Village of Matinecock, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
By authority of Article 7 of the Village Law, as amended, and the resolution adopted by the Village Board on September 16, 1960, pursuant thereto, the Planning Board and Board of Trustees have adopted these regulations for the subdivision of land within the Village and, pursuant to Section 1610 of the County Government Law of Nassau County, as amended, of land within 300 feet of the boundaries of the Village of Matinecock.
For the purpose of providing for the future growth and development of the Village and affording adequate facilities for the housing, transportation, distribution, comfort, convenience, safety, health and welfare of its population, the Board of Trustees has authorized and empowered the Planning Board to approve plats and the development of plats entirely or partially undeveloped and which have been filed in the office of the Clerk of Nassau County prior to the appointment of the Planning Board and the grant to such Board of the power to approve plats.
No person, firm or corporation proposing to make or having made a subdivision, as defined herein, within the territorial limits of the Village of Matinecock shall make any contract for the sale or shall offer to sell such subdivision or any part thereof or shall proceed with any development, as defined herein, until he or it has obtained from the Planning Board of the Village of Matinecock approval of the proposed subdivision and/or development pursuant to the procedure outlined in these regulations.
Whenever access to the subdivision can be had only across land in another municipality, the Planning Board may request assurance from the Village Attorney that an access road has been legally established and shall ascertain that such access road is adequately improved or that a performance bond has been duly executed and is sufficient in amount to assure the construction of the access road. In general, lot lines shall be laid out so as not to cross Village boundary lines.
For a resubdivision, the same procedure, rules and regulations shall apply as for a subdivision.
Words in the singular include the plural, and words in the plural include the singular. The word "person" includes a corporation, association and a partnership as well as an individual. The word "building" includes "structure" and shall be construed as if followed by the words "or part thereof." The word "street" includes "road," "highway," "lane," "thoroughfare" and "way." The word "shall" is mandatory and not directive. The word "may" is permissive.
Unless otherwise expressly stated, the following terms shall, for the purpose of these regulations, have the meanings indicated:
The Planning Board of the Village of Matinecock, Nassau County, New York.
The Comprehensive Plan for the development of the Village prepared by the Planning Board, pursuant to § 7-722 of the Village Law, which shows, among other things, desirable streets, parks, public reservations, sites for public buildings and such other features as will provide for the improvement of the Village and its future growth, protection and development, and including any part of such plan separately adopted and any modification or parts thereof.[1]
The maps and engineering drawings, described in § 162-36 of these regulations, accompanying a subdivision plat and showing the specific location and design of improvements to be installed in the subdivision in accordance with the requirements of these regulations.
The standards and specifications adopted by the Village Board for the construction of new streets and related improvements.
The act of building structures and/or installing site or street improvements and any grading in connection therewith; and
Such structures, improvements and grading.
The lands required for the installation of storm sewers, drainage ditches or drainage systems, including land required along a stream or watercourse for protecting the channel and providing for the flow of water therein, to safeguard the public against flood and/or to conserve the water supply.
The authorization by a property owner for the use by another, and for a specified purpose, of any designated part of his property.
The Engineer of the Village of Matinecock.
A parcel of land intended for immediate or future transfer of ownership, improvement or building development.
The map established by the Village Board, pursuant to § 7-724 of the Village Law, showing the streets, highways and parks theretofore laid out, adopted and established by law and any amendments thereto adopted by the Village Board pursuant to § 7-724 of the Village Law or additions thereto resulting from the approval of subdivision plats by the Planning Board and the subsequent filing of such plats pursuant to § 7-732 of the Village Law.
A subdivision which does not involve the layout of any new street nor the change in lines, drainage or grade of any existing street nor the installation of any street improvement.
A sketch plan, described in § 162-34 of these regulations, of a preliminary layout to enable the subdivider to discuss informally with the Planning Board and Village officials the form of the proposed subdivision as related to the objectives and requirements of these regulations.
The final map or drawing, described in § 162-37 of these regulations, on which the subdivider's plan of subdivision is presented to the Planning Board for approval and which, if approved, will be submitted by the subdivider to the Clerk of Nassau County for recording in accordance with law.
The preliminary drawing or drawings, described in § 162-35 of these regulations, indicating the proposed manner and/or layout of the subdivision to be submitted to the Planning Board for its consideration.
A strip of public or private land devoted to movement, over which the abutting owners have the right of access, air and light.
A street with only one outlet.
A minor street which serves or will serve primarily for access to abutting properties.
A principal thoroughfare of considerable continuity which is or will be primarily a traffic artery for intercommunication between communities or large areas.
The wearing or exposed surface of the roadway used by vehicular traffic.
A street supplementary to the major highway system and primarily a means of intercommunication between this system and smaller areas or among smaller areas.
The street right-of-way or distance between property lines measured at right angles to the center line of the street.
Any person, firm, corporation, partnership or association who or which lays out or proposes to lay out, for the purpose of sale or development, any subdivision or part thereof as defined herein.
The division of any parcel of land into two or more lots, plots or sites or other division of land for immediate or future sale or for building development in such a way as to create one or more new streets or extensions of existing streets or changes in existing street or lot lines. The division and transfer of property between adjacent property owners which does not create a new lot or reduce the size of any existing lot area, dimensions or building setbacks below the minimum requirements for the zoning district in which it is located shall not be considered a subdivision within the meaning of these regulations.
Chapter 195, Zoning, of the Code of the Village of Matinecock, together with any and all amendments thereto.
Editor's Note: Throughout this chapter, "Master Plan" was amended to "Comprehensive Plan" 7-18-2000 by L.L. No. 3-2000.