Town of Williamstown, MA
Berkshire County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Health of the Town of Williamstown 3-3-2003. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The purpose of this regulation is to adopt fees to be assessed by the Board of Health for services provided, and in conjunction with applications for licenses and permits issued by the Board of Health.
This regulation is adopted under the authority of MGL C. 111, § 31, and any other power thereto enabling.
[Amended 11-3-2014]
The Schedule of Fees will be posted in the Community Development Department. Once posted, the most current Schedule of Fees is incorporated into this regulation.
Unless otherwise noted, annual permits/licenses expire on December 31 of any calendar year. Applications must be received by December 1, or a late fee will be assessed.
Unless otherwise noted, seasonal permit/license applications must be received by April 1 of any year, or a late fee will be assessed.
Unless otherwise noted, all other annual permits/licenses must be received by the date noted, or a late fee will be assessed.
Recreational camp permit applications, along with an original health care consultant agreement, must be received by April 1 of any year.
Unless otherwise noted, for all annual and seasonal licenses/permits (except nonprofit organizations,) a surcharge of an additional 50% will be added to all applications not received by the specified dates.
Unless otherwise noted, the fee for any new annual license/permit received after July 1 of any calendar year will be prorated at 1/12 of the total fee for each month or portion of a month remaining in the calendar year.
The Board shall have the authority to enforce this regulation, and licenses and permits issued thereunder by:
Inspection and investigation;
The issuance of violation notices and administrative orders; and/or
Civil and criminal court actions.
Whoever, himself or by his servant or agent or as the servant or agent of any other person or firm or corporation, violates any of the provisions of this regulation is subject to a fine as stated in Chapter 146, Local Fines, of the Code of the Town of Williamstown. Each day of violation, after written notice, is a separate violation.
[Amended 10-7-2019]
The Board of Health may suspend, revoke or deny any license or permit for violations of this chapter.
[Added 2-7-2011[1]]
Any person or persons aggrieved by any order issued under this chapter may appeal by filing a written petition for hearing to the Board of Health, which must be received within 10 days after the day the order was served.
The hearing shall be commenced not later than 14 days after the receipt of a petition.
At the hearing the petitioner and other affected parties shall be given an opportunity to be heard, to present witnesses or documentary evidence, and to show why an order should be modified or withdrawn. Failure to hold a hearing within the time period specified herein shall not affect the validity of any order.
The Board of Health shall sustain, modify, or withdraw the order and shall inform the petitioner.
Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Board of Health may seek relief therefrom in any court of competent jurisdiction, as provided by the laws of this commonwealth.
Editor's Note: This amendment also renumbered former §§ 156-5 and 156-6 as §§ 156-6 and 156-7, respectively.
If any portion, sentence, clause or phrase of this regulation shall be held invalid for any reason, the remainder of this regulation shall continue in full force and effect.
The effective date of this regulation is March 3, 2003.