxes.

§ 405-9 Liability; lien and collection.

The owner of real property subject to such a benefit assessment shall be liable for and shall pay for such assessment in accordance with the payment and due date established by resolution of the Woodbridge Board of Selectmen. Such assessment, together with interest thereon, as defined by the Connecticut General Statutes, shall constitute a lien upon the property being assessed and such lien may be foreclosed, and such charges may be collected in the manner provided in § 7-137d of the Connecticut General Statutes and other applicable statutes.

§ 405-10 Connection charge.

Properties which do not abut the water main and were not assessed, but which tie into the line, shall be required to pay a connection charge. Connection charges are payable upon connection to the water line. The total connection charge shall be equivalent to one unit charge.
[Adopted 12-9-1998, effective 1-9-1999 (Ch. 4, Art. XVII, of the 1983 Code); amended 5-24-2006, effective 6-23-2006]

§ 405-11 Private water haulers.

No individual or commercial operation shall be allowed to obtain water from a fire hydrant within the boundaries of the Town of Woodbridge except by annual permit.

§ 405-12 Designated hydrants; hours for drawing and other limitations.

The Woodbridge Fire Department may issue permits for the above activity for the following locations:
Hydrant No. 3 located on Litchfield Turnpike (Route 69) north of the Thomas Darling House, said house being located at 1907 Litchfield Turnpike, provided the water storage capacity of any vehicle for which a permit is issued for obtaining water at this location shall not exceed 1,000 gallons.
Hydrant No. 17 located on Research Drive for vehicles with no storage capacity limitations.
A permit must be obtained for each vehicle that will be used to obtain water. Permits are nontransferable, except in case of emergency requiring vehicle replacement or substitution, in which circumstances a permit may be transferred to another vehicle owned or used by the individual or commercial operation that obtained the permit, and the permit holder shall so notify the Woodbridge Fire Department.
Hours for obtaining water at these locations shall be limited to 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

§ 405-13 Permit fee; display of permit.

The Woodbridge Fire Department shall issue an annual permit for the fee of $100. The permit shall be carried by the operator of the vehicle and displayed in such fashion as to be visible while obtaining water.

§ 405-14 Penalties for offenses; revocation of permit.

Failure to obtain the annual permit and violations to the above will result in a fine of $100 and subject the violator to revocation of the annual permit.

§ 405-15 Posting of location of hydrants.

The Woodbridge Fire Department will ensure that the above location will be posted indicating the permitted use.